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After a long, hot summer, fall has finally arrived! This season not only brings us glorious colors, clear brisk days, football, and pumpkin patches; it’s also our busiest season. October is usually the top month of the year, and this year will be no different. Similar to 2012, we’re seeing some excess capacity in the market. However, there was some tightening of space following Golden Week, and the carriers have announced a GRI for November 15. We don’t anticipate the GRI will be fully implemented, and we should expect stable ocean and air rates for the remainder of this year.
We closed the books on September and are pleased to report a double-digit increase over last year. For this, we are grateful to our hard working staff and loyal customers. 
Our Cincinnati office has started a regular airfreight consolidation service to the Middle East, and our Atlanta branch followed with a similar product to South Africa. The initial results are very promising. We are obviously meeting our clients' demands for shorter transit times, greater reliability, and lower rates. Please read on for more details about this new service offering.
We are in the planning stages for two very important meetings. In early December, all of our U.S. regional managers will gather in Atlanta to focus on aligning common strategies and goals, always keeping customer needs at the forefront of our decision making. We’ll come away with finalized objectives for 2014.
In January, we’ll hold our national sales meeting to include all U.S. sales staff from around the country. We plan to roll out new tools and resources for our sales force and engage in interactive discussions about how to become even more responsive to our customers’ needs. The location for this meeting will be announced shortly.
As we continue to enjoy the fall season, I enthusiastically look forward to once again celebrating the tradition of Halloween. I’ve grown quite fond of the holiday myself and usually make a point to be home and hand out only the ‘best’ candy to trick-or-treaters. I encourage everyone to stay safe and fully enjoy this quintessential American celebration!
Best regards,
Marco Rohrer

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As part of the company's continued growth strategy, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Frigger-Latham to Vice President – Sales and Marketing. With the assistance of Kathy Miller, Coordinator – Sales and Marketing, Jennifer will renew our focus on EMO Trans' sales support efforts with new tools and resources.

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Jennifer Frigger-Latham

EMO Trans has always been proud to offer our customers highly customized solutions; we have offices with local understanding and infrastructure in important smaller markets around the country. This speaks to an organic sustainable growth strategy in key regional markets with specialized needs.

So, it may come as a surprise that we are excited about a very different recent development. After getting requests from our overseas partners to broaden our infrastructure, EMO Trans is pleased to announce a number of recently launched and upcoming gateway consolidation products for airfreight! While our direct offerings will never go away, we feel that this is the best way to help our customers balance the need for fast transit times with the need for lower rates.

In the past two months, we have launched the following new air export gateways. These routings have a great deal of flexibility, and we look forward to support from our customers and overseas partners.  
  • Cincinnati to the Middle East, including Bahrain, Doha, and Dubai. This consolidation also serves Bangalore, India.
  • We have recently reached a blocked space agreement to establish a gateway consolidation from Atlanta to Johannesburg. 
There are additional gateways in development, and we will announce those when they are in place. In the meantime, please contact the Cincinnati and Atlanta branch managers to take advantage of these useful resources.  

Combining our skill for customization with programs like this gives us the market position and purchasing power to enable our overseas partners and customers to better achieve their goals. 


Free resources

Free information and continuing education are always a good thing! Check out the Journal of Commerce’s webcast series on useful topics related to importing and exporting. View the archived series at
Transport Intelligence has free white papers available on doing business in China and Singapore, as well as a host of other topics.

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SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS                
Houston successfully ships rare species of antelope

EMO Trans Houston recently handled a shipment of live Arabian oryxs from Houston to Abu Dhabi. The Arabian oryx is extinct in Abu Dhabi, and the country’s environmental authorities are trying to repopulate the area with this rare species of antelope. The oryxs were raised in Texas and shipped on an Etihad Airways freighter. The FBI had to approve the owners to travel so that they could act as the required grooms on the flight and be present for the offloading. U.S. Fish & Wildlife inspected the crates for proper air ventilation and checked the animals to make sure that they were not in distress. 
Houston Branch Manager Elaine Stevens wishes to congratulate Elizabeth Castro of the branch’s air export department (shown on left below) for her hard work. “Great job, Lizzy!” Elaine says. “There was lots of coordination involved, but the animals made it safely and the shipper is going to ship with us again!”

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The U.S. automotive industry is making a huge comeback, and EMO Trans Detroit is right in the middle of its resurgence. Buoyed by economic recovery and escalating demand in both the U.S. and Asia, Detroit has seen auto sales soar to remarkable highs in 2013. “We’re expecting these gains to continue in 2014,” says branch manager Rob Harrington. “Our branch is growing at a very rapid pace.”
Rob describes some of the ways in which EMO Trans Detroit puts the mantra Success by Performance to work every day on behalf of notable clients like Ford Motor Company, TRW, and GST AutoLeather. “EMO Trans Detroit handles Ford’s Russia business. We pick up and consolidate all parts from local suppliers and transport the material to Ford Moscow. We even build custom crates to fit their specialized products,” he explains. â€œTRW produces sophisticated safety systems that include braking, steering and suspension, airbags, and seat belts. We provide TRW with air and ocean transportation to all of their Asia plants. Lastly, we’ve developed customized shipping solutions for GST AutoLeather that have helped them deliver quality products on time while lowering their costs.”
In its 11 years of operation, EMO Trans Detroit has built a client base that also includes chemicals, medical and pharmaceutical, and machinery. With the Detroit Rail Ramp, New York/Norfolk ocean ports, and DTW airport as gateways, the branch has a strong mix of both import and export accounts via air and ocean. “We currently handle all South American, Middle East, India, Asia, and European traffic for Chem-Trend, a manufacturer of chemical agents, lubricants, and compounds,” Rob explains. “We handle similar routes for Terumo Cardiovascular Systems, a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes cardiopulmonary bypass, intra-operative monitoring, and vascular grafting medical devices. Each year, millions of patients around the world benefit from the use of Terumo CVS products.”
Its centralized location is a definite asset, but its people help the branch really shine. EMO Trans Detroit’s 14 employees have been with the company an average of six years. “We have a great crew here. The staff is quick to respond to customers and very accurate in their approach,” Rob explains. “I consistently hear feedback from customers that we are a well-run logistics company and that we go above and beyond to get the job done.”
Fun Facts about EMO Trans Detroit

