Register today for the Granite Mikes Awards, taking place on Octber 16th at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord.
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Letter from the Editor

Mark Zuckerberg (or at least the movie version of Mark Zuckerberg) said “people want to go online and check out their friends, so why not build a website that offers that? Friends, pictures, profiles, whatever you can visit, browse around...”  The humble beginnings of Facebook.   A few years later and social media is everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Swarm, Pinterest and countless others.  Your station is probably on a handful of them… but are you? 

An anonymous broadcasting friend of mine boasts about how he (OK, it’s a he) isn’t on any social network.  I say you’re doing your station a disservice by not being at least partially connected.  How do you know what your station’s voice sounds like on Facebook if you’re not a “fan?”  How can you monitor your latest intern’s or programmer’s response to a listener complaint on Twitter if you’re not following your own accounts?

You don’t have to Instagram your breakfast or play CandyCrush with your niece but social media probably accounts for more listener interaction than the phone and live events combined.

It’s also a valuable tool for sales.  Follow all your clients, leads and competition.  Follow the NHAB, NAB, RAB, AllAccess, RBR/TVBR, Mashable – the list goes on and on – to find industry information and articles to send to clients.  Social media doesn’t have to be about telling people your daily itinerary.  It can be your eyes and ears to listeners, clients and colleagues alike.

Join us...

...for a night filled with laughter, entertainment and good company as we celebrate 60 years!

60 years…unreal! The word from the bird is that this will be the best Granite Mikes since the days of sock hops and poodle skirts. So when you’re done your 9-5 gig on October 16th, cast an eyeball to Concord and
burn rubber for the most unreal bash of the year. It’ll be no sweat if you come hungry, there’s lots of great food and drinks along with some unreal sounds from The Bel Airs. Party poopers, nerds and wet rags need not apply. Only the hip will flip over the night we have planned!

The highlight of the night, the Granite Mike Awards, will recognize the best in New Hampshire radio and television broadcasting. Some of the State’s most famous broadcasters have taken home the coveted Broadcaster of the Year award. Last year, we told you the story of Fritz Wetherbee. This year, maybe it’s your story we’ll tell. There’s only one way to fi nd out, so get cranked and call dibs on some seats up front,
you’ll want a clear path to the podium!

Tickets are $10 per person
Please RSVP before Thursday, October 9th
To register, give us a bell at 603-627-9600 or click here.

Earn EEO Credit!

Earn EEO credit at our hour-long EEO webinar “Recruiting, Hiring, and Papering: The FCC’s EEO Rule for Broadcasters” on Tuesday, October 7th at 2:00 p.m. hosted by Laurie Lynch Flick from the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters’ Washington, D.C. counsel Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP. To register, complete the form below.

During the seminar, you will learn all of the requirements of a successful station EEO program including the three major elements of the FCC’s EEO rule, employment outreach requirements, the 16 FCC outreach credits, record keeping and reporting requirements, FCC EEO form information, the FCC’s EEO enforcement practices and more. EEO is a critical component of a station’s license renewal!

Each station will receive a certificate of participation for their EEO file upon completion of the webinar. Click here to register.

Broadcasters Work to Preserve Retrans

Following efforts from television broadcasters across the country, “Local Choice”, along with other potentially harmful amendments to the Satellite Television Access and Viewer Rights Act (STAVRA) were removed or modified during a Senate Commerce Committee mark up session on September 17th.

The bill, largely thought to be “must pass” legislation for satellite providers that allows satellite pay subscribers to import distant broadcast signals, included a “Local Choice” amendment that would have caused broadcasters to be a la carte options for viewers starting in 2017. READ MORE>>
NHAB Awards 11 Scholarships in 2014

The NHAB is, once again, pleased to award eleven students with scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year. Each year, Student Broadcaster Scholarships are given to students pursuing a career in over-the-air broadcasting and enrolled in a broadcast program at a two or four-year accredited school. This year, five NH residents were chosen from among many applicants, to receive the $2,500 scholarship.

The Student Broadcaster Scholarship recipients and their families were honored in a presentation at WMUR-TV on July 22, 2014.

Additionally, five New Hampshire students were chosen to receive a $500 Families in Broadcasting Scholarship, which was created in 2013 to aid NHAB members as their children pursue higher education.

For the sixth year, an additional scholarship was awarded in memory of the late Al Sprague, former President of the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters. The $5,000 scholarship was awarded to Robert Dolen, who attends Hofstra University.

Congratulations to all the students. Information for the 2015-2016 scholarship program will be posted on in early 2015.
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