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It has been said that change is the only constant in life. Throughout our history, EMO Trans has grown and thrived in times of change.
With that in mind, I wanted to let you know of some leadership changes occurring in the near future. Olen Wood, President, has decided to retire from his position and continue with EMO Trans in an advisory role. I first met Olen back in 1983 when he applied for a job at EMO Trans in Atlanta. Neither one of us could have predicted the strong development of our organization over the past 30 years. In responsibilities progressing from branch to regional manager to finally President in 2006, Olen has played an integral role in EMO Trans’ organizational growth. We thank Olen for his many achievements and welcome his continued participation as an advisor.
As of September 1, Marco Rohrer will assume the role of President of EMO-TRANS INC USA. Marco joined us about 18 years ago as partner and VP in Los Angeles and has built a strong region along the Western part of the country. Marco’s successor in LAX is Guenther Eberle, who will join us September 1. Guenther, a German national from the Lake Konstanz region, has worked in the USA for more than 10 years with previous positions at DHL, UTI, and K+N in Germany and Asia.
With the excellence of our regional and branch managers, our strong operations and sales team, and our well organized administration with Tom Harlin at the helm, we’re poised for continued stability and future development. I’m confident that our company will continue to grow here in the USA and abroad.
During the month of August, I traveled to Eastern Europe to appoint new network partners in Poland and the Czech Republic. VECTOR, with offices in Warsaw and Gdynia, will represent EMO Trans in Poland under the leadership of Marcin Gruchala. Our partner in Prague is Advanced Air Sea Solutions led by Jakub Wiedermann. AASS will also represent us in Slovakia.
As you’ll see in the People on the Move section, we have a number of other promotions and new additions to the organization. We congratulate all of the appointees and wish them much success.
With the beginning of September, summer and vacation time has come to an end, and we will continue the year with renewed energy. I wish all of you a happy and relaxed Labor Day weekend. Karin and I will spend the days on our farm in upstate New York enjoying the aroma of fresh cut hay and counting the cows.
All the best,
Jo Frigger

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EMO Trans Baltimore’s Mark Perrego became a full-time Ocean Export employee in June. The branch also welcomed Jessica Snyder to its Import department in July.
EMO Trans Denver has expanded its import department to include Sophia Yang, a licensed customs broker, and Okono Batjargal, customer service agent.
Mark Berumen joins EMO Trans Phoenix as branch manager on September 1. Mark, an Arizona native, was previously with Dachser.
Michael Salomon, long time export manager for EMO Trans San Francisco, has been promoted to branch manager.
Maciej Kedziora, a Polish native and long term company representative in Indianapolis, has been appointed Route Development Manager for Eastern Europe. Maciej will remain based in the Midwest.
Rodrigo Navarro Carrasco is the new sales manager for EMO Trans’ Santiago, Chile office.
Ricardo Parra, based in Lima, is the new EMO Trans Route Development Manager for Peru.
EMO Trans Chicago is proud to announce that Yvania Gamez will be promoted to Air Export Manager effective September 1.
After joining EMO Trans Chicago’s Air Export Department in April 2005, Yvania’s dedication and excellent work ethic earned her a promotion to Air Export Supervisor in 2007. “We are very pleased that Yvania will now move into the role of Air Export Manager. Her willingness to take on progressively more challenging responsibilities, as well as her dedication to the department and the company contributed to her latest promotion,” says branch manager Michael Horn. Congratulations to Yvania on this significant achievement!

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Asia covers approximately 30% of the Earth’s land area and is the world’s most populous continent with roughly 60% of the total population (source: National Geographic).
To cover a region this vast, it’s important to employ strategy and focus. And that’s exactly what Director of Asia Development/Chief Rep of EMO China Tom Bayes does through his quarterly visits on the ground in Asia and constant engagement with agents and EMO Trans employees in the region. “My area of coverage is China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Indo China (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar), Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong,” Tom explains. 
Celebrating his 20th anniversary working for EMO Trans in September, Tom played a key role in establishing EMO Trans in the Philippine market years ago while he lived there. “Gloria Legaste has worked with me for the past 14 years. She has been a key to our success with the Philippines/USA Trade Lane and retaining one of our largest key customers,” Tom says.
In his time working with EMO Trans, more than half of his years have been spent on developing the Asia market. He has seen exciting changes happening. “Historically, most commerce has centered around the major port cities in China. Now, we’re seeing a push inland to some of the undeveloped parts of the mainland,” he says. “What were once largely agricultural communities now have a real opportunity to form a strong middle class. The people are welcoming the chance to work for major multinational companies.”
Wage and labor costs largely drive where development moves throughout the Asian continent. Today, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indo China are fast growing markets in terms of more cost effective labor. Everything from garments and shoes to handicrafts and furniture are sourced from these countries, and more high tech industries are seeing the benefits of conducting business there. “We’ve recently appointed a delegate specifically to develop the Vietnam/USA Trade lane along with our Partner SAFI,” Tom says. “In addition, Melissa Lines of EMO Trans Cleveland and Ron Wahle of EMO Trans Atlanta have been able to secure two key accounts that support our development in Vietnam – a global manufacturer of wire/cable harnesses, thermal protectors, and sub-assemblies, and a global supplier of metal and plastic packaging to the beverage and food industries.”
The key to success in this very large territory is doing proper research, understanding what products are already sourced from the region, and navigating each country’s different ways of working and getting things done. Tom emphasizes that EMO Trans is poised for continued success in Asia because of its continued developing presence and partner relationships. “We want to send the message, ‘Whatever you’re doing business-wise and whatever you need in this region, EMO Trans is there and can help you.’"

