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Happy Greetings from Free Spirit Yoga,
today there are three topics I would like to share with you.

New Years classes commence this week at our studio! 
2013 will be the wildest year ever!  
If you haven't already signed up for classes, sign up here now.
Have you set your New Years resolutions that serve your happiness?
I have set 8 New Years resolutions for me in 2013. I picked them because I think they support my striving for living a happy life!
Many of us set goals like to lose weight, to start sports, earn a certain amout, quit smoking etc.
My resolutions are a bit different - check out my resolutions on my blog.
Tell me how you like them and what you think!
I hope some of them might be inspirations for you to create happiness in your life ;-)

Our third video with tips for anxiety.
In today’s ever changing and fast paced world, most of us are constantly wired and connected through social media, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to stay present. The amount of information we are assaulted with through facebook, twitter and the Internet is creating ‘continuous partial attention syndrome’.  As a result, often times we are mentally restless, anxious, and unfocused.  
We show you what helps you with that!
Click here to watch the 3rd of 3 videos where i offer helpful tips for anxiety.  

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Schedule for yoga classes for January, Winter session.
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You may also send a postdated check (January 7, 2013) for the full amount of $192. 

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