  • With her 10 years of service, Marie Knight has worked at the branch nearly as long as it’s been open.
  • Outside of work, EMO Trans Detroit is very involved with the community and charities. Rob donates to and promotes local sports tournaments that benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The branch also has participated in Susan G. Komen events and the U.S. Marine Corp’s Toys for Tots.
  • EMO Trans Detroit employees share a love of Michigan’s outdoors. “Michigan has one of the world’s longest freshwater coastlines and is bound by four of the five Great Lakes, plus Lake Saint Clair. Many of us here spend quality time on the water,” Rob says.

Back:  Maria Vaughn, Stephan Roesch, Jeff Acord, Frank Machnacki, Kim Potts,
Joe Weddington, Kelley Bushey, Jake Labutte
Front:  Stacey Underwood, Kerri Neddo, Kathryn Degg, Patty Mulkey,
Marie Knight, and Rob Harrington (center)
High praise for EMO Trans Detroit
“EMO Trans has a great crew of people, and I wanted you to know how greatly we appreciate your team.” – Jan Brogan, Loramendi
“The time and effort you consistently devote to continuous improvement is valued and appreciated.  I hold that particular type of effort in a high regard.  Allocating the time and talents of your Ocean Export Supervisor to exclusively handle Chem-Trend's ocean export business needs is significant. Stacey has great energy and determination.” - Lori Nagy, Chem-Trend
“Thanks for doing such a good job and helping us out with our paperwork challenges.  I know this can be a difficult task for both vendors and forwarders, but working together, I know we’ll master it!” Cheryl Robbins, AFC-Holcroft
“Wow! That was super fast! You rock!” – Michelle Hall, Plas-Labs Inc.

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Miami Raises Funds for Live Like Bellaâ„¢

Live Like Bellaâ„¢ is a national organization named after Bella Rodriguez-Torres, a South Florida youngster who fought valiantly against cancer and used her experience to offer encouragement to other children facing similar challenges. Sadly, Bella lost her fight earlier this year, but her enthusiasm for life lives on through the Live Like Bella Foundation.
“This story has touched me from the very beginning,” explains EMO Trans Miami’s Lissette Navarro. “As a mother, my heart goes out to the parents of kids who are fighting and those who didn’t make it. Helping comfort those kids and their families and helping researchers find a cure is the least we can do.”
This month, EMO Trans Miami selected a day to wear red and raise money for Live Like Bellaâ„¢. Red was Bella’s favorite color and is the trademark color of the Foundation. Lissette was expecting to raise $100 and surpassed that at $232. “I’d like to see all EMO Trans offices eventually designate one day to dress in red and donate $5 to this organization,” she says. “We can all help the Foundation for Childhood Cancer. Every penny we donate counts.”
Going forward, EMO Trans Miami plans to continue its annual observance of Live Like Bellaâ„¢ during Childhood Cancer Research Month each September. 


General Rate Increases (GRIs) postponed to November 15
For Far East (except India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), S. Africa, and Middle East to USA and Puerto Rico:
   USD 320/20' container
   USD 400/40' container
   USD 450/40' high-cube container
   USD 506/45' high-cube container
For India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to USA and Puerto Rico:
   USD 340/20' container
   USD 425/40' container
   USD 478/40' high-cube container
   USD 538/45' high-cube container
Given that the GRIs are slated for the future, it's not yet clear how the market will respond and if they will actually be implemented. It's not uncommon to see carriers soften up only hours before implementation. With this in mind, we might not see reductions until closer to the effective date.


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On July 9, 2013, Importer Security Filing (ISF) requirements went into full enforcement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Up until that time, some ports took a measured approach to enforcement. However, be aware that “the gloves are now off”, and CBP is placing holds on shipments that arrive without an accepted ISF on file.
As a reminder, below are the eight mandatory elements that must be filed no later than 24 hours prior to vessel departure at origin. These responsibilities apply to an ISF Importer and/or their agent.
1)    Importer of Record Number
2)    Consignee Number
3)    Seller name/address
4)    Buyer name/address
5)    Ship to Party*
6)    Manufacturer (Supplier) name/ address*
7)    Country of Origin
8)    Commodity HTSUS#*
*Importers may submit a range of responses for these four elements. Must be updated with accurate information no later than 24 hours prior to vessel arrival at a U.S. port.
In addition to the elements listed above, the ISF rules required the reporting of the master and house ocean bills of lading. 

For more information, visit

Useful links:
Bureau of Industry & Security
U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division
Customs and Border Protection

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Karin Frigger Freeport 10/1/72  
Barbara Newman Los Angeles 10/24/83  
Carola Kendrick Los Angeles 10/1/87  
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Uwe Kaeding MW Regional Mgr. 10/1/97  
Kerry Gates Atlanta 10/19/01  
Eric Poujol Houston 10/1/01  
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Jerilynn Sparks Houston 10/5/04  
Gail Corso Freeport 10/20/05  
Jane Foley Chicago 10/29/07  
Jessica Gonzales El Paso 10/16/07  
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Robin Morejon Atlanta 10/1/07  
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Sherry Waterfield Baltimore 10/1/08  

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