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The next newsletter will originate from Los Angeles, California, where I will be attending my first TV press tour in eons. But we have lots of great content to get to right now, so, let’s go!

‘The Explosions Show’ is (say it with me) a BLAST

What if you put on Mythbusters without all the boring science explainers? You’d have a lot more time to blow things up, wouldn’t you? Welcome to The Explosions ShowHere’s my review in Primetimer.

A little holiday magic from Stephen Colbert

After A Charlie Brown Christmas, my favorite holiday TV custom is watching this all-but-forgotten gem from Stephen’s Comedy Central days. C’mon, CBS-Viacom, bring this back. My appreciation.

The 2 things that made Peak TV possible

They happened a week apart in 1999. And what you watched was never the same. My decade-in-review piece for Primetimer.

Why you should be watching ‘The Mandalorian’

Not a Star Wars superfan? Not a problem! You’ll enjoy this regardless of your Jedi knowledge, as I argue in my review.

Alex Trebek, appreciated

ABC is paying tribute to the longtime Jeopardy! host tonight and next week. Jeopardy! was the show that got America past the quiz-show scandals, but Trebek took it to new heights. My appreciation. 

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