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NY Bee Wellness Workshops,, an educational nonprofit program to teach beekeepers honey bee disease recognition & to promote honey bee health.
USDA NIFA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program,
Grant # 2011-494400-30631
NY Bee Wellness  Newsletter 
Summer 2015
Healthy Bees - NY Bee Wellness
2 soft miticides- APPROVED in NY!

1) Oxalic Acid- Oxalic Acid Dihydrate was registered Friday, May 29th, in New York State. Below is the registration letter, and the registered label for Brushy Mountain.
*Oxalic label for Brushy Mountain (pdf) ; this is the actual label, with dosage, methods of application etc.
* the NYS DEC registration letter for approval of oxalic for use in bee hives

2) Hop Guard II (new and more efficient delivery method); approval letter from the NYS DEC, A FIFRA Section 18 specific exemption has recently been granted to New York State by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the use of HopGuard II (EPA registration number not assigned) to control varroa mites (Varroa destructor) in honey bees in New York State during 2015. HopGuard II contains the active ingredient potassium salt of hop beta acids
Now is the time to start thinking about mites..... while mite counts are essential to determine the health status of a hive,late July into August is a crucial time. For info on techniques check the Mite Check Protocol page.

-Below is a chart about mite sampling (click on chart for larger view):

-Project Apis m. Varroa Best Management Practices Video, 4:48 minutes

Spring Survey 2015 NY Bee Wellness

Thank you to all who have completed the survey!
308 Non-migratory beekeepers reported, from 56 of 62 counties in New York State

3510- Total number of bee colonies in November 2014

2523- Total number of bee colonies in March/April 2015

28%- Average loss of colonies during the the winter of 2014-2015
-Winter of 2013-2014 had 48% loss


The survey represents a sample of non-migratory beekeepers from across New York State. The results may also assist those who are conducting classes for or providing mentoring to other beekeepers.
Please send any comments,suggestions, or questions. The survey can be further refined on request.

NOTE: If the data does not display properly, please view the email in your browser by clicking the link in the upper right corner of this page.

Links to the regional survey results are at the bottom of the survey link page.

* July 11, 1-4pm, Williamson NY, a NY Bee Wellness Workshop,"Healthy Bees and Sick Bees"; sponsored by NOFA-NY; Peter Borst , Pat Bono

* EAS ONTARIO CANADA! August 10-15th, start planning now, this will be the best! University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario Canada; *(visit the NY Bee Wellness table!)

* August 22, 2015; Dyce Lab, Cornell University, Ithaca NY; a NY Bee Wellness Workshop; an intensive 1 day, skills oriented hands on workshop in recognizing and diagnosing honey bee disease; microscope use and hive inspections will be done; experience with bees required; Details to be announced; Contact: Pat Bono,; 585-820-6619

* September 12, NYC Honey Festival, Rockaway Beach; *(visit the NY Bee Wellness table!)

* September 26, 9-12n, The Western New York Honey Producers Association is sponsoring a beekeeping lecture by Dr. Reed Johnson entitled, "Pesticides and Poisons in the Beehive"; at the Roycroft Auditorium on S. Grove St., East Aurora, NY 14052


Please contact us to have your event included.

3 new faces at Cornell Department of Entomology:
Scott McArt PhD, Research Scientist
Sarah Bluher- Sarah  got her start in bee research at the USDA Beltsville Bee Lab in Maryland.  She began working for Cornell in April 2015 and is happy to be part of the re-vamping of Dyce Lab.  She is currently working on an observational study of the effects of pesticides (as measured in pollen samples) on colony performance in experimental colonies throughout Central NY.  She also hopes to get involved in surveying pesticide residues in colonies managed by beekeepers throughout the state.
Emma Mullen- Outreach

>Check for updates on the NY Bee Wellness announcements; recent topics:
*Issues facing the Beekeeping Industry- T. Jadczak, Maine State Apiarist,
*OSU Webinar “American Foulbrood” Jim Tew ,
*VIDEO: honey bee metamorphosis, etc

> Malcolm Sanford's June 21 Apis Newsletter

>Be sure to check the Bee Health eXtension website, which includes the "Ask the Expert" option.

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Beekeepers of Shawangunk

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            - Pat Bono, Project Director, NY Bee Wellness

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