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Poem On Gratitude
Happy Thanksgiving, 

(And a reminder: Studio is closed Thanksgiving Monday)
Gratitude is the sweetest of all the practices. It is also easily cultivated, and requires only little sacrifice for what is gained in return.
How do we cultivate gratitude? Read below on gratitude or click here to practice the attitude of gratitude with me in HUMBLE WARRIOR pose.
  • Infuse your muscles with gratitude. 
  • Every breath a gift.
  • Inhale pull it in, and look for the good. Look for the blessing.
  • Exhale expand it out.
  • Inhale fill your waistline, fill your palette, smile inside.  Smile sweetly.

The Spirit Yogathon 2014 is on June 21st.

Please save the date and join the many superheros who made a difference in the world. 
Watch the video of the Spirit Yogathon 2013.

By the way, here an update on our donations from the yogathon this year.

A note and thanks from the World’s Hungry and the World Food Programme:
Donation receiptDonation receipt 2

The total amount raised and contributed this year is CAD $2251.00.
The amount is adjusted for donations I received after the Yogathon.
(CAD $320.00 on Sep 24, and $1931.00 on June 26th, 2013).

Yoga and Music
On the weekend of International Peace a hundred yogis joined in rocking our Mantras and Chants at Harbourfront. Fun and incredible vibes!
Please join us October 18th at Free Spirit Yoga at 7:30pm  for an uplifting and enchanting evening.
We will learn a new 40 day mantra. Mantras are both ancient and powerful and can fill your heart with gratitude.

More On Gratitude
These are some ways that might help you cultivate gratitude. They may especially be helpful for you when you are feeling down or depressed, things are not going our way, or we have a negative tendencies.

1. The Attitude Of Gratitude.
I woke up grumpy, "why didn’t you shut the darn alarm off?" Let me sleep…. Sounds familiar? How did you wake up this morning? Were you grumpy or grateful?  
Gratitude come from a place of humility.  Replace your expectations with awe.  Everything is a gift.  Everything is alive.  Everything is thrilling.  Look for the blessings around you.  Look for the good.
Remember that you have a choice in every moment to choose gratitude. Awaken and greet the new day with gratitude. Maybe that is an option for you, as well ;-)

2. Broaden Your Perspective! 
Sometimes we get caught up in small stories and things that revolve only around ourselves. We forget that there is a larger context in which your own personal story is unfolding. Gratitude helps connect us to life, nature and the bigger picture. 
Ultimately, we are not in control. We can put a seed in the earth and work endlessly to water it, nurture it, help it grow so that we can harvest next year. 

However, there is no guarantee for a good harvest. Weather, locusts, vermin, many things can happen that nullify all our efforts.
There are circumstancels beyond our control. Some might call this uncontrollable part "chance", some "God", some "fate", some "the Universe". Or, as yogic philosophy puts it, Universal Consciousness that plays delightfully to experience itself.
However one names it - when we get a good harvest, this is not something to take for granted, but something to be grateful for.  
3. Our Life Is A Gift
May we first understand the gift of life. Each day is a day to experience, express, create and laugh. An occasion to be happy about and grateful for.
The Buddha taught that every human birth is precious and worthy of gratitude. 
As we get older and face physical obstacles in our bodies and see obstacles and challenges, we learn to appreciate our health and lives more. With age, we tend to see more clearly that life is a precious gift. 

4. A Poem On Gratitude
I am grateful for my limits
 that teach me patience and pace
I am grateful for challenge, defeat, and loss
They teach me hope is not a light at the end of the dark tunnel

It’s the ember burning within me that I forgot to fan
I am grateful to my teacher’s 
for introducing me to myself
I am grateful for my past 
that has delivered me to my present
I am grateful for all I have found and all I have lost

Both remind me I can live with and without
I am grateful for silence and for laughter

And for my ears that can hear both
I am grateful to my heart
 that beats and breaks and heals
I am grateful for the fullness of my life

For the brief, heartbreaking, heartwarming, fullness of life.
Many blessings to you and your family for Thanksgiving.


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