1. Bring Out Your Superhero - Countdown starts!
2. Yoga and Weight Loss - Tip

Happy Spring Greetings!

Countdown to bring out your Super Hero! Ten days until you unleash your super powers to save the world! 

"Me? A Super Hero?? Wait a minute, wait a minute..." I can almost hear you say.
So yes, wait a minute. What are the qualities of a super hero?

Super Hero Iron Man1. Perform incredible feats 
2. Rise to the challenge
3. Do not seek praise or recognition
4. Be fearless
5. And of course... Save the world!

OK - and this is exactly what you will do at the Spirit Yogathon!
Take a look:
Perform incredible feats: 
You will do a great set of sun salutations, an energizing practice that will make you fly into the first summer week!

Rise to the challenge: 
It is an energizing practice, and you will probably do more sun salutations than ever before!

Do not seek praise or recognition: 
No, rather seek the yummy Cosmic Cookies from Planet Organic or the hot coffee from Starbucks, our sponsors.
And exotic fruits, juicy, sweet, nourishing...

Be fearless: 
No matter whether you have not practiced for a while you will do it!

And of course... Save the world! 
So this is what you do this day to save the world's hungry.

The Yogathon itself is for free...
We only ask you for a donation.
All our proceeds go to the World Food Programme.
Since 2006, we have raised more than $16,700! 

If you raise $20, you qualify as a Super Hero Novice (SHN).
However, notice that every Dollar you raise more will make you more powerful!

If you raise $100, you will feel an incredible boost to your Super Powers!
You will feel pumped and flying high the whole summer!

Donations for joining the Yogathon: $20 to infinity.
The highest amount raised by one participant was $300 ;-)

Spirit Yogathon: Saturday, June 22nd. Save the date!

Registration: 9:00am -10.00am
Yoga: 10.00 am - 12.30 pm

Garden Party/ Lunch, Swimming, Socializing: 12.30 pm - 3.00 pm
Concert: 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm

With the Spirit Yogathon only 10 days away, we hope you are getting excited about your upcoming challenge. 
Here are some tips to help you prepare for this adventure….
  • Practice some sun salutations.
  • If you have a Super Hero t-shirt, wear it!  It’s amazing how exhilarating this feels. Be inspired to reach your goal of doing all the sun salutations!
  • Call all of your Super Hero friends to join your team or have them support you, like The Avengers!
Click here and register now

Get slim with yoga: Next tip.

Superman's secret....As promised, here is my next tip for weight loss with yoga. 
This is a powerful belly breath practice. 
It is unconventional, and just might be the thing a Super Hero might do...
...and don't all the Super Heroes look in good shape?
When you read, you will know why...

July: Yoga Holidays in Tuscany
Yoga Holidays in Tuscany - PictureJoin us for a 5 day retreat in Tuscany from July 1st to July 5th. Sunshine, Tuscan countryside, delicious food, vintage wine, Italian cappuccino, designer & fashion outlets. And of course amazing Anusara Yoga. We know the region inside out and can give you local tips.

September: Fall Schedule, Anusara Immersion & Teacher Training
Please check out the new dates for autumn: Classes commence September 9th, 2013.

If you want to dive into your yoga practice more deeply:
we offer an Anusara Yoga™ Immersion in Fall, the perfect opportunity for you!

For those seeking a solid and reputable teacher training: We plan an Anusara Yoga™ Teacher Training in 2014.

Spring blessings,
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Schedule for yoga classes for September, Autumn session.


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