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Tiny idea: When things get harder, go easier on yourself.

Hello, you awesome beautiful human!

I want to share with you something that happened earlier this week and taught me a powerful lesson.

One morning, my 13 year-old daughter walked into the kitchen as I was making breakfast.

“You look so beautiful today!” I exclaimed.

A huge smile spread across her face.

“Wow…” she said, seeming surprised, “…that was such a nice greeting. I feel all warm and fuzzy now.”

“Don’t I tell you that you look beautiful often?” I asked her.

“You do, but I don’t know, it just felt like your greeting was extra special this morning.”

As we hugged for a few seconds, my mom brain went into overdrive: Do I not tell her enough that she is beautiful? Do I not say hi with warmth and enthusiasm often?

I’ve learned that as a parent, it’s very difficult to ever know if you’re doing “enough” or “the right way.” I’m not sure those are questions that can be answered.

But that morning I set an intention for myself to greet my daughter and other people with more warmth and enthusiasm. To put down my phone or whatever I am doing at the time and take a few moments to truly greet people, not just with words, but with my whole being, my presence.

A greeting. It’s such a simple thing. Most of us probably don’t pause to think about how we greet people we love or interact with.

But like other tiny acts of kindness, it can make a huge difference in how you feel and how the person you’re greeting feels.

If you give it your full attention and put your warmth into it, this tiny little moment shifts from being a routine habit to a moment of true human connection.

And those moments of human connection make up the very fabric of our days. They help us feel supported and seen, and even cared for.

Researchers say that isolation is one of the most dangerous health risks we face today – and it’s growing. Not having meaningful social interactions increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and depression. Some scientists suggest the health risks from isolation are worse than from smoking.

So this is my new intention and I’m sharing it to inspire one of your own:

To greet people I love and encounter throughout my days with my full attention, warmth, and enthusiasm.

To put my full humanity and presence into those little greetings and connect them to the humanity and presence of the people I am greeting.

To turn this social custom into a moment of joy – for me and for those with whom I will be sharing my enthusiastically warm greetings.

Wishing you many moments of joy for the rest of the week!

P.S. I always love hearing from you, so if something resonated, simply respond to this email. I can't reply to every message personally, but I do read every single one.

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