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November is a month for reflections on the past year and a month to gather energy for the weeks remaining in the year. While store displays seem to indicate that the year is almost over, we still have many things to accomplish before the end of 2013.
We’ve implemented a number of important changes and promotions, and we’re planning for more growth in 2014 – all in measured steps with a solid foundation supported by excellent returns throughout 2013 for the EMO Trans organization. October 2013 was the strongest month in our 41-year history in the USA. I thank all of our associates for their hard work in achieving such a result.
We met with our Canadian and German partners in Toronto to map out the future course of our global organization. This will include additional offices in North America and Europe, expanding our network in Africa, and an office in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.
Amid all this good news, we have watched with horror the terrible pictures from the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. Thankfully, all of our team in Manila and Cebu are OK despite heavy damage and the loss of many houses. We have made a donation through our partner Sky Freight in Manila to assure that funds reach the unfortunate victims of the storm without delay. We here in the Northeast can relate all too well, given that about a year ago, houses were swept away by wind and water during Hurricane Sandy. I wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving and a few well-deserved days of rest and relaxation. Speaking of family, our grandson Lucas will be 1 year old on November 29. Happy Birthday, Lucas!
All the best and kind regards,
Jo Frigger

A word from our friends in the Philippines

We thank you so much for the heartwarming donation you sent to help both our employees who were directly affected and countless other Filipinos from Leyte, Samar, Aklan, and similar devastated provinces. This will surely go a long way in alleviating their suffering and rebuilding their lives. May you and the EMO Trans family be blessed!
Eduardo "Eddie Boy" G. De Guzman
EVP-COO, Sky Freight Forwarders, Inc.

If any individual would like to make a personal monetary contribution to the Philippine victims, please send it to the attention of Tom Harlin in our Freeport office (135 Guy Lombardo Ave, Freeport, NY 11520), and he will transfer the funds directly to Sky Freight.    

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Germany is where it all began for EMO Trans, so it’s no surprise that the company maintains a strong presence in Europe’s largest economy and second most populous nation. Founded in 1965 in Stuttgart, EMO Trans’ first shipment ever was a 23.7 kg parcel handled on behalf of Trumpf Ditzingen from Germany to New York. Forty-eight years later, Trumpf remains EMO Trans’ most long-standing customer.
Today, EMO Trans has built a nationwide network across Germany with 15 offices and more than 250 employees. With a presence at all major ports and airports, EMO Trans Germany’s projects span air and ocean transport, as well as Third Party Logistics (3PL).

“The automotive industry and related logistics like warehousing and distribution are still very strong in Germany,” explains Thomas Klinkhammer, National Director of Sales and Marketing. “We continue to focus on growing in this area and have implemented special support such as Key Accounts and EMO LOG. We must stay on top of our game when it comes to working for the automotive and aviation industries. The fact that we’ve had such a high success rate shows you that the quality of our performance is very high. Every shipment is very time sensitive, and overall 24/7 service is required.” Notable clients include most of Germany’s well-known automakers.
A number of customers from diverse industries have built strong relationships with EMO Trans Germany, including everything from aviation and mining to industrial machinery, electrical components, and chemicals. EMO Trans Germany also specializes in transporting horses and reptiles, perishables, and temperature-controlled goods like wine. “We can even offer door-to-door solutions, if required,” Thomas says. It’s also common for EMO Trans Germany to take on projects of unusual size. “We’re handling a lot of ‘abnormal size’ cargo in lengths and weights by air and ocean,” Thomas says. “We regularly move out-of-gauge machinery to Japan, heavy lifts to India, and recently handled 30 units of cars on roll-on/roll-off ships to Taiwan.”
Thomas attributes the company’s ongoing success in Germany to its unwavering commitment to customers. “We truly adhere to our motto of Success by Performance and try to live by it every day,” Thomas explains. “We’re very focused on service, very proactive, and very flexible.”

