February 2013



Greetings to all, and Kung Hei Fat Choi – Happy New Year for the Year of the Snake! 

In general, January was a good month for the EMO Trans organization. I began the year by traveling through Europe and Australia. During that time, I observed that Europeans’ overall economic expectations for 2013 are quite optimistic despite ongoing concerns about the Euro and countries like Greece and Spain. We will continue to focus on Europe - still our single strongest market. The new European/US Trade Agreement expected to be implemented shortly will create additional business in this region.

EMO Trans Strasbourg has obtained its IATA license effective March 1. EM Lines, our new NVO company in Hong Kong, has been accepted by the FMC. The application was locked in on February 15. Our offices in Australia are thriving. In addition to our AOG services for airlines, we are developing a new product to supply spare parts for mining equipment to remote areas in that country. Australia was plagued with floods and fires in January but with little impact on our business. In Brisbane, we will move to new larger offices, and in Melbourne we will occupy additional space in our existing office building. On the request of one of our customers, we will open our next office in that region in Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea.  Beginning with the March newsletter, you’ll hear more from our international network of EMO Trans companies from Australia to Asia, and Europe to South and North America, about what is happening around the globe. Our Route Development team will also write about their responsibilities and experience.

Domestically, there’s good news to report too. EMO Trans Chicago handled a 747 charter with food products to Melbourne, Australia. This is an ongoing program with midsize shipments to follow for a customer acquired by branch manager Michael Horn some time ago. We also have plans to open an office in Lansing, Michigan, an area with strong overseas business and a local need for international transportation expertise. This new office falls under the leadership of EMO Trans Detroit’s Rob Harrington.
February greeted the Northeastern U.S. with a big snowstorm that crippled all traffic for most areas. Thankfully it occurred over a weekend, so the disruption for our business was limited. We are now busy with preparations for our 12th annual Global Network Meeting in March. This time we decided to go to Lisbon, Portugal, a historic, fun filled city. We are very much looking forward to this event, which again brings all of our network partners together to review the past year and plan for more success in 2013.
All the best and kind regards,

Jo Frigger
Chairman & CEO
EMO Trans Inc.


EMO Trans Denver left to right: Janice Fahrenholtz, Customs Broker; Marijke Hildreth, Air and Ocean Exports; Don Derbin,  Air and Ocean Exports; Lynn Derbin,  Branch Manager; and Paul Walborn, Sales Manager.

Talk about heavy lifting! No matter how big the project, EMO Trans Denver is capable of handling it. This five-person, full service office specializes in moving heavy machinery such as equipment used in the construction and oil and gas industries. “We frequently truck oversized cargo to and from the Ports of Los Angeles and Houston,” explains branch manager Lynn Derbin. “We’re involved with every aspect of loading, blocking, bracing, and transporting very heavy items.” Such pieces might be new machinery for oil and gas rigs, equipment used to produce telephone lines, and even oversized equipment for a facility that stores military mustard gas. “We moved equipment to a chemical depot that will be used to build a new plant where the gas will be decomposed into a less lethal powder form and moved from the state of Colorado,” Lynn explains.

EMO Trans Denver shipped 180 containers of electrical restoration kits to Algeria on behalf of client Lindsey Manufacturing.

In addition to handling these jumbo projects, EMO Trans Denver also delivers white glove treatment when needed. “One of our regular customers is Ten Strawberry Street, a company that imports dinnerware from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. So we do a good job of handling delicate and fragile objects as well.” Lynn says.

Lynn attributes EMO Trans Denver’s success to its personalized service. “We know our clients and their needs,” she says. “They understand that we have the knowledge and abilities to do what we say we will do.” Another major factor is the sheer depth of experience within the office. Lynn herself has more than 35 years of experience in the industry, and other employees have similar backgrounds. “Our customs broker has 42 years of experience, and our sales manager has 35,” she says.

Congratulations to EMO Trans Denver on a job well done!

Alex Wang is the new Business Development Manager in EMO Trans Shanghai, with the support of his able assistant Daisy Chen. JFK welcomes new Branch Manager, Richard Carbone. Richard is a native New Yorker who comes to us with years of experience in our industry. Ajay Donde is now Route Development Manager for the Middle East. Darren Walton will focus full-time as Branch Manager for the Cincinnati office. Jean-Marc Richter has been appointed Director at EMO Trans Strasbourg. John Lawrence joined us as Regional Manager, West Coast North, in San Francisco.
EMO Trans sponsors youth football team
In the spirit of America’s favorite sport, Karin and Jo Frigger sponsored a Youth Athletic Association football team in Loveland, Colorado.  The boys played outstandingly with an undefeated record of 6 wins and 0 losses, closing the season as Champions. The enthusiasm and dedication of these boys along with their coaches and parents is heartwarming.  As with EMO Trans, their motto is Success by Performance, and they have lived up to the challenge. As you can see, the boys proudly sport their EMO Trans uniforms.
Congratulations to the Walton family
Congratulations to Darren Walton (Cincinnati) and his wife, Jenelle, on the birth of their son, Evan Ellis Walton on February 11. This cute little guy weighed in at 8 lb., 3 oz.

Above: Evan Ellis Walton.
Below: proud dad Darren and sister Zoe cuddle with Evan.


All’s well after Chinese New Year
As much as we try to anticipate the typical cargo rush each year and manage allocations accordingly, some disruptions occur during Chinese New Year. EMO Trans experienced some container rollings because of a typical pattern of peaking volumes and a high demand for space. While the peak before Chinese New Year is hardly to be avoided, EMO Trans worked diligently with all carriers to forecast and monitor allocation and lift. Due to our large portfolio of carriers and services, we experienced only minimal impact to certain supply chains.

