6 Tips from a management consultant how to establish and keep a regular yoga practice. 
A Christmas gift that will make you very happy.
All the links to our recent videos. 

Happy Holidays from Free Spirit Yoga,

I hope all is well. Today I am excited to share 3 things with you.
First of all, I have written some tips how to establish and keep up a regular practice over the holidays. 
On my blog, you can find these.  And here is a direct link where my husband Tobias explains how simply and effectively it can be implemented You can start today!  These tips have worked well for us, and we think they might work well for you. Please share your experiences or if you have some cool tips, too! 

Second: Are you struggling to find a meaningful gift idea for Christmas that will inspire your loved one? 
Why not light them up from the inside out with a gift certificate from Free Spirit Yoga? You may even place this on your own wish list! There is a Gift of Health, a Gift of Joy, a Gift of Freedom, of Love and of Peace!  You can give a whole session or choose any amount you want. 
Gift of Freedom Gift of Love Gift of Tuscany Gift of Health Gift of Peace Gift of Joy

Third, several of you have asked me to send out the links to our most recent videos. 
Here they are.  You are very welcome to let me know what you liked, and what you would like to see in the New Year.  We would like to give you good yoga tips that benefit you.  For the holiday season, stay tuned for my next two videos with tips to help with anxiety. Especially useful during crazy holiday shopping and parking times ☺

Here they are the links to the latest six videos and audios: 
  • Blow away your Headache
    In case you or one of your friends or family members are suffering from a headache, the following is probably interesting for you. It is a simple breathing technique that will help
  • Cultivate Strength!
    Wouldn't it be cool to have a way to cultivate the Super-Hero inside of you? Just do it - here is the link where I show you a good way to become strong and to feel strong.
  • Meditate
    5 minutes that will ground you, help you connect to your full potential, and also show you two effective actions you can easily use when things get stressful. 
  • Get energized!
    If you are wondering how you can get more energy within 3 minutes - e.g. in the morning - here is a link where I show you my most favourite way on a short video clip.
  • Chants can heal the heart.
    Have you ever noticed how music can shift your mood? Singing ("chanting") is a form of yoga that reconnects you to a feeling of freedom and joy.
This week, we will also send the second video with tips on anxiety to you. So stay tuned! :-)

Best wishes
Annette and Tobias

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