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Deadline: Wednesday, February 7

As a result of feedback from last year's conference, we want to provide opportunities for our Fellows to share their expertise with those who attend the 2018 Futures Conference in Boston October 25 and 26. Fellows of the College are our greatest resource, so we want to make sure we are aware of and up-to-date on your expertise, experience and abilities. Therefore, COLPM is issuing this Call for Speakers to invite Fellows to submit presentation ideas for the upcoming Futures conference.

The conference theme is Cybersecurity: This Way There Be Dragons. We would like to leverage the vast expertise of the Fellows to: 
  • Address the practice management implications for this emerging and critical area of operational responsibility.
  • Provide guidance to law firm, law department, and legal service providers to better understand their obligations and opportunities for managing a secure business environment.
  • Explore the implications and opportunities across the spectrum of business functions. How are IT organizations taxed and how are they adapting? How can organizations differentiate and market their cybersecurity capabilities? What are the financial implications, e.g., making the investment case, insuring against a loss? How do we train and incent lawyers and staff to embrace new security protocols? How are clients adapting their approach to the procurement and management of legal service providers? 
In our topic and speaker selection process, we will emphasize the following: 
  • Innovation. We endeavor to expose the audience to thought leadership that isn't accessible elsewhere.
  • Practicality. We want audience members to go beyond awareness and gain specific ideas and solutions.
  • Diversity. We believe the best content emerges where there is a purposeful effort to showcase a variety of perspectives, demographics, genders, cultures, and roles.
  • Interaction. We value interactive dialog and prefer sessions that engage both speakers and audience members.
  • Contribution of Fellows. We have a bias for Fellows with deep subject matter expertise, but welcome experts from outside the College to contribute.
We will accept proposals for both plenary sessions and breakout sessions, and from both individual presenters and panels. The submission format is as follows, and should include: 
  • A brief bio for yourself (and each speaker), preferably with diversity profile if speakers self-identify.
  • A brief description of the topic and the presenter(s) focus.
  • Three to five audience learning objectives.
  • Description of interactive elements to be employed, and
  • If you believe the session should be plenary or panel format.
The deadline for your response is Wednesday, February 7, 2018. That’s three weeks. Please direct your submissions to each member of the 2018 Conference Team. You can click on the "Submit Proposal" button to open an email message to the group and attach your proposal. Or, if you prefer, you can use the email addresses listed below.  
Submit Proposal
Questions can be sent to Sharon and Tim, our co-chairs. Thanks for your interest and assistance in planning the 2018 Futures Conference.

Bill Migneron
President – College of Law Practice Management

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