Please join Elsewhere Studio residents on Thursday, February 26th 6-8pm, for the opening of Sewing Seeds featuring work by Katherine Saviskas, Ky Burt, Aralia Rose, and collaborative artists Amber Imrie-Situnayake and Adriana Villagran. The exhibition will include figural paintings, drawings, and sculptures as well as interactive fiber art and video installations. There will be musical performances at 6:30 & 7:30 featuring the Americana-style music of Ky Burt. Art will be available for sale and refreshments will be offered throughout the evening.

Ky Burt

Ky Burt is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist born and raised in the oak forests of the Midwest. Prone to travel and majestic landscapes, Ky has been picking up a variety of musical influences since his early teens through time living in Appalachia, the Northeast, and the Southwest. Having spent nearly a decade working on environmental issues as both an educator and natural scientist, Ky has cultivated a unique perspective on the connection between people, place, and the land. Music has been the well-traveled suitcase that Ky carries through his journeys. With sweeping vocals, and playing the five-string banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele, and harmonica, Ky brings fresh original music to both the old and the new, a crafter of observations from the American porch step.

For more information on Ky Burt, please visit his website (, listen to his EP on his band camp page ( or watch live videos on his Youtube channel (
Katherine Saviskas
Tune in to public school teachers, students, and parents as they speak out in The WHO Question, a cross-city video project directed by Katherine Saviskas looking at who we need as teachers.  Through short videos and portrait photography, viewers will recognize their own ability to forever change public schools.  The February 26 show will screen the first draft of The WHO Question's website, making use of a newly designed logo and portrait postcards, and featuring several video vignettes of individuals in the Denver area, all created at Elsewhere.

Adriana Villagran

During her time at Elsewhere, visual artist Adriana Villagran focused on a series of paintings and sculptures that depict the female figure adorned with pieces of sugar candy. The candy represents a saccharine symbol of idealized desire and brings attention to the areas of the body that are often the focus of an unwanted sexual gaze.  In whole, her new body of work addresses the ways in which women are overtly and idyllically sexualized in art, media, popular culture, and society at large and draws attention to the consequential bodily tensions and misrepresentations that arise. You can see more of her work at and follow her studio practice on Instagram via @adrimakesart. 
Aralia Rose
Aralia Rose continues exploring humanity as divine and conscious spiritual relationship between humans and nature.  Her paintings use archetypal and mythological images.  New work brings together exciting experimentation with art materials and an investigation of the fibonacci sequence as an element of design.

Amber Imrie

Stitches, and thousands of yards of thread- over her 2 months at elsewhere Amber has been building a series of interactive wearable sculptures inspired by insects and centered around the idea of home. She's been exploring the hive as a metaphor for community, and cocoons being temporary homes, like the structures inhabited throughout a lifetime. Using thread, wool, and other fibrous materials Amber built hives for your head. We might avoid these active insect spaces in reality but this Thursday at Elsewhere, you’ll be welcomed, nay, encouraged to poke your head inside and see the detail stitches that make up over 30 hand embroidered Baldfaced Hornets. Check out her website,
An Elsewhere Collaboration...
Amber Imrie-Situnayake and Adriana Villagran collaborated in creating cocoons which represent the homes and businesses of Paonia. Through wet felting techniques, stitching, home-visits, and object collecting they searched to translate the quintessential experience of the location. These cocoons will be installed in the upstairs studio at Elsewhere and hung from canopy of woven sticks and twigs collected from around Paonia. The result will be an interactive installation that brings into thought the ideas of dwellings, the body, the interior and exterior and the personal and communal.
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