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We have created a webpage about you

The Michael Hill has recently launched our new website which includes a section dedicated to ALL our past laureates - including you!

That's right - we've created a webpage for nearly 130 of our past competitors and development prizewinners.  It has been a tedious yet incredibly rewarding exercise because we have discovered, not surprisingly, that you're enjoying fulfilling careers in a variety of roles.  Amongst our past laureates, there are concert soloists, professors, concertmasters, quartet players, ensemble members, recording artists, educators, even the odd composer and conductor... the lot! 

The Michael Hill has invested in this digital resource for a couple of strategic reasons - we remain committed to supporting the career paths each of you are following and through our analytics, are aware that we receive a great deal of internet traffic, so can be of assistance promoting you online and celebrating your achievements.  And you will also recognise, from your experience in New Zealand, that you have developed a large local fan base of host families, sponsors and enthusiastic audience members who would love to know what you're doing these days.

(On a personal note, I've enjoyed finding up to date photos of you with your partners and kids.  Time marches on for all of us!)


  1. Please visit the PAST LAUREATES section of the site, navigate to your individual page and let us know if there are any errors that need to be corrected.  (We have been very careful, but the odd typo is inevitable in a project this large.) 
  2. We have searched for and added links to your various social media pages where we have found them, but please advise us if we've missed any.
  3. Send us your breaking news and we'll add it to your page and communicate it through our networks.  We, and our stakeholders, like to hear about your life milestones both OFF and ON the stage, so feel free to send photos from your weddings and children as well.
  4. Like our Facebook page so we can more actively keep up to date.

Just a note about our approach:  For our laureates who have their own websites, we have simply provided a link directly to your site anticipating that you will maintain it on a regular basis.

Melanie Weeks, our Administrator, will send out a quick reminder two or three times a year as a reminder to refresh your links, photos, newsy updates, so keep an eye out for these.  We promise to make this quick and painless for you.

I am feeling very connected to you all again, so please receive my warm regards.

Anne Rodda

Because it’s only fair to reciprocate, here’s a recent picture taken with my 8-year old Geoffrey.
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