Inside "On the Air" - FCC keeps field office open, how ABIP can keep them from surprising you. Also, a save the date and new creative for NCSA campaigns and NAB.
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From the Editor

As Nigel Tufnel once asked, “Most blokes, you know, will be playing at ten. You're on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you're on ten on your guitar. Where can you go from there? Where?”
Eleven, is the answer, of course and the NHAB has been at eleven in 2015 when it comes to advocating for you in Washington.
So far in less than six months of 2015 we have successfully secured co-sponsorships of the Local Radio Freedom Act from Representatives Anne Kuster and Frank Guinta along with Senator Kelly Ayotte.  Congresswoman Kuster signed a letter to House leadership maintain the full deductibility of advertising for local businesses.  And most recently, Senators Ayotte and Shaheen sent a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in support of keeping the FCC Boston field office open.

It’s not as sexy as the Granite Mikes or the thousands of dollars in scholarships we award each year but our “boots on the ground” advocacy, along with the National Association of Broadcasters presence on the hill goes a long way to maintaining broadcasters standing into the future.

If you see members of our Congressional delegation over the summer be sure to thank them for their help in keeping radio and television strong.

- Jordan Walton
Executive Director



Revised FCC plan will keep Boston field office open

Last week Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler released a statement about his revised plan to keep fifteen FCC field officers open instead of the original plan, which called for only eight.  The Boston field office is now among those to remain open.

In a statement released shortly after the House Energy and Commerce Committee announced the agreement, NHAB Executive Director Jordan Walton expressed local television and radio broadcasters appreciation of “Senator Ayotte’s and Shaheen’s engagement to ensure that the Boston field office remains open and available to address spectrum issues in New Hampshire.” 

<<Read more about the FCC decision>>

Get your ABIP inspection!

A call no General Manager or Engineer wants to get is the one that starts with “The FCC inspectors are here.”  A surprise FCC visit that unearths violations has the potential to severely impact or cripple a local radio or television station.  Fines for easy to overlook public file violations can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.  There is a simple and inexpensive solution, however.  The NHAB Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP). 

<<CLICK for more information>>

October 22 - The Granite Mikes

For most of you, the Granite Mikes is the one event that defines your entire year. 

Well, OK, it’s probably not that important but you still like to attend, mingle with your colleagues, eat, drink and be entertained.  This year should be no different!

Mark your calendars and set your Outlook reminder for Thursday, October 22nd for the 2015 Granite Mikes!  The event will be held at the Grappone Center in Concord.

<<Read more>>

NHAB launches two NCSA campaigns

The NHAB is embarking on two Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement (NCSA) campaigns this summer. 

We recently issued an insertion for a radio-only New Hampshire Liquor Commission – Enforcement Division NCSA campaign centered on underage drinking and driving under the influence.  This six week campaign runs through July 26.

The second NCSA brings back the Department of Safety’s “Safe Driving Around Trucks” campaign.  The focus of this campaign is increasing awareness among New Hampshire drivers that large trucks and buses need more room to stop, have larger blind spots and shouldn’t be tailgated.  The NHAB ran this campaign in 2012 and provided more than 12,000 spots to the Department of Safety.  It runs from June 22 through September 13.  

Copies of the insertion orders and spots can be found by visiting the NCSA Downloads page on  Thank you for your support.


New creative for NAB's "We Are Broadcasters"

Two years ago, NAB launched the We Are Broadcasters campaign to educate lawmakers on the unique importance of free, local broadcasting. To date, nearly 1 million spots have been aired by stations across the country.  If your station is participating, thank you.

We are happy to announce that NAB has developed new creative for the We Are Broadcasters campaign called “All Screens.”  

<<Read more and download instructions and creative>>
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