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Welcome to my every-other-week newsletter — and hey, where did the time go? Here it is Saturday night and I still haven’t shared my four latest reviews of the most interesting new TV.

So I’m going bare-bones this time. Just the links! Let me know if you like it, and thanks for reading. — Aaron

Two to watch on HBO

I reviewed the final season of Silicon Valley, which starts Sunday on HBO. It’s one of HBO’s great all-time comedies and the new season starts strong.

I also enjoyed Helen Mirren as Catherine the Great, though I wondered how long HBO can keep doing historical dramas like this.

Two Paul Rudds can’t be wrong

Maybe you’ve been hearing negative reviews about Living With Yourself, the dark Netflix comedy starring Paul Rudd … and Paul Rudd. I’m here to tell you — you gotta see this.

I didn’t love Modern Love

Another show I’m in the minority on. Amazon picked up Season 2 of this all-star adaptation of the New York Times column after my negative review appeared!

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