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Passionate entrepreneurs and visionary companies from all over the world are working to find innovative and sustainable solutions to concrete social and environmental challenges - for the benefit of both humanity and the bottom line.

In this newsletter you can read about four key corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR) megatrends that will shape the way we do business in 2013 and the years to come.  

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CSR Megatrends

The 4 CSR megatrends

Megatrends. We have spotted four important CSR megatrends that companies should focus on in 2013: Clear purpose, corporate engagement, collaborative co-creation and clear communication. Read more about the 4 megatrends and get inspired by the different case stories here.   
Business force for good

#3 Shared value
1 + 1 = 3. Hardcore business people increase their profits through CSR, and heartcore idealists use market methods to create social value. If they join forces, they can make more money and do more good. Read more about the new business force for good here 

#1 Purpose vs profit

Strategy. Redefining missions and putting meaningful value creation before profit will be key business strategic tasks. Read how Danish low-cost mobile company Call Me has transformed its business model by putting social responsibility and social capital (trust) into the heart of its business here

#4 Talk the walk

CSR 2.o. With social media technologies comes new opportunities for interacting and involving stakeholders, innovating businesses and co-creating new social solutions to the world's social and environmental challenges. Read more about CSR 2.0 here 
employee engagement

#2 CSR ambassadors

Employee engagement. Many CSR-focused companies face the challenge of giving life to their CSR strategies. Engaging your employees and organizing daily routines around CSR is one way of bringing you a step closer to a sustainable business success. Gamification is one way to get started. Read more here
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