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Taking The Financial Road Less Traveled

CHART OF THE WEEK: The Trend Is Still Your Friend...

The S&P 500 rallied Friday to regain both its weekly trendline and its 20-week moving average, important levels that indicate the uptrend is still in tact for now. See all of my charts at

...But Beware The 'Fat Tail'

I didn't get around to writing much this week but here are a few of may favorite reads:
  • "Return of the Daytrader" - A piece that is eerily reminiscent of the internet bubble years. Read the full article at The Telegraph
  • "Mass default looms as the world sinks beneath a sea of debt" - a brief overview of the latest Geneva Report. Read the full article at The Telegraph
  • "Fed Scrutiny of Leveraged Loans Grows Along With Bubble Concern" - The Fed is desperately trying to save the big banks from themselves right now. Read the full article at Bloomberg
  • "In a bubble, people borrow money to buy and speculate. This is not what is happening in Treasurys. If anyone is borrowing, it is to go "short of" [or bet against] Treasurys." -Steven Major, Read the full interview at The Wall Street Journal [sub required]
  • "The 3-day average implied skew embedded in S&P 500 index option prices surged last week to the highest level on record. The potential for a 'fat-tail' event should be taken seriously here." -John Hussman, Read his full weekly comment at
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