Natural selection shaped the human brain to be drawn toward aspects of nature that enhance our survival and reproduction, like verdant landscapes and docile creatures. There is no payoff to getting the warm fuzzies in the presence of rats, snakes, mosquitoes, cockroaches, herpes simplex and the rabies virus.
~Paul Bloom

Dear Friends,

Below you will find the results to our Landscape call for art. A huge thank you to all who submitted and to our juror Chris Bennett. If you are on this list you will be contacted about acquiring a high resolution image for the catalog. Show will post soon on
Happy New Year!
Blue Mitchell

Untitled 4 by Allison Jarek
  • Aaron Schwartz

  • Alison Carey (Founder’s Award)

  • Allison Jarek (Juror’s Award)

  • Alyss Vernon (Honorable Mention)

  • Ann Kendellen

  • Anna Daedalus

  • Anna Hayat and Slava Pirsky

  • Becky Ramotowski

  • Bill Vaccaro

  • Buzzy Sullivan

  • Caitlyn Soldan

  • Carla Royal

  • Carol Erb (Honorable Mention)

  • Denis Roussel

  • Deon Reynolds

  • Drea Rose Frost

  • Elle Olivia Andersen (Honorable Mention)

  • Emily Jane Macaux

  • Estate of Jim Leisy

  • Evan Stanfield

  • Faith-Michele James

  • Frank Rossi

  • Gregg Kemp

  • Gwen Walstrand

  • Isaac Sachs

  • J. M. Golding

  • Jack Semura

  • Jay Gould

  • Jeff McConnell

  • Jim Baab

  • Jim Sincock

  • Joann Edmonds

  • Joyce P. Lopez

  • Ken Hochfeld

  • Kent Krugh

  • Kerry Davis

  • Lena Källberg

  • Leslie Hall Brown

  • Leslie Hickey

  • Linda Kuehne

  • Mariana Bartolomeo

  • Marie Aleixandre

  • Mark Olwick

  • Maryanne Gobble

  • Maureen Delaney

  • Melissa Hogan

  • Michael Kirchoff

  • Mikhail Gubin

  • Pete Suttner

  • Peter Gomena

  • Priscilla Kanady

  • Ray Bidegain

  • Rebecca Akporiaye

  • Rebecca Sexton Larson

  • Shane Booth

  • Susan Helms

  • Tara McDermott

  • Zeb Andrews (Honorable Mention)

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