1. Yoga Teacher Training: Even good if you are not teaching.
2. Why gratitude can help you be happier - and a practice how you can cultivate it

I hope you are doing well!

This newsletter is about two things.

1. A question on the yoga teacher training that I have been asked several times. 
2. How gratitude can help you to be happier and a powerful 40-day-practice for that. 

Some of you were asking me about our yoga teacher training in 2013.

The question was: "I would like to immerse more into yoga - but  I do not teach and do not know if I will. Is then the teacher training a right way for me?"

My answer is: absolutely - join in, you will be very happy.

First, you will 
be inspired to practice regularly with enjoyment, improve your own yoga practice, and learn good alignment so that you are safe.
You will get a better understanding of the alignment of yoga poses and of what serves your body and what does not. You will get familiar with the different types of yoga poses, what their benefits are, also with general pitfalls and misalignment tendencies, and key alignment principles to use.  Together with your insights on how to set up an effective yoga sequence,  this teacher training will definitely take your yoga practice to a new level.

you learn to better help yourself and your family.
oga asanas can be very therapeutical for all ailments -  e.g. for your lower back pain, shoulder issues, digestive problems, anxiety, stress relief etc. In the teacher training, you will learn which yoga poses are helpful and which poses should be avoided for certain conditions. Also, how meditation, breathing and mantras can contribute to that.

Third, it is a fantastic opportunity for you when you are 
 looking to create a spark in your life and to create momentum in improving your health, learning to relax, and starting a program of self-study from the perspective of yoga.

So I hope I have answered the inital question. There are at least three good reasons why you should join in even if you are not teaching yoga. This teacher training will impact your life in a very positive way. 

Please note: We have extended the early bird deadline to November 30, offering a significantly better price - apply to make sure you get the price.

Join the teacher training, you will be very happy!

Now for the second subject of this newsletter: gratitude.  
Although Thanksgiving was almost 3 weeks ago, I wanted to share with you some cool effects that gratitude has and and how you can cultivate it.

Gratitude has the power to 
free you from old habits of complaints. Gratitude shifts your perspective to positivity and appreciation. You start to see more and more positive things around you. This will uplift you emotionally, physically, and psychologically - even energetically! With that, gratitude turns out to be a mighty healer. 

Actually, I put out a short video clip about gratitude on my webpage and also a 40-day-practice that can help you be happier!

Best wishes

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