1. Yoga and Weight Loss
2. Great Events: Calorie-burner Event
3. Kirtan This Friday
4 Yoga Holidays in Italy
5. New Immersion & Teacher Trainin
Happy Spring Greetings!
Beautiful Spring Blossoms at Free Spirit Yoga
Coming with the sunshine and beautiful blossoms, this newsletter brings insights on how yoga helps you fit back 
into your summer outfits and reveals exciting upcoming events at Free Spirit Yoga.
Get Your Yoga On: Yoga Is An Incredible Tool To Fight Obesity.
Have you struggled with losing weight?  Frustrated?  Falling into same habitual patterns? Then get your yoga on. 
You can directly apply the principles of yoga to help you with your weight.  I use yoga science to nourish, de-stress, create balance, develop awareness, cultivate discipline and focus, build self-esteem, for healing and to keep me strong, lean and healthy.
Here are the first three of the promised insights about why yoga is incredibly good for weight loss.... Read more.
Exciting Yoga Happenings Over The Next Months

May: Kirtan
Kirtan with SHINE on Friday May 24th at 7:30 -9:00 pm. Join Terri, Sandra, Lorysa and I for an enchanting evening of stories and song.

June: "Calorie-Burner Spirit Yogathon" ;-) 
Spirit Yogathon 2013. You are invited to join the summer solstice party of the year on Saturday June 22, 2013. 

You'll burn some calories that day, promised! What is it about? Watch the Official Yogathon Video.  
Click here and register now

July: Yoga Holidays in Tuscany
Yoga Holidays in Tuscany - PictureJoin us for a 5 day retreat in Tuscany from July 1st to July 5th. Sunshine, Tuscan countryside, delicious food, vintage wine, Italian cappuccino, designer & fashion outlets. And of course amazing Anusara Yoga. We know the region inside out and can give you local tips.

September: Fall Schedule, Anusara Immersion & Teacher Training
Please check out the new dates for autumn: Classes commence September 9th, 2013.

If you want to dive into your yoga practice more deeply:
we offer an Anusara Yoga™ Immersion in Fall, the perfect opportunity for you!

For those seeking a solid and reputable teacher training: We plan an Anusara Yoga™ Teacher Training in 2014.

Spring blessings,
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Schedule for yoga classes for September, Autumn session.


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