Bloomin' News Winter 2019 Edition
I accomplished a garden milestone: I removed the remainder of the grass in my own yard. Now I have a habitat that doesn’t need mowing. We were reminded at a recent Master Gardener meeting the importance of each and every one of us doing our part to improve our world. We learned that gas-powered lawn equipment isn’t regulated like cars and they actually emit more harmful emissions than automobiles. I have said for years that grass is the worst groundcover. Make a New Year’s resolution to improve your own habitat, which truly benefits everyone.
Going into year 2020 seems strange to me. A new decade in a world that in the previous decade changed so quickly. Instant news and connection seem to be everyone’s priority. Try to make another resolution to limit your screen time. What did you do before cell phones? We need to remind ourselves to unplug, unwind, and focus on what is truly important. I believe that the mission of Kalamazoo in Bloom reminds us to slow down and take time to recognize all the beauty that is around us in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.
So stay safe through the winter, and remember that Spring is only a few months away!
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