Dec 3, 2021
Hey Cousins -

We miss ya'll! Your favorite cousins here at The Cookout have been heads down cooking up a few things that we're excited to share with ya'll soon. 

Now that the holiday season, our favorite season, is in full swing, we wanted to just share some quick advice. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT use holiday dinners with your family to test out new recipes you found online. No one is trying to be part of a science experiment. Respectfully. 

This week's newsletter is below. 

Ya'll have a blessed rest of week!

The Cookout Family 

Let That Boy Cook

Man, ya'll know the internet is a wild place filled with some even wilder opinions. There ain't no place on Al Gore's internet where the latter is more true than on social media. That was proven this again this week.

What Happened?

Social media fingers were going crazy after parents started sharing pictures of their sons playing with kitchen sets made popular by YouTube star, toy influencer and literal child (and definitely the richest 10-year-old ever) Ryan Kaji. What was the issue though? These backwards folks think that boys playing with kitchen sets makes them "less manly". Nah, for real. Some of the comments on Twitter included:


  • “DO NOT buy your son a kitchen set for Christmas… get him a tool set… don’t put the wrong ideals in ya son head at an early age.”
  • "If y’all buy y’all son a kitchen set pls keep him away from mine…idc idc that shit ain’t right & y’all dead ass wrong for trynna ride a wave like it it is. Grills sets are for boys & kitchen sets are for girls"
Stop The B.S.

Let us be clear here, cousins: cooking doesn't have a gender. Cooking does not have a sexuality. Cooking is love. Cooking is culture. Cooking is art. Cooking is comfort. But cooking is damn sure not whatever it is that these folks are trying to project onto boys who like to cook. If you're lucky enough to have a child that loves to cook, please nurture that passion that they have.

The Cookout, the very publication that you're reading now, was cofounded by Chef JJ, a man who learned how to cook from the women in his life, honed that craft and turned it into a successful business.

In a world that already treats Black men and boys with little regard and offers them even fewer outlets for expression, we need to stamp this BS out at the jump. This week began with the announcement of the death Virgil Abloh, one of the most brilliant minds that the world of art and fashion has ever seen. Could you imagine if someone had told him "fashion isn't for men" and he listened to that? Do you know the brilliance we would have never had the opportunity to witness?

How many little Black boys and men have had their dreams extinguished because of someone else's idea of manhood? We got geniuses and creative prodigies in our community and we need to stop folks from trying to gatekeep man hood and let these boys cook.

We See You, Chef!

Man we love celebrating Black excellence all that it yields. With that said, we wanted to give a big shout out to the co founder of The Cookout, Chef JJ. 

This week it was announced that Chef JJ's NY-based fast casual restaurant, Field Trip, has secured funding to open an additional 6-8 locations of its popular eatery where rice is the star of the show.

Since opening in Harlem, NY in 2019, Field Trip has expanded its foot print to the famous Rockefeller Center and Long Island City. In addition to new restaurants, Chef JJ also plans to launch a line of packaged sauces in stores next year. 

We at The Cookout are over here cheering on Chef JJ like a bunch of relatives at a college graduation. Dass our people! 

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