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One Invaluable Piece Of Advice For Successful Personal Growth!

Dear Friends,
How are you doing with achieving your goals for personal growth?  

The research I'm compiling is confirming over and over again that three of the "Top 5 Stressors" in our adult lives are
  1. Work
  2. Not Enough Time
  3. Finding Balance In Life  
I know you can relate to this because you are the ones that gave me this data!  So, what is keeping us from taking control of these stressors and getting ahead of the game rather than constantly feeling like we're behind and we can't quite catch up?  I promise you it's not a matter of desire!  We all want to move forward and feel more "on top of things", but for some reason, we just don't quite get there!
Take a look at some other research that's being conducted.  Take a look at these findings by the Familys and Work Institute: "at least 50% of women say they don't have enough free time and more than 60% feel guilty spending what little time they do have on themselves. Surprisingly, 68% claim that work doesn't interfere with their personal lives."

And this is from When Work Works, "The majority of employees (67%) say they don't have enough time with their children. The majority of employees (63%) say they don't have enough time with their spouses. The majority of employees (55%) also say they don't have enough time for themselves. The 40-hour workweek is also not a reality. Men work an average of 49 hours per week and women work an average of 43.5 hours per week, and that figure includes the one in four women who work part time. Fourteen percent of employees have more than one job. Sixty-one percent of employees-men and women alike-want to work fewer hours than they do.
This is where the disconnect becomes evident. Employees do not feel they have a choice or can make these changes."  Aaaahhh!

This leads us to a constant cycle of frustration that I'm sure you're familiar with - "I want to change.  I know I need to change.  But I just can't find space in my life to make change happen!  So, I guess I can't change.  I guess I'm stuck, because I've tried it before and it didn't work.  But, I want to change.  I know I need to change..."

Today, I want to encourage you that YOU CAN MEET YOUR GOALS FOR PERSONAL GROWTH!  You can choose!  You can take control of this thing!!!

My one piece of invaluable advice is... YOU JUST NEED TO CREATE SPACE TO DO IT!   Most people want to change, but they don't ever open up space in their minds, hearts and schedules to "fit change in"!  

If you're like me, one unhealthy habit I formed in college (ok, there was more than one!) was sleeping up until about 10 minutes before my first class!  I'd wake up and rush to class then come back and re-rack or play video games until... oh no, I've gotta get to my next class!  And I'd rush off again.  I'd stay up late and do it again the next day.  For some reason, I just never felt like there was enough time!  But the real problem was that I didn't learn how to create open space.  I filled up a lot of my space with "inefficient" activity.  Those bad habits followed me into my adult life.  So here are 3 steps to help you open up some space for the positive change you've been desiring!
  1. Evaluate - Take a close look at your daily schedule.  So few people do this!  They just conclude they don't have time and never really address all the "things" that are eating up their time.  This is similar to budgeting your spending (ok, I just tapped into another major stressor... money!  Sorry.), where is your time being "spent"?  Where WILL YOU (not "can you", because we'll always conclude "I can't fit it in anywhere") budget your PERSONAL GROWTH TIME!
  2. Engage - You MUST carve out "sacred time" to focus on your personal devlopment.  I hate that statistic of 55% of us don't take time for ourselves and over 60% feel guilty when we do!!  What's up with that?  Carve out the time and then ENGAGE in it!  Fight for it!  Don't let "urgent, last minute" things get in the way.
  3. Expand - Adopt some "tool" that will help you "process your life" and that will help reveal areas where you need to "un-learn" some old habits.  This could be a book, a cd, journaling, meditating, talking with a mentor or counselor, or meeting in a group with other people that desire change.  The point here is to create space to allow new thoughts time to TAKE ROOT so they can grow! 

These three steps are very similar to planting a garden.  Prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water and nurture the natural process of growth!  YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THE GROWING!  So don't use the excuse of, "I don't know...".  Growth is not your job!  Preparing, planting and watering is your job!!  Growth with then come naturally!  I guarantee you this is THE NUMBER ONE REASON FOR LACK OF GROWTH!  We don't take time to do one, or all, of these three steps necessary for all natural growth!

Now Grow!!

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One Invaluable Piece Of Advice For Successful Personal Growth!

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