thisisthemovement #61 // Thursday, November 27, 2014
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# of days that Darren Wilson has remained free : 111
# of days that Kajieme Powell has been dead : 102
# of days that Vonderrit Myers Jr. has been dead : 49
Happy Thanksgiving, #StolenLives/#SaveASeat, &
The Results Are In

Mike Brown will not be at the dinner tonight. Neither will Akai. Neither will Tamir. Please #SaveASeat for our sisters and brothers who have been killed. Please #SaveASeat for these #StolenLives.

If you haven't already read it, please read the latest open letter, entitled The Results Are In, that responds directly to the GJ's decision.
 Let's Stay Connected

So You Know
Bob McCulloch's Pathetic Prosecution of Darren Wilson This article examines the "grand jury proceeding run under the auspices of McCulloch, the St. Louis County Prosecutor." This is the fifth time Bob McCulloch has presented evidence to a grand jury and hasn't received an indictment. 

The Process is Broken A night of anger followed the grand jury decision announcement on Monday night in St. Louis. Hotspots in Ferguson, and the Shaw neighborhood St. Louis County and St. Louis City police both handled protests in an interesting way. The Brown family has not ruled out suing Darren Wilson in a civil suit, and the FBI may bring federal civil rights charges up against him as well.

Fight the Power Nationwide, protesters in over 170 cities have stood in solidarity with Ferguson since the grand jury decision announcement was made on Monday night. Highway shutdowns, shutting down Times Square, a sit in at Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office and more demonstrations have taken place.

The World is Watching Ferguson The grand jury announcement came Monday evening and since then world leaders, as well as protesters in their own homelands have all weighed in on Ferguson. "Russian commentators and state media implied that the disorder in Ferguson was a kind of cosmic payback for the US's meddling in Ukraine." interesting read.

In Minneapolis, Car Drives Through Protest During the Minneapolis protest in support of Ferguson, a driver plowed through the crowd and he has yet to be arrested. Read this and watch the article. Absolute must read.

A Deep Dive Into the Witness Testimony PBS has put together an incredible chart that explains the witness testimony before the Darren Wilson Grant JuryAbsolute Must read.

Witnesses Cited Fear In Testifying Several witnesses expressed fear when testifying before the Grand JuryInteresting read.

The Fire That Bob McCulloch Started The St. Louis American wrote a strongly worded editorial that aptly highlights the responsibility that McCulloch bears for the unrest. Important read.

What's Next

Events in Ferguson
Remember to check the calendar for events happening in Ferguson. 
Your Role In The Movement
  • #FRONATION Click here to purchase one of the #FRONATION t-shirts. 
  • Support Livestreamer @Rebelutionary_Z by donating money or purchasing supplies.
  • Bail Fund Donations. Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) have a bail fund to assist protesters. Click here to donate. According to organizers, the police are aiming to deplete the current bail fund by making the bail of any arrested protester $1,000, the legal limit. Please help.
  • ArchCityDefenders. This is the group of lawyers providing legal assistance to arrested protesters and assisting with legal strategy related to the protests. This is also the group that has led the work on the fines and fees issue in Missouri. Learn more and support them.
  • Ferguson Digital Archive. Washington University has led the creation of a digital repository aiming to "preserve and make accessible" content related to the killing of Mike Brown. Submit or review material.
  • Unapologetically Black. Click here to purchase a shirt by the Black Youth Project that reads "Unapologetically Black." Love these shirts.
  • And Counting. Click here to purchase one of the now iconic shirts that lists of the names of the victims of black lives lost in state violence. 
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