Dec 20, 2021
What's up Cousins,

We (almost) made it to 2021, ya'll! 

Even though the Omarion variant is out here hitting the 2-step around the globe, we not about to let it ruin the rest of our year. Nope, not around these parts. Make sure ya'll staying safe this holiday season. 

For those of you who waited til' the last minute to start getting them gifts for your loved ones, we got you below. 

Happy Holidays, fam.

The Cookout

Holiday Gift Ideas for The Black Foodie in Your Life 

It’s that time of year again and you know our foodie friends are picky; you can’t just get them just any ol’ fruit basket and cheese spread. It has to be the finest of the finest and of course, black owned–(because…#ForTheCulture). But what do you get the foodie who has everything? We’ve curated a list of the top black owned foodie brands that we absolutely stan, and for good reason, you should too. Check it out below:

McBride Sisters Wine

This is for the lush, rich aunty who only flies in on vacation. Aunty loves her some wine, and the McBride Sisters have just the magic touch with their Black Girl Magic wine. Not only is it the biggest black owned wine brand in the country–(light flex)–but it is also the most inclusive, accessible, socially aware and sustainable. Tell aunty, to go ‘head and sip her some!

Zach and Zoe Honey

This is for the millennial cousin who thinks she’s better because she sweetens everything with honey. It’s a step above brown sugar beloved, but we gotchu nonetheless. After learning about the health benefits of raw honey, founders Summer and Kam Johnson created  Zach and Zoe Honey in honor of their children. Little Zach was struggling with asthma and seasonal allergies when the couple found that raw honey helps with inflammation and pollen management. So uh…we take back what we said about cousin. Get her the honey.

Between Harlem and Heaven by Chef JJ

This is for your best friend who’s hella black but is always craving Thai food. With her, going out to eat ranges between Korean bibimbap, kimchi and halal from the food truck– basically anything Asian. With “Between Harlem and Heaven,” Chef JJ takes a deep dive into flavor, audacity and the intersection of separate cultures that intertwine to make a salivating explosion.

Black Food by Bryant Terry

This is for the group chat friend who majored in African Diaspora studies, is happily traveling the world, but is desperately seeking a piece of home to satisfy her palette. She loves exploring different cultures, however, she’s yearning to keep it black, especially when the food is wack–(Bars. Call us Issa Dee, #Insecure). In “Black Food,” Bryant Terry allows ancestral recipes to be accompanied by rich stories of migration and everything else that the Black plight encompasses. It’s beyond a recipe book. It’s a sacred text, to say the least.


This is for the friend who’s always snackin’! She buys family sized bags of chips and eats them in one sitting. She’s never not hungry, yet somehow…she says in shape. Sorcery. Pipcorn, is a women-owned, minority owned business, created by Jen, Teresa and Jeff Martin, who all loves snacks just as much as your hungry friend. Created from heirloom kernels, Pipcorn is “light, crunchy and tastes like real corn.”


This is for the aunty who always “need somethin’ sweet” after consuming an entire meal. She knows the “best bakery” in every neighborhood and sometimes eats in the car before going in the house. It’s her “me time.” Made in Brooklyn and founded by professional pastry chef Auzerais Bellamy, Bellamy spent ten years perfecting the perfect blondie inspired by pecan praline, so we’re sure aunty would approve.

Hot n Saucy Hot Sauce

This is for the cousin who you can’t bring nowhere cuz she always gotta bring the hot sauce in her bag– (#swag). Nothing is too hot for her. Hot n Saucy hot sauce is owned by Sam Davis, (also known as Savor by Sam), a Jamaican woman, so you know the heat is on another level! With a vegetable base and enough power in the punch to set your taste buds ablaze, Hot n’ Saucy is “your classic hot sauce,” but “reimagined,” as described on the website.

Uncle Pizza's Hot Sauce

This is for the cousin who has taste buds like Saweetie. He’d put anything on anything– and swear that it tastes good. Well, your cousin and founder Christopher Arceneaux has something in common. A fellow sauce lover, Arceneaux created the brand because  he loves “to make shit taste good.” Now you can add to your cousin’s collection with Arceneaux’s savory Buffalo Cilantro Lime sauce. It’d be perfect for…anything. Just like your cousin likes it. You can use code: THECOOKOUT at checkout for a discount on this one.
Ten to One Rum

This is for that uncle at the party. If you’re Caribbean, then you know what we’re talkin’ about. The uncle who livens the gathering belting out song lyrics, crackin’ the best jokes and talking out of turn– all on account of rum. As described on the website, Ten to One Rum is a potent medley between Barbados, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Jamaica. It also has hints of spice, banana peel, apple, tobacco, cedar, nut loaf and leather. Bring this to the next function and watch Uncle turn up a notch.
Uncle Nearest

This one is for grandpa, the patriarch of the family. We’re taking it back ol’ school for him. How else to pay our grandpa some respect other than with some whisky? Owned by Fawn Weaver, a black woman– (insert praise hands here)–  “Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is the fastest-growing whiskey company in American history,”  according to Black Enterprise. Not only that, but it is also the most awarded whiskey brand. Let’s keep the wealth in the family, for the culture, shall we?
 Sanaia Applesauce

This is for your brother’s wife who refuses to give the kids anything GMO. She’s fancy, a lil bougie and very health conscious. Created by CEO & Founder, Keisha Smith-Jeremie, Sanaia’s applesauce is actually meant to be childhood treats for adults– but of course, it’d still work for children. Flavors are a bit advanced for a typical child’s taste buds but hey, you know your sister-in-law. Choose between hibiscus, lavender pear, guava, and so many more. It’s perfect because Sanaia Applesauce only contains plant-based ingredients and is allergen free. This is definitely the upper echelon of the apple sauces.
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