1. Happy news
2. Video of my celebratory dance
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Happy News from Free Spirit Yoga,


I have some happy, awesome news - and my colourful celebration video with some funky yoga poses to share with you.

Here is my news:

I got my Certification for Anusara Yoga® on Valentine’s Day. 

With this certification, I have met one of the highest standards for yoga teachers that exist world wide.
Anusara yoga is known for its fun-loving, life affirming approach and healing alignment principles. 

I am so happy and proud to achieve this certification and to be only the 10th in Canada!  

I have dedicated 5 years to this endeavor and have studied with top teachers around the world. 

I promise to continue working diligently to offer the highest level and most beneficial classes to you.

Here is my video:

Annette's Videofelt like celebrating my Anusara Yoga® certification with a playful yoga practice.  Watch - here is the link to the video. Hope you like it! ;-) 
Tobias Video

... And you might want to check out Tobias' early morning yoga video, too. He was happy for me, and got up at the break of dawn, when the rooster crows.


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