JULY 2016
I have spent part of June and July in Europe, and thus was close to the terrible terror attacks on civilians in France and Germany. Very scary stuff, not only in Europe but also in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Whether politically motivated or acts of disturbed demented individuals, with so many of our own people in different parts of the world, I am of course concerned. Nevertheless, we have to stay alert, vigilant and careful; we cannot succumb to fear by the actions of people who are trying to change our way of life.
As far as business is concerned, the first half of the year has turned out very well. June has been a record month for us; in fact, I am proud to announce that it was the strongest in our USA history, so thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication. As we wait for the July results, we are hopeful but know that it will be difficult to beat what we achieved in June. Of course, the summer months always bring a slowdown and in addition, the overall rate situation for air as well as ocean traffic continues to create big challenges. The other good news is that our worldwide EMO Trans offices are moving along on a positive path. Special kudos to the new office in Malaysia who remarkably produced a nice profit after their first month of operation. We are looking forward to the opening of our new Singapore facility on August 1 and welcome the team lead by Alex Tan, Partner and Managing Director, to the EMO Trans family. We wish them much success and our assurance of the full support from our global network. The office is located inside Changi airport, a preferred location for freight forwarders in Singapore that complements our aviation product.  
As we glance into the second half of the year, we have robust planning ahead, with a strong focus on increased sales activities in hand with our pipeline implementation. All sales teams are encouraged to conduct more customer visits and to collaborate with their counterparts overseas for mutual business development. Top sales management and all Branch Managers are asked to present action plans to be implemented as soon as possible. For the USA, a board meeting will be conducted at the beginning of September.
On a personal note, after some time in Europe, I am enjoying the summer weather at home with family and overseas friends. Our grandchildren, Maya and Lucas, are practicing their swimming lessons while 4-month-old baby boy Kai sits on deck growing up as babies should.    
Wishing you a pleasant August; stay well.
Jo Frigger
Sky Freight’s 50th Anniversary Celebration        
Sky Freight Forwarders Philippines marked its 50th year with a grandiose celebration on July 15 at The Bayleaf Filipinas. Sky Freight is EMO Trans’ longstanding partner in Manila.

Sky Freight acknowledged that being in the forwarding business in the Philippines for the past 50 years is indeed a milestone to be commemorated. It has withstood significant changes and tumultuous challenges in the economic and political side, and has proven its stability, competence, and resilience.

The momentous event included valued clients, airlines, the founding De Guzman family, agents/affiliates. One of the highlights of the affair was the transfer of responsibilities from Consul Eduardo L. De Guzman Sr. to his son Mr. Eduardo (Eddie Boy) G. De Guzman Jr. Mr. de Guzman Sr. has served as Sky Freight's president and chairman.
Comments on the celebration

“Fifty years of existence is a proud number for any company and signifies the quality, resilience, and inventive nature of the founder and managers of Sky Freight. To guide the firm with a steady hand for half a century through sometimes turbulent economical and political events is a remarkable achievement. The loyalty of the employees and customers alike provides the stability for a bright and secure future. EMO celebrated our own 50-year anniversary last year, so I know what it takes.
A company has to be built like a house. You start with an idea and a strong foundation and then add stone by stone for a magnificent building. International freight forwarding is a challenging business. As in any service industry, you have to make sure that you develop deep, trusting relationships with your customers, vendors, and a strong team of professionals to deliver your promises. Our employees are the most important assets in our companies.

Based on our long term trusting relationship with Sky Freight, EMO Trans has been able to build an inside sales team for sales and customer service purposes. This team was created by Tom Bayes, who lived in Manila for a number of years working as EMO’s route development manager, and is now headed by Gloria Legaste. Gloria and her good people have substantially supported the business between Sky and EMO, and it is with thanks and appreciation that we acknowledge this marvelous collaboration.

Again, my congratulations to Mr. De Guzman and the entire Sky organization. Fifty years young and going forward together into a strong prosperous and promising future!” – Jo Frigger
Pictured clockwise from upper left: Peter Crooks (Vice President of EMO Trans and Sky Freight's long-term network partner) delivered a very meaningful congratulatory speech on behalf of Jo Frigger, Chairman of EMO Trans. Upper right: Peter Crooks, Consul Eduardo L. De Guzman, and Gloria Legaste.

Bottom right: Mr. Eduardo (Eddie Boy) De Guzman, Jr. and Peter Crooks. Bottom left: Mr Jassim Saif, VP of Emirates (seated), Shaikh Kaliq, Country Manager Of Ek in Saudi Arabia (left), Peter Crooks, and Mr. Kamal Hasan Al Wassia, the principal of Sky Freight in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where Sky Freight has 18 branches servicing the personal effects and door-to-door requirements of Filipino expatriates.
"Gloria was the first employee I hired in Manila back in June 1998, and she just celebrated her 18th year with EMO. Sky is one of the best partners I have ever worked with; the family relationships and feeling you get working with them, as well as the long-term staff, is so similar to EMO. It’s truly a great organization to know through the business side as well as the long-term personal relationships that have been created with them.” – Tom Bayes

