Mar 14th 2014 shipment contents
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These items should reach you by April 7th.

Kurukuru Takoyaki

Ready for some Do-It-Yourself candy? This DIY kit is actually a kind of second, improved revision on one that we sent long ago. The biggest difference is that this one is not sweet, but actually very close in taste to real takoyaki.

What is real takoyaki then? Glad you asked, here's a video we made before:

And to explain how to make this kit, I also recorded some making instructions:

I think this was the most complicated DIY kit we have sent so far, so please ask if anything was left unclear. 

Sakura Mochi

I think this one was quite delicious. Bottom is chocolate. Inside is "mochi gummy" (mochi is Japanese rice cake). On the top sakura (cherry blossom) mochi chocolate and sakura leaf powder.

Many people seemed to like the character too.

Anpanman Pero Pero Choco

Anpanman is one of the most popular anime characters among Japanese kids and has been going on in Japan since the 80s to today. The package is decorated with characters from the series and also the lolly itself has character imprints. The name means "Anpanman Lick Lick Chocolate".

How did you like the items in this shipment?

Life in Japan
While writing this email I was listening to the Anpanman Theme Song with English subtitles and was struck by the strange lyrics such as "Don’t be afraid. All you need is love and courage because we are all friends." and "That's why you go, with a smile on your face". I read more about the author of the song and learned he may have been thinking of his brother who was a kamikaze pilot while writing these lyrics. It does sort of remind me of this kamikaze manual which says things like "The moment of the crash: You view all that you experienced in your 20-odd years of life in rapid succession. But these things are not very clear. In any event, only delightful memories come back to you. You cannot see your own face at that moment. But because of a succession of pleasant memories flashing through your mind, you feel that you smiled at the last moment.".

Are you thinking about starting your own gift of the month club?
Setting up Candy Japan has been a surprising amount of work. I currently have 162 items on my candy todo list. For example today I've been working on an option for adding more money to existing gift cards. There are tons of details like this. So I was thinking, since I've already done all this work for Candy Japan, maybe I could help start up your club too? So if you have an idea for one, let's talk about it. My personal email is (for things relating to your Candy Japan subscription, please contact instead).

Pen Japan
I have continued working on getting Pen Japan launched. It will be a Japanese stationary of the month club. I will hopefully be ready to accept the first members as soon as we find some cuter envelopes. The envelope situation is not looking so promising though. After asking several companies for help and looking at different readymade options, I feel I have to start my own envelope workshop to get what we need. Well, I hope we'll get that solved!
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