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My new book is out of the oven at 304 pages! Welcome "AUTHOR POWER: Profit Before You Publish." (press release below).  Generate revenue before your words leave your desktop (for all media). Here’s to financial independence for content creators & publishers everywhere! May the power of the pen be with you! Also, I may offer workshops to share how I generated over 6 figures doing this, if you’re interested, please let me know. Happy Holidays!  

Hollywood Insider and Author Advocate Lynn Isenberg releases “Author Power: Profit Before You Publish”

Lynn Isenberg's “Author Power: Profit Before You Publish” ( is a publishing game-changer from a Hollywood Insider showing authors, content creators, and publishers how to generate profits before their words leave their desktops.

Novelist-Screenwriter-Executive and Author of "Author Power: Profit Before You Publish” Lynn Isenberg

In an ever-changing literary eco-system that endangers content creators, “Author Power: Profit Before You Publish” offers clever alternative ways to generate profits before publishing. ~ Lynn Isenberg

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2014
Novelist, Screenwriter and Producer Lynn Isenberg revolutionizes publishing in her new book “Author Power: Profit Before You Publish” pre-released today. Author, brand strategist and former studio executive, Lynn Isenberg challenges convention with comprehensive case studies and roadmaps applicable to all forms of content, including film, TV, digital, books, and events.
The literary eco-system has shifted dramatically, with authors expected to cover initial print-runs and with e-books selling for $1.99. In response to these challenges and more, Isenberg reveals game-changing solutions to overcome and circumvent barriers to profit. A 5 star NetGalley review applauds this approach, “In ‘Author Power,’ Lynn Isenberg shows you how you can turn around your fortune as a writer. The author shares literally hundreds of ways you can raise money for your writing project before the book hits the stands. ‘Author Power’ is a must-have book for every published, self-published, and wannabe writer.”

Book Editor and Author SJ Hodges praises “Author Power” in the Forward, “This book comes out of decades of Isenberg’s work as an author and as an artist advocate working in traditional publishing, Hollywood, self-publishing, and online. Because she crosses the borders, bobbing and weaving from the written page to the World Wide Web, she has an intimate awareness and involvement in a world that most authors never see: the digital monetization of their blood, sweat, and tears. So I encourage writers to read this book cover to cover and to enact and/or adapt Lynn's ideas quickly.”

Isenberg presented a preview of “Author Power” at the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, where it was received enthusiastically.
Pre-publication revenue-making methods depicted in “Author Power” more than covered the publishing and marketing costs for Isenberg’s five titles, as well as the author’s tuition for a master's degree. And Isenberg has duplicated the process for others. As Chief Creative Officer of Focus Media Consulting, Inc.,( based in LA and Austin, Isenberg works with content creators, media companies, and Fortune 500 brands to achieve their goals in film, television, digital, and book platforms.
Scott Turow's NYT op-ed article 'The Slow Death of the American Author,' inspired Isenberg to educate others on these successes in “Author Power: Profit Before You Publish.” “I knew I had to share the alternative solutions I discovered and have been practicing for years,” declares Isenberg, “especially with the advent of digital publishing six years ago. The landscape is plentiful for profit; one just needs to know how to work it.”

In addition to writing, producing and consulting, Lynn Isenberg is founder of the Hollywood LIT Retreat (, where she hosts gatherings of entertainment industry leaders focused on the future of cross-over storytelling. At the latest urban retreat, Screenwriter/Novelist/Producer Anthony McCarten, who wrote the Golden Globe nominated and Oscar contender “The Theory of Everything”, discussed the art of adapting books to the big screen. Isenberg’s Hollywood LIT nourishes writers’ souls, and upcoming “Author Power” workshops are bound to help nourish their pocketbooks too.
“Author Power” is poised to shift the publishing paradigm by honoring and empowering writers with alternative ways to ensure profits. Ready in time for the holidays, “Author Power: Profit Before You Publish” is an ideal gift to fulfill those literary New Year’s resolutions.
Where to find “Author Power: Profit Before You Publish”
“Author Power: Profit Before You Publish” is available in eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover: Buy Links above. “Author Power Plus Companion Guide” is available at REVIZZIT, which allows seamless updates at all times. See:, Special thanks to

About Author-Executive Lynn Isenberg:
Lynn Isenberg is an Author, Hollywood LIT Retreat Founder, Multi-Media Writer-Developer-Producer, and Brand Strategist in entertainment media (film, TV, digital, publishing, live events). She has been featured on The Today Show, Early Show, Fox News, The New York Times, Business Week, and in global media. She holds a BA in Literature & Film from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. A CAA Motion Picture Literary alum turned studio executive to dot com revolutionary, Isenberg has penned four novels, two non-fiction grief guidebooks, and created “The Funeral Planner” Digital Series featuring singer-celebrity Joss Stone. Her Screenwriter/Producer credits include MGM/UA's "Youngblood," Tri-Star/Columbia Pictures' "I Love you to Death," Mistral Pictures’ "True Vinyl," Showtime’s “Love Street Series,” and the Fine Living Network's popular series "i::Design." Author Power: Profit Before You Publish at

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Warm regards, Lynn Isenberg
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“For anyone who wants to write a book and be compensated for it, this is a must read. Using case studies based on her own successful journey, Isenberg delivers an informative “how to” that teaches authors how to negotiate the new frontier of publishing, and - just as importantly - how to make money before they're even out of the gate.” Pablo Fenjves, NYT Times Bestselling Author & Screenwriter, “Man on a Ledge”

”Author Power is like jet fuel for next-age publishing and promotion that leverages an author’s creative assets (and energy) to amplify all possible revenue streams. Ignore this book at your peril.” Jon Samsel, CMO, Coin of Sale; Author, Writing for Interactive MultiMedia

“Lynn shares her secrets on how to leverage story into profit and that’s the genius of Author Power!” Frank Beddor, Author/ Producer, The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy, There’s Something About Mary, Wicked, The Juliet

”Author Power is a game changer – shifting the economic power of writing into the hands of the writers.” Andrew Bird, Marketing Leader, Deloitte; Author, Putting the Profit in Nonprofit

“Every author, whether they are traditionally published, self-published or aspiring, needs to read this book.” SJ Hodges, Celebrity Ghostwriter

”Author Power creates a disruptive narrative on the form of narrative itself with advocacy for writers everywhere and at every stage of their careers.” Josh Linkner, CEO/Managing Partner, Detroit Venture Partners; NY Times Bestselling Author, Disciplined Dreaming, The Road to Reinvention

”Author Power fast-tracks your publishing journey and gives you tools to compensate your hard work before your book leaves your desktop!” Liz H. Kelly, Founder, Goody PR/Goody Awards; Author, Smart Man Hunting
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