I cannot believe that nearly a month has passed since my last editorial, and a lot has happened in the meantime! Our meeting in Singapore was a great success, and it once again solidified my belief that our team is a large global family! Our yearly discussions about our strategies have been opened up to include all country owners, and the result is that we are in lockstep celebrating our successes and looking forward to our continued growth.
In short order, our Mobile App, Multinational Portal, and Website will be working together to bring a better experience to the customer. We are also looking at other ways to capture market information and revolutionize the way we approach sales and develop partnerships with our customers. We want to ensure that our customers see the possibilities in their own supply chain. We also want to give them much more than they expected when we return their data to them in a searchable format that they can use to create strategies of their own.   
As Thanksgiving approaches, we have so much to be thankful for. Our new ventures in Asia are all doing well, and the company as a whole is having an excellent year. We are proud that we continually show growth despite turbulent global economies. As we prepare our homes and food for the coming holiday, we would like to thank all of our employees for their hard work and loyalty. Without their efforts and passion we would not be who we are. I’d also like to thank our loyal customers who have grown together with us as partners tackling all the challenges thrown our way.
On a personal front, we have a very special reason to be thankful; the EMO Trans family has a new member. With great joy, Sven (Director of Export Compliance) welcomed his second son Jaxon Joaquin Frigger on November 18. He’s strong and healthy, weighing 7 lb., 14 oz. For those of you keeping count, that makes four grandchildren for Jo and Karin. All of us are thrilled!
I wish you and your families a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. 

Best regards,

Jennifer Frigger-Latham
VP Sales & Marketing
Pictured: Left: Jaxon Joaquin Frigger, born November 18. Right: Proud big brother Lucas.
Reflections on the Global Meeting in Singapore

Tom Bayes, Director of Route Development & Asia Development, offers firsthand observations that he included in his opening announcements for the Global Meeting in Singapore. “On the plane ride over, I had to sit back and take it all in. When I started in Asia in 1998 for EMO, we had almost no presence there. As I looked around the room [at the meeting], I could not have imagined that I would be speaking to six Asian countries with more than 100 staff and 13 offices and growing rapidly. What an impressive ride it's been, and we are not done yet!” he says.
Pictured below clockwise: The second annual EMO Asia Team Discussion, in which all of EMO Asia were represented. Topics discussed included continued growth in Asia, working as a team, and upcoming expectations and developments for 2017. EMO dinner during the global meeting with management teams. Tom Bayes and Jenni Frigger-Latham visit EMO Singapore. Walther Borchers (Regional Manager Southwest) and Tom visit with Gloria Legaste and the EMO/Sky Freight team in Manila.
EMO Trans Featured in Forbes

EMO Trans President and CEO Marco Rohrer recently discussed in
Forbes how the company offers a winning combination of more than 50 years of experience in global shipping and logistics with the latest in cloud technology. The company’s newest app-based supply chain visibility tools only enhance the deep local knowledge, relationships, and a reputation for service that EMO Trans has worked so hard to build.
Millennials and their expectations for technology are shaping the future of the business. “This new group [of customers] is deeply concerned with customer service, but they’re also very focused on technology, especially mobility,” Rohrer says. “Five years from now most of our business will be done through mobility tools. We are preparing for that now.”
EMO China Completes Another Large Project

Earlier this year, EMO Shanghai answered a call from EMO Trans Detroit on behalf of a customer that needed help choosing a packaging supplier, trucker, and carrier.
The client, a global leader in custom-engineered industrial filtration and separation products, needed to move product from its China factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu to a global automobile manufacturer’s facility in Southhampton, United Kingdom. The move included two sets of filters with platform and holding tanks, and was considered overweight and oversized at 27.7 tons and 4.12 meters. 
After a complete evaluation, an experienced packaging company was chosen that offered the most detailed and well-organized pack and unpack plan with a competitive price. “For transportation, we needed to use a lower platform truck because of the machines’ height,” says EMO China’s Daisy Chen. “For the carrier, we needed to choose one that accepts breakbulk cargo with shipside loading and that offers flat-rack (FR) containers.” Lusy Shen of EMO SHA created a crating plan and freight package that was sent back to Detroit, and EMO Trans got the business.
Two machines and three FR containers were shipped on a Hyundai vessel in August, and goods were delivered safely to the UK in September. Daisy notes that with more and more experience handling special cargo, EMO China will be well prepared for even more challenging projects.
Elyse Zwirlein joined Baltimore’s exports department, and Samira Kovacevic joined Chicago’s ocean imports team. EMO Belgium is pleased to announce the hiring of a new salesperson, Frank Lens.
German Deli Delivers Great EMO Employees

Hardy Zantke, founding partner of EMO LAX and SFO, wrote in to offer some interesting trivia about the Los Angeles branch. “I was very pleased to read in the October newsletter about the warm send-off party for Carola Kendrick from the LAX office after her 29 years there. I would like to share some additional background: Carola mentioned that she was working in a German deli when EMO LAX’s second employee Gisela Spees discovered her. Allow me to mention that Gisela also came to me originally hired away from the very same German deli – Alpine Village – as did Barbara Newman, who is still with EMO LAX after 33 years!” he says. “So, that deli was one of our favorite recruiting spots; the owner wasn’t all that happy, often losing his best people to us.” Barbara adds that there were several other employees recruited from Alpine Village, but none stayed as long as Gisela, Carola, and she did.
Hardy notes that the gang all still likes to do some of their holiday shopping there. If you’re ever in Torrance, California, check it out! The store is known for its European foodstuffs and long-standing Oktoberfest celebration.
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