Nǐ hǎo from Hong Kong!  

I hope this finds you well and keeping warm. 
I arrived here middle of February with a combination of jet lag and sheer excitement.  My days have been packed with staggering vistas, street markets, authentic Chinese cuisine, meditating at Buddhist Monestaries, and studying with some local teachers at Pure Yoga and Anahata Yoga in Hong Kong.   
Celebrating Chinese New Year with millions of locals was an adventure, from the colorful Dragon Parade in Tsim Sha Tsui to the spectacular Fireworks display at Victoria Harbour.  Very vibrant and stimulating for the senses, at the very least!
It is the Chinese year of the Sheep now.  In my mind I have a serene picture of sheep grazing on a beautiful hillside.  One lesson I have learned amidst the turbulent time in my life (and in the world today) is the need for calmness, tranquility and peace.  It’s a yin year too, which means a kinder and gentler year for sure.
May we all slow down, take time to reflect, and listen deeply.
Blessings of abundance, good health and prosperity,  

I will be back in town briefly, at the end of this month,
and am honored to teach once again at the 2015 Yogathon for Schizophrenia.  Please join me for some community fun and help create Peace of Mind for over 130,000 individuals in Ontario who are living with Schizophrenia and psychosis by participating in this exciting event. To register – here is the link:


Saturday Febr
uary 28th 
12:30 – 2 pm  - Yoga class, chants and stories
2015 Yogathon for Schizophrenia
St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School
124 Dorval Drive, Oakville

Save the Date:  Summer Solstice Saturday June 20, 2015. 
The 10th Spirit Yogathon for World Food Programme @ Free Spirit Yoga grounds. 

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