Greetings to all, and Happy New Year of the Monkey!
January started well for us, but as the saying goes: ‘One swallow does not make a summer.’ I have no doubt that with the uncertainty of the global markets, we have a challenging year ahead of us, but we are well positioned for the winds of change. In March, we will conduct an EMO to EMO conference bringing our worldwide managers together in Cape Coral, Florida. Our experienced and energetic managers will gather to exchange ideas and jointly map out the road ahead. Our time will be spent on sales development and training, operational excellence, procurement for air and ocean, as well as IT implementation and network expansion. I am very excited about the opportunities that will emerge from this meeting of our global EMO group! Our strong foundation provides the ideal base for continued organic growth.
We will maintain our path of expansion through our own strength without outside financing, contrary to what we’re seeing in the freight forwarding industry in terms of mergers and acquisition activities. The recent wave of M&As of large organizations has led to a concern in their workforce about the stability of their companies and security of their jobs. We can benefit from those developments by finding good people who are looking for a new home.
Freight forwarding, is and always will be, a people business.
EMO Trans will remain a privately held company, and we succeed by providing excellent service to our customers and by treating our employees as partners who participate in the results and future of the company.
I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in Cape Coral.
All the best,
Jo Frigger
This month’s Success by Performance Star is Erin Macgregor of EMO Trans Cleveland. She is the Lead Agent for the branch’s Import Department. A typical day for her includes addressing emails that have come in overnight, tracking shipments for arrival, dispatching newly arrived cargo, setting up new shipments, filing ISFs, and preparing quotes. She also prioritizes tracking for existing shipments and keeping customers updated.
A long-time logistics industry veteran, Erin started out in 1984 working in the accounting department for her parents’ trucking company – a position that evolved into her heading up the Import Department. She then went on to gain broad experience from many sides of the logistics industry, working with a steamship line and other freight forwarders.
“I have known Erin for about 30 years and had a chance to interview her for a position at EMO Trans,” says Branch Manager Scott Vranic. “My decision to hire her was very easy. She’s a positive, confident and well-organized employee.”
Erin says that the Cleveland branch’s camaraderie creates a very positive work environment. “We have a good team here in Cleveland and work well together. I enjoy the people I work with. We get the job done and have a good time doing it! I also really enjoy our customers and working out their logistics needs,” she says. “EMO Trans respects its employees and entrusts them to do what needs to get done to ensure customer satisfaction.”
Erin even recently received a bouquet of flowers and a note of appreciation from a customer: "Just to brighten your day and show we appreciate all that you do." Anton, Ida, Kathy & Troy. Scott says, “The reason I nominated her for this recognition speaks for itself. In our industry, when the customer sends YOU the gratitude, that’s the ultimate compliment!”
In her spare time, Erin enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, painting, sewing, and especially reading. “Once I get my hands on a good book, you won’t hear a peep out of me the entire evening!” she laughs. She also loves a well-played prank at the office. “I enjoy life and like to make people laugh. I will strategically place a fake spider here or there. Fortunately, the team seems to tolerate my shenanigans,” she says. She also notes that she’s patiently hoping her children will make her a grandmother sometime soon!

Pictured: Erin with her husband Gordon, daughter Elise, and son Ian at The Adventures on The Gorge in West Virginia for Ian’s destination wedding to wife Shanie.

