After having an exciting spring and summer with our new addition Kai and settling into the ebb and flow of life with two kids, it is nice to be at full swing again. EMO Trans has been having a very eventful autumn. The upcoming meeting in Singapore will serve to nicely highlight the investments and hard work everyone has been putting in to help all of our offices grow and thrive. The atmosphere in the office is one of excitement as we all have that extra bit of hustle that comes with planning and executing a meeting of this sort. All of the presentations are being polished and practiced in the mirror or while driving in the car, even if this comes with some extra criticism from the back seat!
During this meeting, our partners will have the opportunity to see what EMO Trans has been investing in for the last 12 months. After discussing the issue of sales lead management and RFQ management in the Sales Strategy Committee for some time, I am really happy that we have developments on both fronts. This year, we have successfully launched our sales pipeline program, which will enable sales people from around the world to collaborate dynamically to gain multinational accounts and benefit our organization across multiple markets. We are also beginning the process of looking at what it would take to make RFQs easier to manage. These projects will require hard work and cooperation to run, but they will also help us close more business!
We also are making investments in our human resources department with the rollout of a new time management system that will give visibility and clarity as we grow our team. Shortly after the Singapore meeting, we will launch our eagerly anticipated website, which has a fresh face, streamlined functionality, and will reach like a bridge into the future. We are also rolling out a revamped mobile app, which will look a bit slicker, as well as starting the first customers on our burgeoning portal concept. This month is about looking and moving forward on significant investments in technology and the future. Making use of digital technologies on nearly all fronts of our business will bolster our growth and enable us to serve our customers and achieve our goals.
As a company, we are strong and growing, and our digital aspirations rest upon a stable foundation of customer service and operational expertise. We have a broad customer base and a passionate team; many of the people have partnered with each other and with us for a long time. The underlying relationships among the employees, customers, and carriers that we have helped to facilitate create an environment where nearly any problem can be solved. It is this pragmatism that is the basis for all other investments. This is what makes our growth strategy organic and sustainable.
As I get ready to step on the plane, I am so thankful! I will miss my kids, but I have missed being on the road as well. Meeting with people far away changes you, and it changes your conversations and your relationship. When you go, you change, and because of that, you bring back a new perspective.

This month, you’ll see a glimpse of what’s going on around the world of EMO Trans – from India and China to the Middle East and the U.S. We’re also celebrating the recent retirements of several long-time employees. We’ll miss their expertise, but are grateful to have such loyal people as one of our greatest resources. Enjoy this month’s newsletter!

