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As I write this, a deep freeze is holding our nation in its icy grip with record lows reported all over the United States. Air travel has been seriously interrupted. I experienced this firsthand when I got stranded in Denver on a cold Sunday night and had to scramble for one of the few available hotel rooms. Let’s hope that the weather returns back to normal soon, if nothing else to get the kids out of the house and back to school!
If anybody knows something about the cold, it’s our neighbors to the north, so our feature on EMO Trans Canada is quite timely.
Preliminary numbers for December point to another strong month, and the final tally for 2013 should be very positive. Our financial strength allows us to invest in our infrastructure, and we have an ambitious agenda for 2014. We plan to add critical resources and expand our global footprint, always with a strong focus on what is best for our customers.
We are making final preparations for our sales meeting in Tampa at the end of this month and are excited about bringing together the talented sales force that is, to a large degree, responsible for our success. A new year gives us the opportunity for a fresh start to set and achieve goals that may have eluded us in the past.
As Chinese New Year approaches, we are seeing tightening of space on the Transpacific Eastbound caused by a huge rise in demand and short capacity. Our ocean team is working feverishly to minimize the effects on our customers. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this seasonal challenge.
I want to wish all of you and your families a healthy, prosperous 2014.
Marco Rohrer

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EMO Trans Canada got its start in 1979 when owner representative Hart Dahmen began generating business in Toronto. Business grew to the point that EMO Trans (Canada) Freight Ltd registered its own office on March 3, 1982, and Dahmen became the its president.
The company remained relatively small (one office in Toronto with three or four people) until early 1996 when Mr. Tracy Thoburn joined the firm as Manager. “At that time, we began to solicit new types of business. In June 2000, we opened our office in Vancouver,” Tracy says. “In December 2004, Mr. Dahmen retired, and I became the second president in the company’s history. In September 2007, we opened an office in Montreal, and in August 2013 we started our own customs brokerage, EMO NORTH Customs Brokers Ltd.”
EMO Trans Canada caters to small- to mid-size importers and exporters. “We can significantly help companies that need hands-on, personal service and expertise to gain a foothold in international trade, but that also require the skill and buying power of a company as large as EMO Trans and our worldwide network,” Tracy explains. “We have a diverse set of clients covering many industries and types of products. The list is extensive and varied and includes glass and plastic bottles, machinery, plastic sprayers and caps, food additives, steel rods, construction materials, and luggage, to name just a few.”
With branches in three key centers in Canada (Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver), EMO Trans Canada offers a full range of forwarding services – air, ocean and trucking, as well as customs and warehouse logistics, in all of its locations. “One of our current areas of focus is expanding our cross-border trade activities with the U.S., Canada’s largest trading partner,” Tracy says. “Some clients have experienced challenges in working with U.S.-based suppliers and buyers. We expanded our business twofold in 2013 alone just by working to smooth out these challenges for certain clients.”
Tracy believes that delivering excellent service and results is what earns EMO Trans Canada many loyal fans. “We’ve had most of our customers for many years. We’re very proud that many of them have given glowing recommendations about us to others who have also become clients,” Tracy says. “We look at every relationship – with clients, agents and suppliers – as a long-term partnership. The supply chain can be very tricky at times, but we are able to navigate the waters very nicely as a result of these relationships to the benefit of all involved.”


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Veronica Aviles
 (pictured left) has joined EMO Trans Los Angeles as its first dedicated sales person for Orange County, Calif.

Darren Walton is now Branch Manager for EMO Trans Chicago, and Belinda Hamilton was promoted to Branch Manager EMO Trans Cincinnati. Brian Taphorn joined the Cincinnati team as Account Executive, and Kyle Boyens is a new Account Executive in Minneapolis. 

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Are you ready for Chinese New Year?

The Year of the Horse starts January 30 and lasts through February 6. The first official day back to work will be February 7, 2014. Customers should keep the holiday in mind when making rate inquiries, sending communication, and planning shipments during that period.
Vietnam and Taiwan will remain closed from January 31 to February 4, while the Philippines and Thailand will remain open the entire period. Customers should also note that the EMO Trans China office will be closed January 30 to February 6.

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Timken extends thanks for a job well done

Jeanne Seasor, a Principal CRM Analyst for Timken, wrote to express her thanks to EMO Trans Cleveland and EMO Trans personnel in South Africa for providing highly responsive service. “I just wanted to mention how pleased I am with the service provided by Cheryl Botkins and Melissa Walton,” Jeanne writes. “These ladies consistently reply back to my requests immediately. It is such a welcome change from my experiences before EMO Trans took over ocean bookings for our Timken South Africa plant. I get over-the-top customer service, which makes my job so much easier!”
Timken is a global steel and bearing manufacturer and supplier.

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Spikes in Volume Related to Chinese New Year

We’re seeing the typical spike in volume prior to the holiday week when nearly all Asian suppliers are closed. As much as we try to anticipate this rush each year and manage allocations accordingly, some disruptions occur. As demand peaks prior to the holiday, there’s typically a rapid volume drop in cargo right after Chinese New Year, and the carriers decrease capacity for the short term by blanking sailings in the few weeks after the holiday concludes. This year, it seems the carriers underestimated cargo, and upcoming blank sailings are expected to have a larger impact. The main cause seems to be the changed vessel sizes calling on U.S. ports (formerly 4000-6000 TEU, now 8000-10000 TEU). Taking just one out of rotation dramatically reduces the capacity. This, combined with a larger than forecasted cargo rush (and its aftermath), has now led to some severe cargo capacity shortfalls.
EMO Trans has just learned of some container rollings occurring in China because of this typical pattern of peaking volumes and a high demand for space. However, due to our larger portfolio of carriers and services, we’re expecting only minimal impact to customers' supply chains. EMO Trans is working diligently with all carriers to forecast and monitor allocation and lift. If you have concerns, please reach out to your EMO Trans contacts.



2014 Harmonized Tariff Updates Released

Every year, updates to the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule are released January 1. Read more about the 2014 announcement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection here.                                                       

Useful links:

Bureau of Industry & Security
U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division
Customs and Border Protection

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10+ YEARS    
Jennifer Frigger-Latham Freeport 1/2/96
Debbie Meinero Freeport 1/25/96
Manny Sadorra Los Angeles 1/15/96
Eric Lefebvre Atlanta 1/16/00
Sandy Walker Atlanta 1/21/00
Terri Engel Hartford 1/29/01
Sheryl Jones Atlanta 1/15/01
Kathy Miller Atlanta 1/15/01
Walther Borchers Houston 1/6/03
Cynthia Hitchcock Hartford 1/15/04
5+ YEARS    
Carrie DelConte Hartford 1/3/05
Rob Harrington Detroit 1/3/05
Joanne Buckley Freeport 1/30/06
Billy Johns Atlanta 1/15/07
Marci Perkins Atlanta 1/2/07
Dawn Smith Baltimore 1/3/08
Carolyn Fletcher Atlanta 1/23/08
Bob Waldron Boston 1/22/08
Audrey Sullinger Cleveland 1/12/09

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