Raleigh, North Carolina is a growing market for the EMO Trans network. Nestled in the Research Triangle Park, EMO Trans Raleigh is located in an area that’s a melting pot of exciting industries at every turn. The branch has a very diverse customer base ranging from automotive to high tech to medical equipment. 
“This office is small, but we have great resources and knowledge to handle all transportation modes,” says Branch Manager Lina Heinke. “Together, we have 56 years of experience in freight forwarding.”
The branch regularly handles oversize, out of gauge equipment that requires close coordination and sharp attention to detail. “We also specialize in time-critical hand carry shipments, which has earned us quick recognition and respect with our peers,” Lina says. â€œWe recently handled the importation of a complete manufacturing line for a major manufacturer of insulin delivery devices. We delivered equipment for making a newly developed prefilled ‘pen’ product that delivers accurate and precise insulin doses. The shipment consisted of 15 containers that were trans-loaded onto 13 flatbed trucks and delivered in sequence to the job site over a weekend. Each step was meticulously monitored and supervised, delivering on time and without incident.”
With its growing reputation in the area, Lina expects to further establish EMO Trans as a reliable freight forwarding partner and continuously increase its customer base and shipment count.
All About Raleigh
  • Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and ranks among the best places to live in the U.S.
  • It’s the second most populous city in North Carolina after Charlotte.
  • Raleigh is considered one of the top 7 hottest start up places outside of Silicon Valley.
  • North Carolina, ranked No. 1 as a “Growth State” and No. 5 “Among Top Moving States”, is also known for its educational opportunities. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina Central are located within 45 minutes of Raleigh.
Pictured: Pamela Tomlin (Import & Export Coordinator), Andrea Hubbell (Import Coordinator),
Lina Heinke (Branch Manager), Lynelle Munson (Sr. Key Account Manager)
and Darren Byrd (Export Coordinator).
In January, EMO Trans appointed Sarah Sylvina Luebbert as Route Development Manager for Germany/U.S. Midwest. Sarah Sylvina started working for EMO Trans in June 2010 in Inside Sales in Dusseldorf, Germany, after working with NYK Line. She broadened her experience in sales and took over several different jobs within the company apart from Inside Sales. These experiences gave her the insight she needs for coordinating sales calls with her U.S. counterparts in Germany as well as colleagues in the U.S. She will plan strategies for sales promotions and travel all over Germany with sales staff to visit customers together. In her free time, Sarah Sylvina enjoys CrossFit, reading, and socializing.
EMO China Hosts Annual Symposium
EMO Trans China held its Annual Staff Assembly and Dinner on January 16 in Shanghai. All main management from the China branches participated, and company President & CEO Marco Rohrer attended and spoke at the beginning of the ceremony. Frank Sun, EMO China’s Managing Director applauded Marco’s ability to give part of the speech speaking in Chinese and said, “Marco’s message to us was important, encouraging, and impressive.” Tom Brown and Eric Lefebvre were visiting Shanghai from the U.S. and able to attend the Assembly as well. A total of 60 participants were in attendance.
The following distinguished employees were recognized during the Awards Ceremony.
Spirit of Excellence – For the Start of the Company
Daisy Y.H. Chen, David Y. Xiao, Michelle W.J. Kong, Rebekah S. Qi, Tracy T. Lin
Star Performer – The Best Staff in 2015
Coco J.Q. Zhang, Eric J.J. Zhou, Grace L.P. Zhang, Summer B. Xia, Vicky P.P. Chu
Above and Beyond – The Best Team: Ningbo branch
Aimee X.J. Fan, Fancy H. Zhang, Michelle W.J. Kong, Sophie Q. Yan, Vaseline B.L. Zhuang
         "Challenges make successes."                            â€œWe are on the starting point in history.”
       Marco Rohrer, President & CEO                                 Frank Sun, Managing Director 
EMO Trans Customer an ‘Instrumental' Part
of Safe Water Supplies

