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It’s been a busy fortnight of TV, so enough chit-chat — let’s go!

A bonus only for subscribers (who are Chiefs fans)

As you may have heard, the Kansas City NFL club recently won the “Big” “Game.” And since I prefer watching the home team with TV sound down and radio sound up, I made a video of the game with the radio call instead of the Fox announcers! You’re welcome, Chiefs Kingdom.

The epic fail we’ve already forgotten

One of my favorite docmakers, Judith Helfand, made Cooked: Survival by Zip Code, which revisits Chicago's 1995 heat wave that killed more than 700 mostly poor people. It’s a timely film for our century of climate change, and if you are a PBS Passport member ($5/month!), you can watch it right now. Read my review for Primetimer.

Why live TV is like a vinyl record

It’s that thing we thought the new thing would make obsolete — but instead is more vital than ever. Read my appreciation of all things live.

‘Visible’ is more than a gay history of TV

The docseries from Apple TV+ is just a great history of television, period. My review and interview with the creators of Visible: Out on Television.

‘For Life’ is worth 2 hours of your time

ABC’s unique legal drama — in which a wrongfully convicted felon becomes a defense attorney — takes some getting used to. You should try it. Read my review.
  • Also: I interviewed Isaac Wright Jr., the real-life attorney whose incredible story For Life is based upon. (And that part where I said ABC should make a podcast about his life? Done!)

‘Briarpatch’ and the badass female detective

USA’s anthology series hits a lot of sweet spots: Twin Peaks-ish kooky storytelling, a female detective, and a riveting soundtrack. Read my review.
  • Also: Briarpatch creator Andy Greenwald — also a TV critic and podcast host — told me in an interview that he wanted to name the show Rosario Dawson Talks To Weirdos.

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