Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?! This year, we’re splitting you up into 4 teams by cabin deck, and all week long, you’ll compete in activities and capture flags to earn points for your team. Bragging rights are at stake here, y’all! 
You are on the <<Deck Wars Team>> team!
In order to find your tribe, you’ve gotta Rep Your Deck! From bandanas to t-shirts to morphsuits, rep your team’s color on the first day to spot your teammates and scope out the competition!
Have questions about Deck Wars? Check out our website for more details!

Yeah, we might be on a fancy cruise ship but that doesn’t mean we’ve gotta keep it high class. Pack your cut offs and your stars and stripes and let those beer bellies hang out - you’re at the Redneck Yacht Club and just about anything goes!

Our third theme night will be chosen by YOU! Later this summer, we’ll open the polls for y’all to vote on one of three choices. Stay tuned for more details!
Hometown: Born in Florida, but was raised in Asheville, NC
Fun Fact: Chase was a participant on the TV show Survivor: Nicaragua and premiered his single “Buzz Back” on the Survivor reunion special.
Sixthman Carlee's Song Recommendation: His latest single, "Lonely If You Are"
Hometown: Campton in the Southeastern region of Kentucky
Fun Fact: Tyler's featured in the recent Brooks & Dunn album Reboot on the song "Lost and Found".
Sixthman Carlee's Song Recommendation: "If We Make It To Mexico" 
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