1. Ever done Savasana in the rain?
2. What the Mississauga News writes
3. How much we have raised 
4. Winners of the Yogathon Draw 

Happy Greetings!
2013's Spirit Yogathon was a beautiful event. On the day of the Yogathon, we had a full spectrum of the elements - from sunshine to rain. But no problem for the superheros in attendance... - hey, that looks like Wonder Woman! The Yogathon started with blue skies and bright sun allowing for warm up and then the start of 108 Surya’s. 

It was cloudy by the end of round 2. After the 3rd set in the light rain, everyone learned the story of the superhero yogi Hanuman, through a skit put on by the kids yoga class:
If Hanuman could remember his greatness and overcome all obstacles, so could we.  This helped some of us to get through the last set of Surya’s, and we concluded the practice with Savasana. Savasana was in the rain. The warm raindrops on our weary bodies was welcoming, and both a cleansing and rejuvenating sensory experience. 

A yogi said: " The Yogathon was a big success! The rain just made it more sensory, the food was delicious, the kids had fun, and everyone came together for a great cause. Congratulations! "

After a delicious garden lunch and great dessert, mala making, and henna tattoos by Ashley, all the firefighters came, and then the flooding downpour to cool everyone off. I couldn’t help but think that a rainfall like this would be welcomed in the dry horn of Africa.  


We were all super hero’s today in some way making a difference helping each other and helping the hungry in the world.
By the way, the “open air” kirtan was held “inside with open windows”. The vibration was quite incredible after 108 surya’s purified our Energy!


Three's a charm - Covered by the Mississauga News for the third time!

For the third time, the Spirit Yogathon got featured by the Mississauga News. In the print version and their website.
Between set 2 and 3 of our sun salutations, Jason Spencer from the Mississauga News had a 10 minute interview with me – so that all our Yogathon yogis had a bit longer break ;-) Take a look what Jason wrote and put into the online edition here.

We raised $1931.00 in service of the worlds hungry!

Message from Marcela

Manager, Community
 World Food Programme: 


Thank you for filling the cup!

Your donation of CAD 1,931.00 on Jun 26, 2013 provides critical ongoing support in the fight against global hunger. More children will receive nutritious meals at school and more disaster victims will get the lifesaving food they need. Right now we are struggling to reach children in need in the Horn of Africa, and your contribution will help ensure that more of them get at least one good meal today.
 You can be assured that your gift will immediately be put to good use. For every dollar you give, we can provide four healthy meals.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart - and on behalf of the people whose lives you are changing. Together, we are building a world without hunger.

Winners of the Spirit Yogathon Draw.
  • Arbonne Gift Set– Eva Moss
  • Free Spirit Yoga (5 class pass) – Patricia McInnis
  • Free Spirit Yoga gift basket – Julianna (Wonder Woman)
  • Free Spirit Yoga (Jack Harrison CD) Jessica Ruygrok
  • Free Spirit Yoga (Jack Harrison CD) Maria Syme
  • Roots Yoga Pants – Lori Ann Simpson
  • Roots Yoga Jacket – Sandra Clifton
  • Roots Bag with T-shirt – Maxine Moffet
  • Pottery gift – Dale Douglas
  • 10,000 Villages Tea – Lee Taggart
  • 10,000 Villages Tea – Carly Ross
  • Water bottle with Recreation Passes – Elizabeth Shymus
  • T-shirt Aeropostal – Renee Batte
  • T-shirt Holister – Laura Dobbyn

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors and Volunteers
  • Planet Organic in Port Credit
  • Starbucks by Sherway Gardens
  • Free Spirit Yoga Mississauga!
Also generous donations from Calypso Blooms, Arbonne and Roots, gratitude to Chris, Lori Ann and Patricia. And all those who volunteered with their help. And of course thanks to the Mississauga Fire Fighters and the Mississauga News!

Save the Date for the 9th Annual Spirit Yogathon: June 21st, 2014
If you want
to feel the magic,
to have fun and
to help the hungry ;-)

then put the Spirit Yogathon 2014 into your calendar: June 21st.

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