1. The teachings of an intriguing mythical love story 
  2. What love, chocolate and yoga have in common
  3. Free Spirit Yoga sponsoring the Yogathon for Schizophrenia
  4. Immerse in your love of Yoga  
  5. Celebrate Valentine's Day with us!

Happy February from Free Spirit Yoga,
How do you want to celebrate this month of love? Here are my ideas.
  • Find complete fulfillment in the teachings of an intriguing mythical love story: the Dance of the Divine
  • Find out what chocolate, love and yoga have in common
  • Spread the love: Make new friends by joining the Free Spirit Team at the Yogathon for Schizophrenia.
  • Immerse in your love of Yoga
  • Celebrate Valentine’s day with a Sacred Love Story of the Rasa Lila on the evening of February 15 and stay after for some decadent dark chocolate.

First to the exciting mythical love story and what we can learn from it. I really love this story!
It happened once upon a time on a gorgeous, full moon night.  In the heart of the forest as the moonlight shone through the canopy of trees, Krishna, an Indian god, plays on his flute the most beautiful love song.  Krishna means "dark, loving, attractive force". So when he plays his flute, everyone comes rushing forth and wants to be near him.  All the village maidens who hear his love song are magically and irresistibly drawn into the forest. When they get there, they make a circle around Krishna and start dancing to his love song and having fun. Krishna, with his playful heart decides to multiply himself, so that every young maiden has a dance partner.  The one becomes the many. 
The girls are so happy and in love.  Every one of them is dancing with her version of Krishna!

However, as time goes on, the girls start noticing that all the other girls are dancing with Krishna, too.  The mind kicks in and says, “This is not possible that, if the other girl is dancing with Krishna, who am I am dancing with…?” They start looking around the circle, outside of their experience.  Not only is it not possible, but it's not fair, that someone else gets to have the dance too.  The bickering starts in their minds, soon they are complaining and jealous! 
Click here to read how Krishna responded and why of all these girls the girl called Radha was the luckiest one!

Find out what chocolate, love and yoga have in common
Here my tip.  Do a partner yoga practice. Do it together with your   husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Close it with 5 minutes of breathing and meditation together. This can be very connecting.  Then enjoy a piece of exquisite dark chocolate.  Try this out to experience what chocolate, love, and yoga have in common.

The idea of relating chocolate to your yoga practice might look funny at first. Especially if you are on a diet and want to sculpt your body nicely. However, did you know that dark chocolate, like yoga, is associated with health and well-being? Dark chocolate has been regarded as a plant medicine and a potent healer.  Dark chocolate and cocoa are effective antioxidants, are good for your heart, have a low glycemic index like oatmeal – meaning it does not send your blood sugar spiking, and contains vital minerals including Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Iron. Sounds good, right?

Yoga on the other hand opens your senses, enables you to live in the moment and be present to everything that is going on around you. Union of body, mind, and soul. After a good practice, your feeling of well-being can be intensified by the flavour and joy of a piece of exquisite dark chocolate. And it can be taken to whole new dimensions if you take a dark chocolate type with exotic ingredients like curry, pepper, balsamic vinegar or limes.

Also, chocolate is known to be an aphrodisiac and a heart opener.  Here comes the link to love ;-)
Dark chocolate also contains the same chemical compound that is released by the brain when people are falling in love... or enjoying their love. A natural feel-good chemical that is giving you pleasurable feelings after eating chocolate.  Perhaps this explains why chocolate and Valentine's Day are so closely linked!

Spread the Love: Yogathon for Schizophrenia co-sponsored by Free Spirit Yoga
On February 23, I have been invited to teach at the St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, 124 Dorval Drive, Oakville, as a part of the 2013 Yogathon for Schizophrenia, organized by the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario. Please join the Free Spirit Yoga Team at this exciting event.  The Yogathon is a wonderful way to meet new people, sample different yoga teachers and different yoga styles, all while raising money for a good cause.  Join us and be proud to help create Peace of Mind for the over 130,000 individuals in Ontario who are living with schizophrenia and psychosis by participating in the 8th annual Peace of Minds Yogathon!

Immerse in your Love of Yoga: Join our Teacher Training in March
Advance your personal Practice.
Delve deeper into Yoga, the Theory, the Philosophy, the Poses. 
Train to become a Yoga Teacher or just train for the Love of Yoga.
March –December 2013.  Meet 2nd weekend of every month (exception July).
Friday: 6-10pm, Saturday 10-8pm, and Sunday 10-6pm.
Get ready to connect to your highest yoga teachers potential.
Yoga Teacher Training 2013 at Free Spirit Yoga Studio. Commencing in March 2013.

Kirtan on Friday February 15th: Mythical Valentine’s day
Celebrate Valentine's Day with the Dance of Divine Love. Join us for an evening of Kirtan at Free Spirit Yoga Studio on Friday February 15th , 2013 at 7:30 - 9:00pm.
Celebrate with a Sacred Love Story of the Rasa Lila and stay after for some decadent dark chocolate!


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