Did you know that two million children around the world die each year because of water-borne illnesses? It's a tragic problem that is attracting more media attention and support. EMO Trans customer WIKA, a global leader in the field of measurement technology, was recently spotted in a FOX News 
video bringing attention to the need for safe water in certain parts of the world. The video describes how Leon McLaughlin, a Seattle-based businessperson known as the 'Shoe Shine Guy’, has championed the cause of providing a way to filter drinking water for adults and children in third world countries. In the video, a pressure gauge made by WIKA is shown in the filtration process, and WIKA has confirmed that this particular gauge is made up of components imported by EMO Trans from China. EMO Trans is so proud to be a part of the supply chain that makes this technology possible. Read more about Leon’s important work here.
Germany Ships Race Car for Pirelli World Challenge
In January, EMO Trans Munich shipped the first KTM X-BOW GT4 to Canada by airfreight. The customer is a Bavaria-based manufacturer of GT racecars and upgrades for street legal sports cars. The customer dispatched the first of three ordered vehicles to their new Canadian partner to be operated in the Pirelli World Challenge GTS class in 2016. EMO Trans Toronto took over customs clearance and delivery right after the arrival, so the consignee could start its testing and preparations in time to be ready for the first race of the season at the Circuit of the Americas in early March 2016.
Germany and South Africa host joint sales meetings
Thomas Klinkhammer of EMO Germany recently joined Indran Govender, Route Development Manager for South Africa in Johannesburg for joint business development. They spent a week visiting new and existing customers for the EMO organization in the areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban.
Fruitful meetings fortify relationships
Representatives from EMO Trans recently gathered for a meeting with Hapag Lloyd, one of EMO’s core carriers in the Midwest. Robin Finke, Corporate Ocean Freight Manager, and Kennon Carter, Corporate Ocean Export Manager, traveled to the head office in Piscataway, New Jersey to meet with Hapag Lloyd’ senior management to discuss specific needs. “We were joined in the meeting by Jeff Cournoyer (Branch Manager Hartford) and Gage Laflamme (Hartford’s Ocean Imports Supervisor) who had some specific topics around their top customers to discuss,” Robin says. “The meeting was very fruitful, and we were able to build new relationships and fortify old ones.”
The team reconvened that same night for the 99th meeting of the NY/NJ Foreign Freight Forwarders and Brokers Association in NY. Stacie Countryman (Export Compliance Manager) and Dominic Cruz (Branch Manager JFK) joined in. “This gave us some good face-to-face meeting time with some of the NY-based carriers that also attended this industry event,” Robin explains.

Pictured are Kennon Carter, Gage LaFlamme, Stacie Countryman,
Robin Finke, and Dominic Cruz.
EMO Logistics in Juarez Welcomes
Pope Francis

Pope Francis visited Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on February 17, 2016. Schools and factories were closed so people could watch and enjoy this historic event. “The Pope’s route through the city was very close to our warehouse facility in Juarez,” says Walther Borchers, Regional Manager Southwest. “So EMO Logistics (Empresa Mexicana Organizadora de Servicios Logisticos S.de R.L. de C.V.) had a billboard greeting the Pope in front of our facility.”
Project Logistics International Continues Brewing Tank Specialty
The Project Logistics International (PLI) arm of EMO Trans has an established expertise in shipping state-of-the-art beer brewing tanks from Europe to the U.S. These tanks are especially popular with beer makers in America’s burgeoning craft beer industry. In fact, PLI recently began advertising in
Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. Catch up on PLI’s latest projects at their new website.
The Boston branch welcomed Joseph Piotrowski and Theodore Flanders as Breakbulk specialists, and Joseph will also act in a Brokerage capacity. Nicole Jackson joined Atlanta’s Ocean Imports team, and Ralph Pinto joined JFK’s Ocean Exports team. Baltimore welcomed Patrick Gaughran in Key Accounts.
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Updated Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Transition Guidance
The National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America and its members have served on many trade and government working groups. Through their continued efforts, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Homeland Security, and the White House have released a revised ACE transition plan with the following dates: March 31, 2016, May 28, 2016, and Summer 2016. Each date will introduce additional ACE functionality for specific entry types and Partner Government Agency requirements. The full schedule may be viewed

Revised Transition Dates for AESDirect and AESPcLink Users
NOTE: The transition timeframes to phase out the AESDirect legacy accounts have been REVISED.

Useful links:
Bureau of Industry & Security
U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division
Customs and Border Protection
We Have an App for That!
EMO Trans is very pleased to announce that its first app has been released. The app features tracking, office locations, reports, a quote request feature, and the latest company news. Stay tuned for more information!

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