Hello Flower Lovers! We are pleased to announce our Floral CSA is here! It is best viewed with our beautiful photographs, so enable it in your browser.

It is beginning to grow...

           Welcome to Humble Burdock Farms. We are so glad you are here. We are pleased to announce our Flower CSA- The first of its kind in Nova Scotia! We have been able to do this because of the amazing support of our customers, so Thank you! Continue on to learn more about our plans for the season, what to expect and about the beauty that nature grows for us.
Love, your flower farmer,

Benefits to joining a CSA

1. Getting to know your flower farmers
2. Exceptionally fresh, high quality, locally produced flowers
3. Contributing to our local economy
& rural employment
4. Opportunity to learn about new flowers & plants
5. Experience the joy of the seasons
6. Supporting the Buy Local movement
7. Encouraging sustainable land management practices
8. Participate in flower farming activities and workshops
9. Building a connection with a farm and a way of life
10. Saving the world by using less transportation and packaging

What can I expect?

If you are a flower lover, then it is easy to know how good life feels when flowers are a part of it. Flowers connect us to the seasons and fill our lives with beauty, color and soul.

Our hand-tied designs come wrapped in plastic for easy transportation.

What kind of flowers will you have?
With over 100 varieties grown- A lot!
Here is a listing of some of the more popular blooms you can expect.

Spring Session
Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinth

Summer & Fall Session
Zinnia, Dahlia, Sweet peas,
Sunflower, Celosia,
Hydrangea, Gladiola
Grasses, Chinese Lantern

Why us? Why now?

 We have been growing flowers for four years and also designing weddings arrangements for the last two. Flower farming is much more than just growing flowers and putting them into a vase.

We grow high quality blooms and have the knowledge to know when to cut, how to cut, how to take care of them and how long they last. Knowledge that only comes from experience, research and a passionate love of flowers.

Our passion also leads us to growing a wide variety. This gives you the chance to learn about new flowers and enjoy your favorites. It also decreases risk to you as a member, because if one flower crop fails, there are plenty of other blooms to use instead.

My Veggie CSA has a Flower Add on. What is the difference?

The difference is that we are passionate about our flowers. We grow well over 100 varieties and use them to hand-craft interesting and long lasting bouquets. We love our flowers so much that  we needed to start our own Flower CSA – A first in Nova Scotia!

Frequently asked questions

One bouquet is not enough! Can I have more than one?

Yes you can- We would ask that you contact us with your needs and we will happily calculate a new price for you. If it is for a special occasion, we ask that you let us know the Sunday before the pick up date.

I'm going on Vacation- What do I do?

If you know in advance- then I can recalucate your price before you pay.
If you are planning to miss a week, then let me know by the Sunday before you go- at the latest.

If you miss your deadline, and know you will not be able to receive your share, please find someone to pick up or accept delivery for you (who would say no to flowers?)

We cannot issue a refund or credit after the deadline. If you cannot find someone to pick it up for you, we will find a good home for your flowers.

I want to give the CSA as a gift.

Can I mention what a nice friend you are? If you want to give it as a gift, please let me know, as I can send the recipient a beautiful card detailing out their present.

Please read our FAQ's & CSA Policy

Blooms for Blooms:

Pay in full for 20 weeks (Option D- Flower Aficionado) by Feb 12th and receive a Free Valentine’s Day bouquet for Saturday the 14th. To be picked up at the market ($15.00 value) . You can also choose to up-size your bouquet by adding $10.00 to your order. That means you can get a $25.00 bouquet and art card for only $10.00! (See below)

Yes we are doing Valentine's Day bouquets!! They will be available for pick up at the Historic Farmers Market on Saturday February 14th. The two options are $15 bouquet, or the lush $25 bouquet that comes with a beautiful Art Card. Please pre order, so your bouquet is guaranteed!

Looking ahead to our Off-Season Options
Valentine's Bouquets- February 14th
Dried Floral Bouquets- November
Holiday Wreaths- Early December
Christmas Arrangements- Late December

Workshops! I can't wait-
TBA- but some start in the Spring!

What is a Floral CSA?

A Floral CSA is very similar in nature to a Vegetable CSA with a few differences. Members invest money into a flower farm and receive weekly flower bouquets during the bloom season rather than vegetables.

For 16 weeks, you will receive a lush bouquet of seasonal cut flowers from our flower farm. Our Summer Session begins July 1st and ends October 14th. This means you can bring some glorious color home from the farm each week.

You can also expect to find plenty of your favorite flowers- sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, as well as some interesting and curious items throughout the season.

Why would I join a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The idea is that members pay in advance before the bloom season, to help support the farmer during the pre-harvest season.

On the farm we have high spending costs for seeds, plants, mulch and compost to name a few. We are also working hard- growing seeds, prepping land and getting everything ready before the flowers are ready to cut. This allows members to help share in the farm's risks, joys and finally the harvest distributed throughout the season.

Flower details

How long will my bouquet last?

