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YMI News - February 2016

Dear members of the YMI Community,

We hope that you all had a fantastic start to the new year!

It is just the beginning of the year but we have already so many exciting opportunities for you that we are to share today. While YMI supports you to increase your mediation experience and to expand your professional networks, it is up to you to actively participate and contribute to the Young Mediator's Initiative. We follow a "Give and Take" philosophy, and encourage you all to be part of the most brilliant givers rather than simple takers. 

We are very pleased to share the following new,i events and opportunities with you…

  • YMI gained a new talented Core Team member
  • YMI continues to share its voice on the Kluwer Mediation Blog
  • 500 mediation experts gathered in Paris for the ICC Mediation Competition
  • CDRC Young Global Ambassador Programme (YGAP)
  • Global Pound Conference Series – Student Network
  • Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates – Student Mediation Group
  • Are you a Brāv One?
  • Young Mediators in London Launch Event
  • INMC India


YMI gained a new talented Core Team member

YMI is growing, and so is the YMI Team! We are delighted to welcome Emma Reade on board with YMI. Emma is a volunteer ADR Advisor with the International Chamber of Commerce UK, and Chair of the London Branch of the Young Mediators’ Group, a networking group for young mediation professionals and mediation newcomers, which has joined YMI as a supporting organisation (see ‘events’ below for more information). Emma will take responsibility for supporting YMI mediators based in the United Kingdom and to help the core group promote mediation worldwide.

YMI continues to share its voice on the Kluwer Mediation Blog

We are excited to report that the Kluwer Mediation Blog has agreed to continue to feature voices of mediators new to the profession. Hence we started 2016 with two blog posts from Shraddha Boshale from India on "Confidentiality in Mediation: An Indian Perspective" and Angela Herberholz from Germany/France on "Help Shape the Next Generation of Mediators

YMI Members contribute regularly to the Kluwer Mediation Blog! To see all YMI Blog posts, go to:

500 mediation experts gathered in Paris for the ICC Mediation Competition

65 teams from 32 countries competed in the 11th edition of the ICC’s largest and most successful educational event. After five intense days of role plays and decadent social events, the University of New South Wales won the title during an exciting final at the Maison du Barreau against the University of Auckland.

This year 140 professional mediators from around the world participated in the event to judge and mediate the competition rounds.

They provided the participating students with invaluable feedback, which they will carry throughout their legal careers. More information here.


CDRC Young Global Ambassador Programme (YGAP)

Are you passionate about mediation and negotiation? Do you want to be part of changing how a new generation will resolve conflicts? Are you proactive and communicative? Then the CDRC Global Young Ambassador Programme might be for you!

CDRC Vienna invites young professionals to become part of its global network and to help it spread the concept of its mission and its enthusiasm for mediation and negotiation. Young professionals can apply to become the ambassador of their region to help represent CDRC Vienna and create a mutual opportunity to connect with a diverse community of students, professionals, institutions and organizations around the world. For more information,

Global Pound Conference Series – Student Network

​The Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016-17 will facilitate the development of 21st century commercial and civil dispute resolution tools, at domestic, regional and international levels. The series aims to gather all stakeholders in dispute resolution, to provoke debate, stimulate new ideas and gather useable data on what users of mediation want and need, locally as well as globally.
The GPC Series will be a truly global event, with events planned to take place in 38 cities around the globe!
We invite you to get involved and attend your local event. Also, we are gathering a network of students interested in the GPC. We would like your ideas for how you could contribute to the series! If you would like to join the network, please contact Emma Ewart at

Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates – Student Mediation Group

The SCMA, together with AMATI, have established a forum for the focus of students and young mediators interested in mediation. 
This is a public Facebook group where student mediators can advertise their events and activities and post photos and details of student mediation competitions with which they are associated.

Brāv  - Making Conflict Resolution without Violence a Reality

Are you a Brāv One?

The creators of Brāv are looking for Brāv Ones to solve disputes and they have invited YMI members to apply!
Brāv is a new way for people of any age to find a solution to bullying, violence, and conflict. It is a volunteer and community driven program that aids disagreeing parties in finding a balance(s) to their various types of conflicts. Through virtual games, Brāv certifies graduates upon successful completion of conflict resolution and leadership programs designed to strengthen the arts of negotiation through speaking, listening, and thinking. These graduates ('Brāv Ones') in turn help resolve the conflicts of others through face-to-face online chat platforms, instant messaging and more. 
If this opportunity interests you, please check out the video and information on the Brāv website and get in touch with Brāv!


Young Mediators in London Launch Event

The Young Mediators' Group will launch its London branch on 24 February 2016 at CMS's London office. The event is free of charge. To sign up and for more information, click here
If you would like to learn more about Young Mediators' Group, please connect with the group on Facebook and sign up to the monthly newsletter by e-mailing

INMC India

The INMC, National Law School of India (NLS) International Negotiation, Mediation and Client Counselling Competition, will take place from 14-17 April, in Bangalore.
This is a unique initiative aimed at providing a platform to interested law students from across the globe to learn and hone their alternative dispute resolution skills in cross-cultural settings. The NLS INCM comprises three simultaneous events: a mediation competition, a negotiation competition and a client counselling competition.
All students who are enrolled in a full-time law course or a business/management/public policy course (undergraduate or post-graduate) as on 1 April 2016 are eligible to participate.
For more information please visit: or contact competition convenor Ganesh Khemka at 

Please contact the YMI Team for further information -

With our kindest regards,
The YMI Team
Angela, Emma E., Emma R. and Pia.

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