Pictured left: Tom Bayes, Gloria Legaste, and Jo Frigger back in the early days of Sky Freight's relationship with EMO Trans.
EMO Trans Miami Completes 5-Star Hotel Project
In June and July, the Miami branch successfully wrapped up a 12-month project in Bimini, Bahamas. The luxury hotel project located at Resorts World has 310 rooms, five restaurants, a casino, and a world-class yacht marina. During the course of this project, the MIA facilities processed more than 200 purchase orders, handled 4.2 million pounds of inventory, and shipped out 140 FEUs. Sourcing was spread over three continents and had to reach a relatively remote island location with no real cargo seaport. These challenges further broadened our scope of end-to-end project services to get the job done. Particularly unique was the need to fully shift ocean transportation to the belly of a cruise ferry operated by the owners the hotel. To do this, EMO Miami assembled and managed a fleet of 18 FEUs that continuously rotated back and forth from Bimini aboard the ferry. Notable mention goes to Bernadette Oliveira and Annie Smith who played a pivotal role in the success of this project.
EMO Trans Baltimore Continues Team Tradition
EMO Baltimore had its annual company gathering in June at the
Aberdeen Ironbirds Baseball game, with fireworks after the game. 
All but four staff people were able to attend!
EMO China Offices Celebrate Family Day
"The first Saturday of June has been established as EMO China’s official Family Day every year,” says Daisy Chen of EMO’s Shantou office. “It’s an event in which our staff can join the party with his or her family and children.” The various EMO China branches celebrated it in different ways.
  • EMO Shanghai gathered together in Dazhuang Farm where they had a DIY dumpling activity, rafting, shooting, and other activities. At the end, they flew a wishing lantern into the sky to wish that the EMO family will grow bigger and bigger.
  • EMO NGB held a simple gathering in a shopping mall. The children played games in an indoor play field, and they had a big dinner together.
  • EMO XMN watched a funny drama named, “The Gossip of Journey to the West,” which is based on the famous classical novels about the Monkey King. After the drama, they enjoyed dinner together.
  • EMO SWA went to the nearby university that is open to tourists on the weekends. They had Kongfu Tea, played table tennis and badminton, and enjoyed fresh air. The youngest EMO kid – a five-month-old – joined them. Ginny’s daughter drew a Family Day picture with our logo to wish our EMO family endless success.
Don Derbin of EMO Trans Denver Receives Customer Praise
Evan Coats, President of Spaceman USA, recently sung the praises of EMO Denver's Don Derbin. “Your professionalism, diligence, and problem solving are all amazing. You, both personally and as part of the EMO Trans team, have made an enormously positive contribution to the success of our company. I could go on with superlatives for many sentences. Instead, I will simply say that you have provided
the best freight experience so far in the 19 years I have been involved with distribution," Coats says. "From decreasing our lead-times from China (and increasing our revenue as a result) to problem solving our mistakes with international paperwork in the Middle East, you have literally helped us globally. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you and your company. Thank you again for the support.”

Founded in 1997, Spaceman USA is a manufacturer of quality soft serve ice cream machines, and frozen beverage machines.
Kristen Rohrabaugh joined Atlanta’s exports department, while Cassy Chateau joined the branch’s imports team and Danielle DeLeon joined its brokerage department. Boston welcomed Stacy Serino in imports and Eric Weston in import/export compliance. Derek Skinner joined Detroit’s warehouse staff.
Useful links:
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U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division
Customs and Border Protection
GRIs and PSS effective 8/1
Rate Increases effective 8/15
Strike in Colombia Ends
After weeks of trying to reach an agreement, the
transport strike in Colombia has ended. The dispute between the government and transport associations stymied the country's imports and exports, and caused sharp rises in food prices, clogged ports, and negative impacts to the country’s coffee industry. Customers may experience some delays in moving freight to and from Colombia as the backlog clears.
VGM Around the World
We asked our offices around the world to report in on how the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) verified gross mass (VGM) implementation is going. Here is a country-by-country account:
  • Australia has noticed very little disruption at all. Right at the “the 11th hour,” there was a lot of last-minute discussion. However, with software adjustments and private contractors taking a key role in weighing containers when required, there was no disruption to normal business.
  • Germany says that implementation of the new VGM regulation was a smooth process for most German shippers. Customers were informed well in advance, and most of them were well prepared. Some bigger shippers decided to install certified container weighing equipment directly at their premises. Others are using the calculation method (so-called method 2), and EMO Trans receives proper VGM details after the container is loaded.
  • Japan reports no problems at the moment. It will submit VGM information via the operational system and manual entry (paper) to carriers.
  • Korea reports a smooth VGM implementation. All shippers have submitted VGM information on time, and there were no port-level disruptions or any shipment not loaded because of missing VGM data.
  • Malaysia says that its Port Klang Authority has set up a system for VGM submission through its “Port Klang Net” system. This system links all parties including carriers, depots, freight forwarders and freight forwarding agencies, haulers, and shippers. Despite a temporary disruption, Port Klang Net is back up and running. Now normal gate operations have resumed, port terminals are weighing containers and updating the port system, and EMO Trans is checking VGM updates from the port system.
  • The Philippines office says that the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has taken over handling the VGM. Weights taken by port operators, terminals, and other weighbridges inside the terminals are the only official sources of VGM. VGMs have been submitted to carriers via Electronic Data Interchange.
  • The U.S. reports that, other than the additional VGM data required from customers, it is business as usual. The main concern of EMO Trans' USA management was that the new SOLAS VGM mandate did not disrupt customers' supply chains. The steps taken to ensure that operational teams were aware of these requirements avoided any negative impact. This process is still evolving. The U.S. is monitoring the new procedures in their infancy stages and expects that additional changes for the better are on the horizon, including changes that will further minimize administrative procedures from customers.
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