Ever wonder how EMO Trans got its name?

Founder Eckart Moltmann was nicknamed ‘Emo’ as a child. He decided to use the catchy moniker when naming his new company in 1965.

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EMO Trans Celebrates 40-Year Relationship with OEM

EMO Trans recently celebrated 40 years of doing business with OEM Controls, a Hartford, Conn.-based developer of electrohydraulic controllers. OEM’s core products include one, two and three axis joystick controllers, ergonomically designed multi-grip handles, electronic valve driver boards, microprocessor-based logic controllers and integrated panel systems. EMO Trans has maintained an exclusive shipping arrangement with OEM to import parts from Germany.
In recognition of its long-standing relationship, a celebration luncheon was held at Il Palio in Shelton, Conn. Pictured top right are OEM CEO Brian Simons, EMO Trans CEO Jo Frigger, Keith Simons, President, Control Products, and Samuel Simons, President, OEM Data Delivery Division. Also in attendance were Mark Peterson, Vice President, Finance, OEM; Simon Tooley, Director of Operations, and Donna Amendola, Director Business Development Germany/USA. Pictured bottom right: Brian Simons and Jo Frigger.


Joe Weddington (EMO Trans Detroit) was promoted to Air Export Lead Agent in October. EMO Trans Chile has welcomed a new Operations Manager, Felipe Salas Candia. He can be reached at

Beginning in December, Tom Bayes (pictured on right) will be promoted to the position Director of Route Development. He will be responsible for administering the Route Development Program, as well as promoting cooperation and growth of the RDM agenda in the field. He will also continue his role as Route Development Manager for Asia.  

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The Wall Street Journal reports that by year-end, most airline passengers will be able to use their electronic gadgets during all stages of flight, resolving years of debate over whether device emissions interfere with aviation instrumentation. 

The U.S. Justice Department has settled the lawsuit that has impeded the merger of American Airlines and US Airways. With the settlement, the merger will move forward and form the world’s largest airline – a development expected to lead to more competitive fares for consumers. (source: USA Today)

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SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS                
EMO Trans Celebrates Spooktacular Halloween

Working at EMO Trans is so much fun…it’s scary! A number of branches got into the Halloween spirit this year. Shown clockwise are the EMO Trans Baldwin office, EMO Trans Miami, and EMO Trans Canada.
Thankful thoughts

Jeff Cournoyer, branch manager of EMO Trans Hartford, wishes to express a special word of thanks this season. “I wanted to recognize two EMO Trans employees who helped my office through a serious and prolonged time of need,” he says. “Wick Campbell and Matt Kmet (EMO Trans Atlanta) rotated travel schedules for the better part of four months to cover our Customs House Broker position. They were away from their families, lived out of a suitcase, and ate too much hotel food. While they said that they were just doing their job, in truth, they did so much more. So, Wick and Matt, thank you for everything, and Happy Thanksgiving!”
Barbara Newman recognized for 30 years of service

