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Greatest Valentine Gift
Join us at the Yogathon for Schizophrenia
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Happy Valentine's Day!  
I have some great things for Valentine's Day for you:
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  • The "FreeSpirit-Yoga Tube"
  • Yoga Event In Toronto Feb 22nd
  • Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift
  • Upcoming Events
  • My Instagram Account With Fun Yoga Pictures & Uplifting Words
Are you ready for the     "FreeSpirit-Yoga Tube"?
This is my Valentine's gift - free yoga videos this month. Many of you have requested videos you can watch and practice at home.
I decided to record FULL LENGTH YOGA CLASSES for you, and I will upload videos regularly - one a week, for now. These are recordings of weekly classes with my students.
These real class videos are exclusively for subscribers of my FreeSpirit-Yoga Newsletter and not available to the general public.

The great thing is that when I am away in Europe, I will also record classes that you can have access to!
In future, I will also deliver HD quality, the first video is a bit smaller :-)
Let me know how you like it! Just send me an email.

Join in  & Spread the Love: Yogathon for Schizophrenia co-sponsored by Free Spirit Yoga
On February 22, Tobias and I have been invited to teach at the Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto, as a part of the 2014 Yogathon for Schizophrenia, organized by the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario.
Come join the Free Spirit Yoga Team at this exciting event!  The Yogathon is a wonderful way to meet new people, sample different yoga teachers and different yoga styles, all while raising money for a good cause.  Join us and be proud to help create Peace of Mind for the over 130,000 individuals in Ontario who are living with schizophrenia and psychosis by participating in the 8th annual Peace of Minds Yogathon!
Click here to join in NOW
The Greatest Valentine Gift you can give someone to process your “stuff” so that you can be present with them, with an Open Heart.
How do you process your stuff?  One way is to gain deeper self-understanding through the powerful practices of yoga. 
Join us now for transformational classes at Free Spirit Yoga. 
Or give the Gift of Yoga, so that someone you love may enjoy!  
Gift Certificates for Yoga

Check out these upcoming events:
  • February 17th Yoga classes are on for Family Day!
  • February 22nd  Schizophrenia & Free Spirit Yoga
  • March 1st New Prenatal Yoga Session begins
  • March 28th - Toronto Yoga Convention –Kirtan with SHINE
  • May 24th – Spirit Yogathon –save the date!
  • June – Live Stream classes from Europe
  • July – Anusara Yoga Retreat in Tuscany
  • September  – YTT
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I am looking forward to hearing from you about my videos!
Love and light,
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