Pictured from left to right: Daisy Chen, assistant to the Chief Representative; Susan Liang, customer service for Germany/ Europe; Alex Wang, Business Development Manager; Tom Bayes, Chief Representative of EMO China; Nancy Luo, customer service for USA/Asia; and Janna Yang, office supervisor.

Tom Bayes visits Angkor Wat, a famous temple in north Cambodia. With a real tree growing over its walls, the temple was featured in the movie Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie.

EMO Trans China took a team retreat to Da’ming Mountain, a national scenic spot in Linan city, about 320km away from Shanghai. Famous for 32 peaks, numerous ravines and waterfalls, and an expansive grotto, Da’ming’s tallest peak is 1489.9m high.
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SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS                
EMO Trans Canada proud to announce opening of customs brokerage division
EMO Trans Canada will apply its reputation for customer responsiveness and service to a new customs brokerage service, according to division president Tracy Thoburn. “With our own dedicated and experienced staff, now we can offer clients one-stop shopping, simplified record keeping, and less administration on shipments. Clients’ brokerage fees, customs duties, taxes, and transportation will appear all on one invoice and with just one contact.”
Clients who have been using EMO Trans for freight services and a separate broker for customs clearance can now avoid duplicating e-mails and effort. The new in-house customs brokerage services allow for just one email and one invoice for everything.
EMO Trans Canada welcomes Perry Northey as a Partner and Vice President for the new division. He has more than 22 years of customs experience in Canada.

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Pictured from left to right: David Kang (Branch Manager),
Amber Smith (Export Manager), Harry Hoffrogge (Export Coordinator)
Not shown: Eve Macella (Import Manager - CHB) and
Tom Bayes (Director of Asia Route Development / Chief Rep EMO China)
Established in May 1980, EMO Trans Dallas has served the nation’s fourth largest metro area for more than three decades.
“We operate in a market dominated by a number of large freight forwarders,” says branch manager David Kang. “But EMO Trans stands out because of what we’re able to offer customers in terms of personalized service.”
EMO Trans Dallas handles everything from optical lenses to heavy equipment like shredders, crushers, and balers. The branch has particular expertise in serving contractors and agencies that supply equipment to government entities. "We also specialize in hazmat compliance (ICAO / IATA – Airfreight) and export licensed goods (ITAR Controlled Material),” David says.
Fast facts:
  • Dallas-Fort Worth’s largest industries are communications, oil and gas, aviation, electronics and computers, and industrial and consumer goods.
  • DFW International Airport is the fourth busiest in the world in terms of passenger aircraft and freight movement, and in 2010, DFW was ranked tenth in the U.S. in terms of cargo volume.
  • More than 98% of the U.S. population can be reached via truck from Dallas within 48 hours or less. 
EMO Trans Dallas offers a full range of services, from customs brokerage to a 6,500-square-foot warehouse space. In addition, Asia route development manager Tom Bayes calls Dallas his home base.
“EMO Trans focuses on creating unique solutions for customers’ ever-changing needs,” David says. “I like to think of EMO Trans as a quick and agile speedboat. Larger competitors, in comparison, move like slow mega ships. By not bogging ourselves down with heavy layers of bureaucracy, we’re able to make quick changes to processes based on customer requirements and within government compliance.”
EMO Trans Dallas has handled some highly specialized shipments, including machines that detect traces of explosives and radioactive material. “We’ve successfully shipped air terminal scanning equipment from coast to coast using special 3x48’ Conestoga trailers,” David explains. “Each scanner takes up six or more crates with a total gross weight of nearly 20,000 pounds!”