Barbara Newman, EMO Trans Los Angeles’ Air Import Manager, was recently honored for her 30 years with the company. Barbara has seen her role grow through the years, just as the company has grown and expanded.
After leaving her native in Germany in 1981, she initially lived in the Southeast but then moved to LA in 1983. Securing a job at the Alpine Market, a German deli, not only gave her access to the German delicacies she missed from home; it also helped her form new friendships. One of the deli’s regular customers was EMO Trans employee Gisela Spees, who wasted no time convincing Barbara that she needed to come work in freight forwarding. 
“In the early days, I helped out wherever I could, including measuring and weighing export freight at the warehouse in the mornings and, in the evenings, stamping (before the age of label printers) hundreds of labels for export,” she says. “I then got my daily workout by delivering export freight to various airlines – in our boss’s VW bus!” Our Fridays started at 8 am and often ended at 3 am Saturday morning. “By then, we had about 6 employees and no one ever went home before all the work was done and every piece of freight labeled and containers loaded,” Barbara says. “Somehow, we often found the energy after all that work to either meet at a bar or go to a diner for breakfast. We were so tired that we seemed to find everything funny!” Barbara eventually became Air Import Manager, a role she holds today in addition to taking on office management tasks and accounts receivable.
“EMO Trans has always been like family to me, and I am glad to say that this aspect has not changed too much…even with the company’s tremendous growth over the years,” Barbara says. “I like our spirit of individualism…we don't take a ‘mass production’ approach to our services.” When asked about her most memorable customers or projects, it’s easy to see that there are too many to name. “One time, we were importing horses from Germany, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife inspector, new on the job, insisted that we return the manure on the very next flight back because ‘foreign horse manure’ could not be brought into the U.S.," she says. “And who can forget the time that we had to make up a textile declaration for edible underwear from Australia, but then were required to arrange for a Food & Drug 'inspection'!” Perhaps her most challenging project was when EMO Trans had to arrange three last-minute 747 charter flights with almost 100 tons each of 60' long steel plates from Amsterdam via Reykjavik (Fuelstop) to Anchorage, Alaska for an oil project up in Pruedo Bay. The materials needed to get there to reach the last barge before winter set in. 
Outside of work, Barbara loves spending time with her two children, ages 11 and 17, traveling to Germany and Hawaii, and most any outdoor activity she can squeeze in such as hiking, biking, and gardening. Congratulations and a tip of the hat to Barbara for her 30 years of hard work!

Pictured below left: EMO Trans Los Angeles branch manager Guenther Eberle congratulates Barbara on her 30th anniversary. Below right: Barbara (pictured in black shirt in middle) and the EMO Trans LA team in the early 90s.The office assembled for this photo outside the Paradise Building in their best leisure wear in response to frequent kidding from their friends at World Airways that they 'must stay at the beach all day.'

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EMO Trans Miami: pictured back, left to right: Annie Smith, Consuelo Angulo, Karen Meza, Lissette Navarro, Maria Meighan, Daniela Livigni, Myriam Perez, Irma Castillo. Front, left to right: Nicholas Medina, Julio Fernandez, Godofredo Betancourt, Ray Milian, Jean Paul (JP) Espinoza, Danilo Icabalzeta
With one of the world’s busiest international cargo airports and its location in the southernmost portion of the United States, Miami is a critical gateway to Latin America and a major transit hub for cargo flowing from other global origins to the lower Americas. “It’s been said that ‘the greatest thing about Miami is that it’s so close to the U.S.!’” says branch manager Jean Paul Espinoza. “Our culture is so multi-faceted that, even though we are an American city, we can easily relate to the diverse ways of doing business in neighboring countries.”

EMO Trans Miami has been front and center in participating in the exciting economic opportunities opening up in Latin America, as well as major developments taking place in Miami itself. “The Seaport of Miami is undergoing a massive expansion. EMO Trans was involved in bringing in machinery to build an underwater tunnel that will connect the Seaport with the highway system,” Jean Paul explains. “Dredging has been going on for more than a year now, and it’s expected to open in 2014.” The $2 billion expansion, in great part driven to coincide with the expansion of the Panama Canal, and which includes installing six brand-new automated super-post-Panamax Gantry cranes, will undoubtedly enhance Miami’s already burgeoning $124 billion global trade industry.

EMO Trans Miami is supported by a staff of 15 and has an average employee tenure of six years. With nearly 13 years with the company, Jean Paul and colleague Annie Smith have worked there the longest. “We’re a solid team…a happy team,” says Business Development Manager Lissette Navarro. EMO Trans Miami leverages its own diversity to develop highly customized solutions for its customers. “Of our 15 staff members, we probably have eight nationalities represented,” says Regional Sales Manager Julio Fernandez. “We’re heavily engaged in our markets and know our customers extremely well. This helps us stay highly focused and flexible.”