We strive to use longer lasting flowers for our weekly bouquets.  The average vase life is about 5 - 7 days, but a common comment at the market tends to be, “I still have my bouquet from last week.” It also depends on what flowers you choose. Some are beautiful (Dahlia) but just aren't made to as long as others (Sunflowers). Choose your flowers by what you love.

How do I take care of my flowers?

Easy things can be done to extend the quality and vase life by replenishing water, re-cutting stems, using preservative and keeping flowers away from direct heat and sunlight. Another tip is to make sure your vases are properly cleaned between uses.

More details about particular flowers will be available in our monthly newsletter for subscribers.

What is the membership?

Our CSA comes with a $25.00 yearly membership fee. It allows us to be able to participate in opportunities we weren't able to do before.

The benefits to you

1. Our monthly newsletter. It will be filled with our beautiful pictures, as well as flower profiles, gardening tips and so much more.

2. A free Humble Burdock Farms canvas market bag:)

3. Discounts to our workshops. We are planning  a few workshops throughout the year and I can't wait!

4. Be the first to be in the know about our other exciting offers- including our off season arrangements.

5. Some extra special top secret surprises. I love surprises!

I'm a Saturday market customer- can I get the membership to reap the rewards without signing up for the CSA?

Yes! Anyone can join the membership. I recommend especially for people who love flowers and are planning to attend our workshops. The cost is $25.00.

Who are we?

Amanda is a third generation farmer and started the floral design business by cutting flowers from her Mother’s garden. Now growing over a hundred varieties of flowers and foliage on Humble Burdock Farms, the business has been building up each year as more people respond to the nature, colour and beauty of locally grown flowers.  Designing for Weddings and a Floral CSA have been the newest innovations. Amanda uses her innate understanding of our changeable Maritime growing season and a palette of farm fresh flowers to create stunning and joyful designs with all of the colour, chaos and texture of the natural world.

Katherine is a passionate designer with an eye for texture, line and colour. She can be found tramping through the fields, woods and wilds to find the perfect foliage to complement our floral designs.  Her abilities to troubleshoot, repair and create are her strongest attributes; but also her ability to dream, expand the business, and add financial logic to Amanda’s floral dreams makes them a great team.

How long is the CSA? What are my options?

The Spring Session is 4 weeks, from May 6th- May 27th. It is short, so we only have weekly bouquets available.

The Summer Session is 16 weeks, from July 1st to Oct 14thth, with two options-.

Weekly bouquets (16 weeks) and Biweekly bouquets (8 weeks)


Where do I pick up my flowers?

Our Valley pick up will be either at the farm outside of Kentville or in Wolfville, depending on where our customers are located, on Wednesdays.

Our City pick up:

 We are planning to team up with Local Source- in downtown Halifax and are ironing out the details for a mid week drop on Wednesdays.

How much does it cost? How do I join?
Read carefully to make sure you choose your best option

Single Seasons
A) Spring Session- May 6th- 27th (4 weeks)  $81.00
B) Summer Session- July 1st- October 14th (16 weeks ) $249.00
C) Summer Session Biweekly- July 8th- October 14th (8 weeks) $141.00

D) Spring & Summer Flower Aficionado (20 weeks) $305.00
E) Spring & Summer Flower Lover (12 weeks) $197.00

F) Membership only- $25.00
The membership fee is already included in your other options. This is only for people who want to support the farm but not join the CSA.

Payment Schedule-

Spring in Full- by March 31st  ( Option A)

Summer in Full- by June 1st ( Option B, C, D, E)

While it is easier for all concerned to pay in full, it is not always possible. Here is our 2 payment plan.

Spring/Summer Duo- 2 payment plan for ( Option B,C,D,E)
First Payment ( 50%) is due by March 31st
Second Payment (50%) is due by July 31

How do I join?
I need your name, email, telephone #, address. You can choose to send an e-transfer,
to mail@thehumbleburdock, mail a cheque or pay in cash by arrangement. There will also be a form you can fill out on our website.

If you need a recalculation- please email me. It is easier for us to plan ahead if you are going to be away and let you save the money in advance. We cannot offer refunds, but we do provide credits to be used on anything our farm grows. Please view our policies and FAQ page.

What is included in the price?
Included in the price is the membership, the cost for the bouquets, a delivery fee and 15% Nova Scotia sales tax. A receipt will be issued upon payment.

Where to find us:

We will be at the Historic Farmers Market at the Keith's Brewery, 7am- 1pm, Find me in the upper courtyard for February 14th- Valentine's Day.
Saturdays- Our regular season starts late April until December 19th.  historicfarmersmarket.ca

How to Contact Us:
Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/HumbleBurdockFarms
Website- www.thehumbleburdock.com
Email- mail@thehumbleburdock.com
Twitter-  @humbleburdock

Humble Burdock Farms

1574 Lakewood rd
Kentville, Nova Scotia
B4N 3V7

Thank you so much for reading! We hope we get the chance to talk to you soon.
Love, your Flower Farmer,
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