Enchanting Yoga in Tuscany

Ciao from Tuscany,
Heart Opening Yoga in Tuscany - 2013 and 2014

I write this to you from our 1000 year old castle where we held our first magical Tuscany Yoga retreat. The castle transports you to medieval era of treasures and fantasy. In the castles courtyard we were enchanted midweek with a live performance of Mozart’s ‘Don Giovanni’.

As one of the yogini’s put it “I feel like a princess, in an ancient time”.
Let your imagination run wild. The rooms are majestic and the artwork and décor exquisite.  I have to say the shadowy mirrors in my room, where I could not see myself clearly, created a mystical effect.  This morning I have practiced my overlooking the Casentino Valley with the castle forte behind me.  
Heart opening yoga in a magic 1,000 year old castle in Tuscany

All of my senses are heightened here. 
The sweet scent of lavender fills the fresh country air, the humming of the bees, and I feel the rich Tuscan earth beneath my feet as I root down in my tree pose.  In the distance are undulating hills and green valleys decorated with up surging cypresses, olive trees and stone farm houses. There is an abundance of yellow flowers called ginster, lining the winding trails, underneath the azure blue sky.

The view from the castle grounds is breath taking and ever changing.
The garden and valley - a sensual experience

Everything in nature is a gateway to experiencing your divine nature. May you see the beauty all around you in the simplicity of your everyday life, so your heart space may expand with love. 

There's even yoga on the rooftops of the ancient gold manufacturing city Arezzo ;-)
Over the rooftops of Arezzo, the ancient gold manufacturing city in Tuscany

Sunshine and Blessings  from Tuscany,


September: Fall Schedule, Anusara Immersion & Teacher Training

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If you want to dive into your yoga practice more deeply:
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All parts on the weekend - accessible for mostly everyone!

For those seeking a solid and reputable teacher training: We plan an Anusara Yoga™ Teacher Training in 2014.
As a prerequisite for the teacher training, the Anusara Immersions need to be completed.
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