The branch has been well positioned to participate in the growth of the lower Americas. Electrical material such as transformers and generators are needed throughout the region, and the hospitality industry is booming in areas like the Dominican Republic. Large volumes aren’t unusual. “We recently secured a $25 million project from one of our existing customers. It will be about 120 or so containers’ worth, and the project will last until the end of April 2014,” Jean Paul says. “We’re also becoming more and more involved in the entire supply chain process for our clients, from purchase order management to site delivery.” The branch also maintains an aviation/AOG (critical parts) desk and has begun regular freight consolidation programs from Miami to Chile. “We’re currently running two 40-foot ocean containers and two 2,500-kilo air shipments per week,” explains Jean Paul. “The consol programs help customers take advantage of more competitive rates. It’s good for the customer and good for us. We eventually hope to offer similar programs to every country in Latin America.”

EMO Trans Miami has done so well that it expects to add staff and move into a new 50,000-square-foot facility next year.

Pictured below: EMO Trans Miami and Chapman Freeborn Airchartering teamed up to transport a 28-ton payload from Jamaica to the USA and back. The joint operation moved an outsized rotor turbine from Montego Bay, Jamaica to a repair facility close to Chicago, IL. After the successful repair of the turbine in the United States, the turbine was then flown back from Houston, TX to Montego Bay.
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Use MDM to manage BYOD                                                         

People work differently nowadays, and remote connectivity is the way of the world. Most employers provide remote users with company-owned laptops or some other mobile device, but a growing number of people use personal devices to connect to company information.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the latest buzzword within IT circles and its latest headache. Research shows that, in some organizations, up to 40% of employees are using personal devices. But, how secure is company information in these situations? It’s not hard to picture the potential liability of a stolen laptop, the user leaving to go to a competitor, or the employee traveling overseas to a country where data theft is a real possibility.
To address these scenarios, companies must implement some type of formal Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy and use software that controls these devices. The policy should clearly state to users what is and is not acceptable, while the software gives the company control over what is after all, its data. This software can perform a multitude of tasks such as wiping the laptop stolen overseas, disabling the ability to move company email off the device, enforcing security, encrypting data, pushing software to a device to correct a problem, restricting a device that is using company wireless but shouldn’t be, and blacklisting use of certain software on a device when used within the company.
Make sure your business has an MDM policy in place if employees are using personal devices for company business. The need for an MDM policy – and the pitfalls of not having one – is only going to grow as devices continue to proliferate.       

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Compliance for Controlled Encryption Exports 

On October 15, the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) added a new edit in the Automated Export System (AES) to prevent exporters and freight forwarders (AES Filers) from inadvertently reporting electronic export information (EEI) on items of Encryption Commodities, Software and Technology under Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) 5A002, 5B002, 5D002 and 5E002 under the designation of “No License Required” (NLR) or AES license code C33.
Effective November 15, AES expanded this edit to license code C32. These two new edits will generate a fatal error “ECCN MUST BE FROM APPROVED LIST” because encryption items specifically classified under ECCNs 5A002, 5B002, 5D002 or 5E002 require a license or license exception for National Security reasons to all destinations except Canada. For further information or questions regarding this change, please contact BIS’s Office of Technology Evaluation at (202) 482-4933 or via email at

Useful links:
Bureau of Industry & Security
U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division
Customs and Border Protection

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20+ YEARS    
Charlotte Scott Atlanta 11/9/87
Susan Budd Hartford 11/6/91
10+ YEARS    
Stacie Countryman Atlanta 11/6/96
Donna Yeager Pittsburgh 11/11/96
Cheri Ware Atlanta 11/1/00
5+ YEARS    
Nora Delgado Houston 11/16/04
Mary Clasen Milwaukee 11/14/07
Rachel Digsby Atlanta 11/6/07
Ana Georgescu Boston 11/8/07
Ron Wahle Atlanta 11/4/07
Paul Latham Freeport 11/17/08

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