thisisthemovement #35 // Monday, October 20, 2014
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# of days that Darren Wilson has remained free : 73
# of days that Vonderrit Myers Jr. has been dead : 12
# of officers injured during protests : 0
Let's Stay Connected

So You Know
Police Arrest 2 Protestors at Rams Game At the Rams game yesterday, 2 protestors were arrested. This quick article provides an overview of the protests and the arrests. We would encourage you to look at the photo gallery to see the full spectrum of pictures taken at the protest. Important read. 

A Call To Black Power Written in the prophetic tradition, this commentary invokes Stokely Carmichael and Brother Malcolm in linking the narrative of black power to the Christian traditionalIncredible read.

Keene Is Not Ferguson In the most thoughtful article to broach the subject, Luke O'Neil addresses the tendency by some to link #PumpkinFest to #Ferguson and discusses the important differences between the two. Solid read.

Homes Are Selling in Ferguson This article describes the housing market in Ferguson since the protests began. In all, the market remains strong. The repeated reference to "riots" is deeply problematic in this article, FYI.

Divided Ferguson Awaits Indictment Decision This article provides a glimpse into the responses to the recent controversial NYTimes article that includes Darren Wilson's account. "Suspicions in Ferguson have been reinforced by a reported leak from the grand jury which suggested it was not prepared to indict Wilson," the author notes.

In Search Of A Revolution In capturing the perspectives of visitors for the #FergusonOctober weekend, this article highlights the activities, motives, and feelings of visiting protestors. Important, somewhat problematic, read.

NAACP Event Feat. McCulloch and Belmar Rescheduled There was to be a panel hosted by the NAACP on 10/23 featuring McCulloch and Belmar that has been rescheduled. Is this foreshadowing the indictment announcement? 

Mississippi, Lockup Capital Did you know that Mississippi locks up more people per capita than China and Russia combined? Neither did we. Fascinating read.

What's Next
October 20th (TODAY)
Attorney Denise Liberman to Speak on Voter Suppression
Time: 7pm
Location: Immanuel UCC Church (211 Church St.)

For more information, please contact 314.831.5350

October 21st (TOMORROW)
Ferguson Town Hall with DOJ on "A Road Map for Growth: Where Do We Go From Here?"
Time: 6pm - 8pm (Residents Only)
Location: Ferguson Community Center (1050 Smith Avenue)

October 23rd (Thursday) RESCHEDULED
NAACP's "Update on Justice for Michael Brown Community" Town Hall
Time: 6:30pm 
Location: Bethesda Temple Church (5401 Bishop J.A. Johnson Lane in Normandy)

Panel includes Bob McCulloch, Jon Belmar and reps from the DOJ and FBI.

Events in Ferguson
Remember to check the calendar for events happening in Ferguson. 

Your Role In The Movement
  • Support Livestreamer @Rebelutionary_Z by donating money or purchasing supplies.
  • Bail Fund Donations. Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) have a bail fund to assist protesters. Click here to donate. According to organizers, the police are aiming to deplete the current bail fund by making the bail of any arrested protester $1,000, the legal limit. Please help.
  • ArchCityDefenders. This is the group of lawyers providing legal assistance to arrested protesters and assisting with legal strategy related to the protests. This is also the group that has led the work on the fines and fees issue in Missouri. Learn more and support them.
  • Ferguson Digital Archive. Washington University has led the creation of a digital repository aiming to "preserve and make accessible" content related to the killing of Mike Brown. Submit or review material.
  • Unapologetically Black. Click here to purchase a shirt by the Black Youth Project that reads "Unapologetically Black." Love these shirts.
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