Mining Asteroids!

Hey there,

If you're like us, you've always had a
life-long dream to open the space frontier.

We’re not just talking about taking a few people into orbit, 
but opening the resources of space, to make humanity 
a multiplanetary species during our lifetime. 

Over the last decade, as we realized that 
this was unlikely to happen through the 
traditional government routes, many of our 
childhood dreams were all but crushed...

Until Now.

With the world-wide announcement 
of Planetary Resources a few weeks ago, 
the phone has been ringing off the hook with 
support from folks just like you (and me).

So, we wanted to kick things off with a big 
THANK YOU for all of your support.

Our website has been overwhelmed 
with space-enthusiasts and frankly we've 
been blown-away with how excited you 
are about what we're doing. 

Your outpouring of enthusiasm around 
the launch of Planetary Resources was 
completely beyond our wildest dreams.  

Here’s a quick summary of the highlights:

· Over 70 Million US television viewers

· 5 Billion Unique Monthly visitors with front
page headlines on Huffington Post, Drudge
Report, Twitter,, Yahoo, Washington Post…

· Thousands of print articles including
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today

· Hundreds of TV News broadcasts, including
FoxBusiness News, Good Morning America,
Discovery, Bloomberg, and the Dailey Show

· 2,000+ job applications on our website

· Tens of thousands have joined our email list

· 2,500+ investment requests

Clearly the vision, dreams, ambition and 
plans have ignited a ton of enthusiasm.

The technology now exists to access resources 
from Near Earth Asteroids and it is our corporate 
mission to make this happen.  

We are pursuing this for three key reasons:

1. Access to space resources is critical to 
human settlement of the solar system

2. Access to space resources are critical to 
humanity’s continued growth and prosperity on Earth

3. To realize the once-in-a-generation opportunity for 
huge financial returns as well.

Once such returns are possible, opening the space 
frontier for humanity will rapidly follow as it did with 
the New World and the American West.

Over the months ahead we will be keeping you up to 
date on our progress and creating opportunities for you 
to be involved.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and interest.  

Stay tuned. 

You're going to hear from us again 

Keep your eyes out for the subject line: The Final Frontier 

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Peter H. Diamandis                        Eric C. Anderson
Co-Chairman/Co-Founder             Co-Chairman/Co-Founder


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