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Welcome to this news broadcast

Hypnosis is popular than ever . It is used for entertainment. Movies. Books. Therapy. Mental training. Enhanced placebo. For solving symptoms of the body where the mind is involved, whether consciously or not. Probably not. Right?

The International Hypnotists Guild is your humble and curious guide in the jungle of information, research and antiquated myths surrounding your natural and powerful 4th state of mind: Hypnosis.

"...and therefore you have to have an open mind; not a critical mind, not a judgemental mind, but a curious, a scientific mind, wondering what the real situation is. And so you try to appraise it." Milton Erickson 1965

IHG in Kerala

Three workshops were performed in collaboration with  the Global Institute for Transformation in Kerala adn Peaceful Heart Network. Also the new journal for Transformation of Consciousness was inaugurated.

- Innovative Hypnosis, NLP and Tapping for PTS, and Therapeutic Change work.

IHG in Delhi

Four workshops were recently performed in collaboration with Peaceful Heart Network and the Indian Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis at the 9th National Conference in Delhi.

- Innovative Hypnosis, NLP and Tapping for PTS, Dentistry and Therapeutic Changework.

This months focus: Hypnosis in movies

Some are against Stage Hypnosis, they say "it scares people to believe there is a mind control active there..." and then we say "have you seen any movies lately?" . Lets be honest, just about everything from childbirth to medicine has been portrayed wildly in movies - but people still seem to know the difference between reality and fantasy... right?
A multi-layered movie about a hypnotherapist running into a young troubled man... It's kind of cool simply because it is almost close to reality... worthwhile! 
A girl attempts to commit suicide in the future and her boyfriend uses an advanced equipment to enter her subconsciou and get her back... thought provoking, right?
Now you see me is a movie about a bunch of illusionists and a mentalist/hypnotist that stage a great robbery for an audience... thrilling!

Do I have to believe?

Most often the question arises - Do I have to believe in hypnosis for it to work?

- The answer is no. Not any more than you have to believe in the doctor for your broken leg to mend... However, having said this there are so many issues that can be solved without formally "being in trance". And what you believe DOES affect what happens to you, but maybe not in the way your thought?
This statistic is often showed and cited in many websites - however, it is a great simplification and generalization out of context.

According to whom?
How many were tested?
What were the issues tested on?

It's kind of like "testing" juice.

Regardless, it can be taken as an indication of the efficiency of hypnosis in some general way and be tried for accuracy by each of us.  

Do you have the original study? Mail us! 

Script of the Month

ITherapeutic Intervention of Regression:Diagnosing and Treating Body Organs in Physical Illnesses

Yogesh Kumar Choudhary M.B.H.S., C. Ht., R.H.

Our colleague Yogesh Kumar Choudary in India has shared an interesting script with us for treating body organs in physical illness. This is nothing new. Robert Dilts and others have written many. As usual, the only way to understand and have an opinion is to try. Right?

Get script >>

Product Tip

The anchoring app Confidence Boost is now available for 0.99 USD at the app store... if you want to be a test user - let us know!

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