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NACC Praises EMO Trans Dallas's Service

I wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent service you’ve provided over the last few months. Some of my government shipments are very time sensitive and not in the most accessible locations (namely Guam & Saipan), so I had some reservations about moving to a smaller freight forwarding company. You and your team put my worries at ease from day one.
From turning quotes around with little notice to helping me with entry paperwork to expedite return shipments back into the United States, the EMO Trans team has responded more rapidly than most vendors I have worked with. The recent shipment you performed of $4.5 million in government equipment from California to Florida was one of the most important and least stressful situations we’ve had to deal with in some time. Your team worked very hard to explore all of my options and locate the specialty transportation needed for this shipment. All of the equipment was picked up on time and, more importantly, delivered on time with no damage. With more than 20 people waiting onsite to install this equipment, I was concerned about late arrival. Your team insured we were on track and on schedule, which freed me up to focus on installing the equipment and engaging my team.
I look forward to working with EMO Trans moving forward and the continued excellent service you have provided. You have set the bar high!

-Allen R. Haws, SESI Program Manager, North American Conveyor Corporation

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Effective August 1, a 6% VAT applies to all services performed and/or charges incurred in China. From a practical point of view, here are examples of how it can impact you and/or your business partners in China:

1) The 6% VAT will be added to all invoices issued and payable in China including collect ocean and air freight, local terminal, drayage and handling charges. These invoices are normally issued and paid in the local Chinese currency, the RMB.

2) For air shipments from China to the US with freight charges payable in the US (air freight collect), the 6% VAT will be assessed on the air freight and any origin services performed in China.

3) For ocean FCL shipments from China to the US with freight charges payable in the US (ocean freight collect), the VAT will not be charged on the ocean freight but will be charged on any origin services performed in China.

4) For air and ocean shipments from the US to China with freight charges payable in China, the 6% VAT will be charged on all collect charges including trans-Pacific freight charges and any destination/arrival charges.

5) Shipments from the US to China moving under DDP or DAP incoterms will incur arrival, handling, clearance, and drayage cost in RMB. When these charges are billed back to the US shipper or responsible party, the 6% VAT will be assessed.

EMO Trans will continue to monitor the situation closely and present any updates promptly. Please contact your local Account Manager if you need additional information.

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Lithium batteries continue to pose safety risks
The situation surrounding the safe transport of lithium batteries continues to stir vigorous debate. Read more on this important topic:
More Q&As about full ISF enforcement
Full enforcement of Importer Security Filing (ISF) requirements by U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) is underway. Please visit the CBP site for more information and to send questions about this stricter enforcement.
Continuing on last month’s theme, here are additional Q&As about the ISF enforcement:
When is an ISF transaction closed? An ISF is not an entry and does not liquidate. There is no closing of an ISF transaction. The statutory limitation for liquidated damages is six years. For ISFs using a single transaction bond, the liquidation of the entry does not close the ISF.

What happens when a liquidated damages case gets opened? All potential ISF liquidated damages cases will be sent to CBP headquarters for review. CBP headquarters will review cases submitted from the ports for a minimum of 12 months.

Is a deleted ISF considered a non-file? A deleted ISF is not a non-file. There may be legitimate reasons to delete an ISF; however, CBP recommends, “It is certainly best to amend an ISF rather than delete and re-add, amendments to the original ISF help establish timeliness…”

Is the CBP strict in its enforcement? CBP expects importers to be 100% compliant. If they are not, importers could be assessed liquidated damages.

Does a previous ‘clean’ record count? CBP will take systematic problems into consideration in reviewing the cases. Past performance will be a part of the reviews, and a good record will count. Some mitigating factors for a liquidated damages claim are: importer’s previous ISF filing history, system issues, tier 2 & tier 3 C-TPAT membership, and demonstration of remedial action to prevent future violations.

What else should I know?
CBP will not allow an entry if an ISF has not been filed. (Remember the term “ISF Jail”?). CBP will watch for abuse of the use of an ISF without a bond for commercial shipments. CBP has notified the trade that enhanced enforcement for non-compliance of ISF requirements may be utilized. This means CBP may place shipments on hold until the proper ISF documentation is filed, initiating Non-Intrusive Inspections, and Intrusive exams.
Useful links:
Bureau of Industry & Security
U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division
Customs and Border Protection

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20+ years    
Tom Brown      NE Regional Mgr 8/1/85
Donna Amendola Hartford 8/17/87
Tom Harlin            Freeport 8/1/91
Gerd Knaak Houston 8/5/93
10+ years    
Donna Caiafa Chicago 8/28/96
Phyllis Kephart Freeport 8/12/96
Ajay Donde JFK 8/4/97
Ruben Gonzales Freeport 8/28/00
Diane Nester Pittsburgh 8/28/00
Ann Pardi Freeport 8/20/01
5+ years    
Joe Garren Atlanta 8/30/04
Shannon Mahnke Los Angeles 8/14/06
Frank Bongarzone RDM (Corp) 8/1/07
Mark Johnson Baltimore 8/28/07
Lisa Veneskey Cleveland 8/6/07
Andrea Aldenbrand Atlanta 8/18/08
Cheryl Harper Atlanta 8/4/08
Danilo Icabalzeta Miami 8/1/08
Timothy Sorci Chicago 8/1/08

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