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Elif's Shoulder Mounter made "The Perfect Shoulder Mount" by a 2lb weight and a whole lotta gaffe tape

As brilliantly suggested by Jackson Myers: a documentary director of photography, whose most recent doc on the Master of Sommeliers exam you can see a teaser for here.

New Battery

Our new battery gives us 460min uninterrupted shooting power.  That's over 7hours!!!  This, coupled with our other battery, gives us 11 HOURS OF SHOOTING TIME!!!  How sick is that!

A Soldier's Farewell / Turku Zorluklari

Short cut Elif made in Turkey of soldiers leaving for their military service. Travel not for work, or pleasure, but as a duty to your country....

Traveling as a “Tourist” or as a “Traveler”

The other day I met a friendly Australian gentleman who had some great things to say on the topic of travel. Australians are who you go to for thoughts on travel. While living in Budapest if I ever met an Australian out at night I knew the night would end at dawn after a long night of wild live-life-to-the-fullest experiences. Hands down. No exceptions.

Ryan de Remer, friendly Industrial Designer


 The difference is those who travel looking at a place and those who travel IN a place.


- Meredith Doby
Producer of These Adventure Years


I think what I’ve often found interesting about Australians is they often travel by meeting the locals and just seeing where the night takes them. Maybe you don’t see all the sites this way but you certainly are IN a country.


Here’s a collage I made about 2 weeks into living in Paris:

What strikes me now is how this collage was totally made as a tourist!  It’s got all the clichés you’re supposed to think/see/do while in Paris but doesn’t really speak to my experience living IN Paris. Here’s a collage I made a little bit more in which I feel is much more honest to what Paris really looks like:

- Meredith Doby
Producer of These Adventure Years

Smile When You’re Lying by Chuck Thompson

Thompson’s narrative deals with the dark side of travel, the robbing, the profiteering, the posing, criticizing the travel writing industry for misrepresenting the world beyond their readers’ immediate knowledge. A lot of it is bitter, and more of it is bro-ish, but every 50 pages or so he says something small and worth it.  For example, on p96-97 he really lets his negative views on the travel writing industry rip:

“… Shopworn observations [are] trotted out every year and perpetuated by publishers who wish us to believe in a paradigm of travel established more than a century ago.  Their bidding is done by an army of doltish travel writers whose inability to seize upon anything beyond the obvious and trite is based on either a profound inexperience abroad or by the kind of tittering acceptance that turns everything foreign, no matter how mundane or evil, into a “charming,” “authentic,” or “hilarious” cultural experience.  If a school were ever set up to teach travel writing, a year of menial work overseas would be the first required course.”

If Bekha and Rich wrote a small guidebook for the places they’ve traveled, what would it look like?  How would it be different from, say, the Lonely Planet guide to the Grecian Islands? 

Musing over all this on the tram the other day (while visiting Owen in Istanbul) a big tour bus pulled up next to our window.  In it, a bored Turkish chauffeur was brooding over traffic while a pumped young Korean tour guide was articulating in to a microphone on what I assume were the architectural details of the old Ottoman palace, Topkapi, to a bus load of elderly Korean tourists.

Watching him speak, I had yet another Eureka moment.  While in Greece, why not spend a day with a big tour group?  This will give us a chance to explore visually the differences between how Rich travels and how big groups of tourists travel.  Unlike Thompson we aren’t aiming to condemn one experience or the other, but rather to meditate a bit on what travel is and how much the way you go about it shapes the experience itself.

- Elif Alp
Director of These Adventure Years

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