Best regards,

Jennifer Frigger-Latham
VP Sales & Marketing

Dominick Krstovski
Richard King, Business Development Manager at EMO Trans Chicago, has nominated Dominick Krstovski of the Detroit office for his excellent handling of a large import account. “Dominick has taken on a very complex account with many issues both overseas and stateside, and he has developed a solid rapport with their various divisions in Michigan, Ohio, and China,” Richard says. “We are now handling both ocean and air shipments from China, and we just started handling lanes in Pakistan and Egypt for the client."
The client is a garment importer, and EMO Trans is providing a full-service program that includes overseas consolidation, E/B NVO, customs house brokerage, and domestic services in Southern California and Detroit, Michigan. “I have much less work to do on this account now as Dominick has taken over a lot of the pricing and daily functions for this large customer,” Richard notes. Well done, Dominick!
LA Ships Race Car for Ferrari Challenge
The Los Angeles branch recently handled shipping for a valuable race car headed for a competition race in Kuala Lumpur. “When the race is over, we will ship it back to LAX,” says Giancarlo Bruscoli, Sales Director for EMO Trans Los Angeles. “We handle several of these cars every year. They go from Italy to Japan and Korea. We’ve become experts in shipping them around the world!”
The car is shipped with parts that are needed for the race, with a total value of up to $300,000. The customer is a motorsport company that has had a relationship with EMO Trans for about 15 years. “The customer has given us import shipments of two racing cars from Toyota of Japan that are prototypes used only for racing on closed tracks,” Giancarlo explains. “In this case, we had to secure all kinds of permits from EPA to DOT, which was very time consuming. However, our brokerage department got those done in a very professional manner! For the export of the Ferrari, we got an
ATA Carnet, which really helped cut red tape. We use the same ATA Carnet for importing cars back to the U.S., which makes life very easy.”
PLI Does it Again!
Project Logistics International (PLI) – an arm of EMO Trans – recently scored another success story.
“PLI, in cooperation with our partner in the Czech Republic, arranged the transportation of a 75-metric-ton generator door-to-door from the Czech Republic to Pennsylvania,” explains Managing Director Michael Horn. “To get the necessary permits to move this generator by road from the Port of Baltimore to the client in Pennsylvania, we had to secure a special perimeter trailer.”
Pictured is the generator loaded onto the special perimeter trailer at the Port of Baltimore, Maryland. These generators are commonly used in power plants and heavy industrial environments. The consignee is a service provider that offers maintenance and repair services for power plants.
EMO Visits Scandinavia
EMO Trans representative Kyle Boyens, a sales executive from the Minneapolis office, recently visited Scandinavia to grow the company’s business and relationships in the region. With visits to Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Aarhus, his agenda included a presentation to the management team of Hecksher, Denmark’s oldest shipping company, and visits to customers in Tyreso. One such customer is a major cookie manufacturer whose business is handled by EMO Trans Chicago. The cookie company’s shipments are routed through a bakery company in San Francisco, and EMO Trans Chicago currently receives six to eight TEUs per month from the manufacturer.
EMO China Handles Successful ‘Triangle’ Project
In the world of shipping, there are often multiple countries and points of contact involved. EMO China's Shenzhen office recently handled a rather complex project of this nature. The larger client is a Maryland-based paper equipment manufacturer that needed to move an RFID processing system on behalf of its division in Bielomatik, Germany to an end user in Genoa, Italy. The RFID machine was actually located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.
EMO SZX got the inquiry in September 2015 from EMO Trans Baltimore. Tracy Lin, Customer Service Manager of EMO SZX, created two loading options for this high-value precision machine. The customer chose an economical 45’ high-cube, and the shipper in Dongguan prepared export documents. The booking was completed in July 2016.
"The biggest difficulty of this shipment was loading the machine into the 45’ container. The machine was dismounted and packed into four cases. Three of them were wider than 2,200 mm, and the inner width of the 45’ container is only 2,340 mm. This only gave us 25 mm on each side for the biggest package with a width of 2,290 mm. We also needed to keep the machine away from vibration during the loading process," says Daisy Chen of EMO Trans China. "We were able to load it into the container safely by using a 6-ton forklift and crane with the help of a professional stevedore. It made it onto the vessel as scheduled."
With such experience, the EMO China team looks forward to future complex projects!
Atlanta Takes on KP Challenge for 10 Years Running
For the 10th year, EMO Trans Atlanta participated in the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Challenge in September with about 45 participants. Two special guests attended – Donna Landeck, Human Resources Manager, and Sven Frigger, Director of Compliance, came from the Freeport, NY office. “We had hotter than normal temperatures that day…the high was 90 degrees!” says organizer Renee Villanueva, Financial Services Manager.
Frank Bongarzone, Route Development Manager USA – India
India and the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'

India is an emerging superpower. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley aptly stated at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year that India’s GDP can potentially grow to 9%, and that the ‘I’ in
BRICS now represents hope for the world. The time is right for India to strengthen its economy and cities further, so that it can gear up for the oncoming 'Fourth Industrial Revolution.'
For this so called Fourth Industrial Revolution, India has recently passed specific tax reforms and has implemented certain programs aimed at encouraging foreign investment and growth. These key programs and reforms will change the Indian economy and reduce the Ease Of Doing Business Quotient in the country.

Such programs and reforms include:
GST will economically integrate India, according to the Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley. Expected to usher in "one nation, one tax", GST, according to experts, will iron out a multi-layered indirect tax system, subsume all other indirect taxes, and bring in a uniform tax structure (likely to be in the range of 18-20 per cent) throughout the country. It will turn India into one common market, leading to greater ease of doing business and huge savings in logistics costs for companies across all sectors.
Make in India is a major national initiative designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property, and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. There has never been a better time to Make in India.
SKILL INDIA: A campaign launched in July 2015 with the goal of training over 400 million people in different skills by 2022.
DIGITAL INDIA: A campaign launched in July 2015 whose goal is to increase and improve internet connectivity as well as the digital infrastructure connecting all areas of the country, from rural communities to the cities.
With a highly skilled labor force, improved infrastructure, push for foreign investment, and protection of intellectual property rights, India is gearing up to become a major economic player and powerhouse in the years to come.
Frank has an extensive trip to India planned in November. Cities on the agenda include Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.
Ajay Donde, Route Development Manager USA – Middle East
EMO Makes Positive Progress in Middle East Despite Challenges

