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Hello! I'm pleased to be taking on newsletter duties for Start School Later starting this month. Just across the river from Maribel and Terra, I live in Annapolis, Maryland and have served as National Publicity Director and Co-Leader of the local chapter. Please share news from your chapter or professional organization - message me at And, if you have a friend whose kids are getting closer to high school, consider forwarding this newsletter ("Forward to a Friend" button, above). You can help us get the word out about Start School Later.

Heather Macintosh and the Start School Later Team


Legislation Passes in New Jersey!

Start School Later advocates in New Jersey are celebrating passage of a bill through both State House and Senate this month.The bill asks the Department of Education to study benefits and issues surrounding starting school later and recommend whether the state should pursue a pilot project. It also requires that the study consider the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.Thanks to Senator Richard J Codey and Senator Shirley K Turner. Next stop: the desk of Governor Chris Christie. To send him a message encouraging him to sign:  Article

Other Legislative Activity

Massachusetts's Assistant Majority Leader Cynthia S. Creem sponsored S254, a study of school day starting times and schedules.The bill is now before the Joint Committee on Education. There is continued interest in legislation in RI, NY, CT, ME, and MD. Is there a legislator in your state willing to sponsor a bill? We have an advisor for that! Darrel Drobnich, our Legislative Director, can help coordinate a campaign.
See All Legislation >

Pediatricians Squeamish about Sleep Meds for Healthy Teens

Advisory Board Member Dr. Craig Canapari writes on his discomfort with prescribing sleep meds for teens "just to survive high school." "I recently spoke to a pediatrician who was asking me advice on prescription sleep medication. I asked her how often she needed to prescribe sleep medication to her patients: “All the time,” she said. “This is an epidemic.”" Visit his blog

Events Across the Country

Click through Calendar of Events to see what's going on in your area and sign up to receive weekly updates. Let us know of events related to sleep and school start times that might be of interest to other Start School Later supporters around the country - contact us!

How to Make Headline News

School may be out for the summer, but this is a good time to think ahead about publicity events for Back to School time. Some chapters have organized a "SLEEP IN" by gathering pj-clad students and families and inviting local media. And earlier this month our Arlington,TX, Chapter joined our partners at Project Sleep for a well-publicized "Sleep Walk" to raise awareness about sleep health.

To see all our recent media coverage, CLICK HERE.

A Matter of Time: The Start School Later Film

This is the working title of our documentary film on the Start School Later Movement. We have an award-winning team assembled and are about to release a trailer to help kick off fund-raising for this exciting project!

American Thoracic Society Issues Statement

Joining a long list of national health organizations, the American Thoracic Society's recent statement on sleep specifically states, "For adolescents we suggest that school start times be delayed to align with physiological circadian propensity of this age group." Full Article

Bumper Stickers, Buttons and More

We have updated merch with our logo. It's a great way to promote our cause and support Start School Later. For more visibility,order buttons for your next group event.
Read More >  And click here to find out about how to get a copy of Dr. Helene Emsellem's book Snooze or Lose.

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