1. 5 Minutes to connect to your full capabilities. 
2. Come to our Kirtan this Friday!
3. Do not miss the opportunity to save $383 for the teacher training!

Have you ever heard the story of the lumberjacks with the dull saw?

These lumberjacks were sawing best they could but their saw was dull. They put in tremendous efforts and still were slow.
A passerby then came by and said "Hey, have you noticed that your saw is pretty dull? You will do much better if you sharpen it." 

The lumberjacks looked at the passerby and said "Thank you, Sir, yes, we know - but we are too busy sawing."
And then they went on with their busy sawing.

Many of us are facing very busy schedules and challenging times. Struggling to stay on top of everything.

Setting time apart for us is vital then.
Time to connect to our full potential,
which will help us.

Do you hear your inner lumberjack now?  
"Yes, in principle, yes, I  know... But I do not have time to do that". 

Well, what if it was only 5 minutes?
5 highly effective minutes to connect to your capabilities.
Will your inner lumberjack be open enough, be smart enough to, at least, try?

My husband Tobias recorded a compact meditation audio of just 5 minutes that will ground you, help you connect to your full potential, and also show you two effective actions you can easily use when things get stressful. 

Listen to the free meditation and download it here.

Tobias is from Germany and teaches yoga, too. He will also offer some cool yoga at Free Spirit Yoga next year. 

Two short announcements:
Best wishes

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