According to
World Bank, economic growth in the Middle East is stagnating. It projects that overall GDP growth will be less than 3% for the third year running—it was about 2.8% for 2015. Low oil prices, conflicts, and the global economic slowdown make short-term prospects of recovery unlikely.
Except for Egypt, Morocco and Iran, almost all MENA countries are growing slowly, but for different reasons. The GCC countries and Algeria are suffering from low oil prices and high fiscal spending. As a whole, GCC economies—Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—are expected to have grown at 3.2% in 2015 and the following year, down from 3.9% a year earlier, as low oil prices have severely hit these economies.
Even though the outlook is relatively somber, EMO Trans, along with our Middle East Partners, has made positive progress over the last two quarters. Our commitment to service and prompt communication seven days a week has helped us to establish a strong customer confidence in our ability to perform and perform well in this region. We've proven our ability to benefit U.S. shippers by paying frequent visits to meet existing customers and seek new opportunities on the other side of the globe. Interacting with these suppliers and providing them the finer details of import requirements in the region helps them to better understand the various documentation criteria that creates repeated orders.
Terrish Brown joined Atlanta's Ocean Exports team, while Chicago welcomed Deborah Gray to its Ocean Imports department.
EMO Los Angeles Gives Warm Send-Off to Longtime Employee
The Los Angeles branch recently celebrated with Carola Kendrick as she prepares for the next chapter of her life. Carola, a longtime California resident and EMO Trans employee since October 1987, is relocating to Atlanta, Georgia.

Carola was profiled in the January 2013 EMO Trans newsletter, where she recalled her early days with the company:
“I’m originally from Germany, where I studied and worked in international business for a few years before I came to the U.S.,” Carola says. “My first job here was at a local German deli. I used to see this woman come in the deli all the time…we talked and became good friends.” Turns out, her new friend was Gisela Spees, of EMO Trans LAX, who learned of Carola’s business background and encouraged her to interview with EMO Trans. “I was hired the same day that I came in for the interview!” she says.

Those early friendships remained through the years as the original LAX team built the office's business. “Carola is a very dedicated and obviously loyal employee,” says Branch Manager Alta Hicks Heacock. “She’s moving on to a new life in the Atlanta suburbs and looking forward to learning about the southeastern United States.”
“I have had the privilege of working with Carola since 1995, and she has always demonstrated a great work ethic,” says President & CEO Marco Rohrer. “In the ‘old days,’ we would often work until midnight on Friday, and she never complained. Carola has built many strong customer relationships and contributed a great deal to the success of the LAX office. I wish her well in the coming months as she transitions to new adventures in Georgia and look forward to reconnecting in the future.”

Pictured below is Carola celebrating with a luncheon of BBQ bratwursts and German potato salad. Carola was surrounded by old friends from the LAX office. Pictured bottom left: The office's founding employees – Gisela Spees, Carola Kendrick, Barbara Newman, and Hardy Zantke.

Ann Pardi
The Baldwin office joined Ann Pardi in celebrating her retirement on September 30. Ann worked in the accounting department for more than 15 years. “Ann is a hard worker who always has a smile on her face and offers a helping hand to others,” says Accounting Manager Eileen O’Hara Piscola. “She was known by others for her sense of style. We wish Ann all the best and will miss her.”
Tom Butler
A long-time veteran of the industry, Tom Butler recently retired from EMO Trans Cleveland. Tom worked for EMO Trans onsite at one of the company’s largest worldwide customers. Cleveland Branch Manager Scott Vranic says that Tom was considered very well experienced in the industry and possessed exceptional organizational, social, and technical skills. (Pictured right: Tom Butler and Scott Vranic)
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom and always enjoyed his company. He always ‘told it like it was’ (sometimes with a sense of humor), and I absolutely appreciated that.  More than anything, Tom is simply a kind, reliable, intelligent and genuine person. You cannot have too many staff like Tom,” Scott says.
Tom recently got together with the Cleveland staff to enjoy pizza, salad, and cookies. 
Elaine Stevens
After more than 40 years of working in the industry, Elaine Stevens recently decided to retire from EMO Trans Houston. She received a grand send-off from her colleagues. “I have known and worked with Elaine since 1986 and will certainly miss her,” says Walther Borchers, Regional Manager Southwest. “We are all very sad to see her go, but must admit that she has well deserved a retirement of leisure, grandchildren, travel, and casinos!”
The EMO Trans Houston office signed a retirement frame for Elaine that was presented by her two daughters, Jennifer Kite and Stephanie Stephens.
ACE Post Summary Functionality Delayed Until Further Notice
CBP originally scheduled mandatory implementation of all post summary functionality on 10/29/2016.  Concerns were raised by the trade and software developers that there was not enough time to test before the deadline.  With some of the CBP ACE transitions there is a gradual implementation, but this functionality will require a hard cut over from ACS to ACE. (CSMS #
16-000849_Updated ACE Transition Timeline)
Comparison of ACS vs ACE Reconciliation Functionality Scheduled for 2017

American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2016: Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Request and Process
Do you import a commodity that is not available or only in limited production in the United States? October 14, 2016 is your opportunity to file a petition for reduced or eliminated duty on your imports. The new petition procedure is entirely electronic and must be submitted through the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) web portal. Additional program and filing information can be found at the below links.  Do not miss out; the next proposed submission period is October 2019! Submission opening is planned for October 15, 2016 and will be allowed for 60 days.

Useful links:

Bureau of Industry & Security
U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division
Customs and Border Protection
GRI and BAF Updates for 11/1
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