West Coast labor situation flares up again

And now we turn our eyes to the Los Angeles-Long Beach area, where office clerical workers have voted against the tentative contract agreed upon in December.  For now, it’s back to the drawing board as negotiations resume.
USMX, ILA agree to new master contract
After a lengthy and contentious series of negotiations, the U.S. Maritime Alliance (USMX) and the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) reached agreement on a new six-year master contract in early February. Thankfully, ports on the east and gulf coasts of the U.S. experienced no operational disruptions. The agreement is still subject to formal ratification by both sides. More good news: the previously announced “congestion surcharge due to labor unrest” has been removed from the tariff for most steamship lines. At this time, we do not foresee any re-implementation of this tariff during the course of finalizing the new contract.
Clarification on informal entries
Last month, we reported about changes in informal entries…please see clarifications noted in italics. In January, the U.S. Customs Department raised the limit on informal entries from $2,000 to $2,500. This means that, if eligible, more entries will qualify for the $2 merchandise processing fee charged on an informal entry instead of the $25 minimum merchandise processing fee charged on a formal entry.

C-TPAT offers significant benefits
As a certified participant in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), EMO Trans fully supports the efforts of this organization to increase supply chain security. In exchange for meeting minimum security criteria and guidelines within their supply chain security procedures, qualifying member companies may receive benefits such as expedited border inspections and a reduced number of examinations. EMO Trans is happy to provide guidance on how to join C-TPAT and assist interested customers with completing a security profile. Contact your local EMO Trans customs broker for more information.

TSA meets 100% screening goal
The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) announced last month that 100% screening of all cargo transported on passenger aircraft within and into the United States has been achieved. Following the passage of the 9/11 Act in 2007, the agency successfully achieved 100% screening of domestic cargo by the mandated deadline of August 1, 2010. The TSA then turned its attention to reaching 100% screening of international inbound air cargo transported on passenger aircraft. This major milestone was reached by the deadline of December 3, 2012. The agency worked hard to attain these mandates without negatively impacting the flow of air commerce.

DHS pilots advance screening program
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has implemented the Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) Pilot. This program allows DHS to receive advance security filing cargo data on cargo shipments inbound to the U.S. that may present a high risk and require additional physical screening. The system enables express companies, passenger air carriers, freight forwarders, and all-cargo air carriers to send and receive advance security filing data and related action messages for all air cargo through DHS’ Automated Targeting System (ATS). The result is improved air cargo security, more efficient screening procedures, and shared responsibility for security throughout the supply chain. Learn more about this program.

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EMO Net redesign

EMO Trans employees can expect changes in the way the EMO Net system looks and works! Agent information will now pull directly from IES. This means that key information only needs to be entered once, thereby allowing for more timely and accurate information.

Coming soon: Track & Trace app for iPhone and iPad!

To keep EMO Trans competitive with what's happening in the industry, IT is in the process of testing a new app that will allow customers and agents to track shipments from the convenience of their iPhones and iPads. Building upon EMO Trans’ current web-based Track & Trace technology, the new app will be available through iTunes in the coming weeks.

New reporting tools on the horizon

We are in the early stages of implementing software that will provide new ways of gathering data and presenting report-based information. This graphically rich software will allow customers and staff alike to see key data in the context of various parameters (e.g., origin and destination) and perform modeling in graphical and Excel formats to aid in future decision making. IT expects the software to be available sometime later in the year after testing is complete.

EMO Trans Seattle moves rare military artifact to museum
In December, EMO Trans Seattle coordinated the import and delivery of a WWII M4A1 Sherman Tank from a restoration facility in the UK. The tank is the latest addition to a private collection of fully restored fighter planes, tanks, and military equipment on display at a museum in Everett, Washington. According to Kimberly Lee of EMO Trans Seattle, shipments like this put the fun in freight forwarding. “Over the years, the museum has entrusted us with the care of moving several of these rare and important pieces of history,” says Kimberly. “We’re very grateful for the opportunities they’ve given us and the experience we’ve gained from working with them.”
EMO Trans Chicago delivers popular yogurt flavors to the Land Down Under
One of the world’s leading prepared fruit manufacturers for the dairy industry hired EMO Trans Chicago to arrange a Boeing 747 full charter from Chicago O’Hare Airport to Melbourne, Australia. The shipment consisted of 70 stainless steel tanks filled with various flavors of temperature-sensitive fruit preparation – a key ingredient in Greek yogurt. The shipment needed to arrive in Australia by a certain date in order to guarantee the timely introduction of a popular brand of Greek yogurt to the Australian consumer. EMO Trans Chicago had no problems meeting the “expiration date” for this unique shipment!

15+ years  
Andy Carbajal (Los Angeles) 2/1/97
Brenda Tooley (Hartford) 2/20/98
10+ years  
Wick Campbell (Atlanta) 2/15/99
Manoj Jain (Freeport) 2/10/99
Irene Manzanilla (Mobile) 2/8/00
Brian Jones (Los Angeles) 2/6/03
5+ years  
Connie Ash (Freeport) 2/23/04
Bruce Wagner (Cleveland) 2/16/04
Kathleen Basta (Freeport) 2/6/06
Mandy Applequist (Atlanta) 2/26/07
Anna Guzman (JFK) 2/19/07
Derren Tzou (SFO) 2/1/07
Jill Gusman-Lacosse (Chicago) 2/1/08
Chris Haga (Atlanta) 2/1/08
Ray Milian (Miami) 2/19/08

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